Top Best Online Casinos 2019

  • rating: 7.77 /10
    182 place of 634
    Betsafe Casino
    Betsafe offers a wide range of services for gamblers. Some of them are a great selection of online gambling games in large casino, where you can find models from leading developers. Bonuses, promotions, progressive jackpots, exciting tournaments, live casinos with real croupiers, a loyalty program and much more, carefully described in the following review by Casinoz.club, is waiting for you there.
    Games: 1722
  • rating: 7.82 /10
    238 place of 634
    Futuriti Casino
    The real gamblers are rarely restricting themselves only by the games. Most of them prefer to vary the leisure with poker or bookmaker bets. The gambling portal Futuriti has started its history exactly from the bets for any sport events and political, social and cultural life. Moreover, recently it has opened an online casino, which offers several dozens of various games, bonus for all deposits and special offers for the highrollers.
    Games: 610
  • rating: 5.22 /10
    268 place of 634
    Royale 500 Casino
    Although online gambling portal Royale500.com is not one of the leading online casinos at the modern online gambling market, we recommend you to take a closer look at this house. A wide selection of high quality games, a diverse bonus program, interesting promotions, tournaments and lotteries, a multi-language interface, support of different currencies and payment systems - here are just some of its numerous advantages. Please read more about Royale 500 Casino in the following review.
    Games: 371
  • rating: 7.83 /10
    273 place of 634
    Amsterdams Casino
    An online casino named Amsterdams Casino, available in English and Dutch languages, offers the customers a great selection of online gambling games by the leading producers. The main part of available models was developed by Sheriff Gaming. There are lots of different bonuses in this casino. The tournaments are held here, as well as original promotions. If you are interested in Amsterdams Casino, please read about all its particularities in our review below.
    Games: 61
  • rating: 6 /10
    399 place of 634
    Mr Smith Casino
    An online casino with an unusual title Mr Smith that is attractive from many points of view has been operating on the Internet since 2014. This is a multi-platform portal with several models of the world-renowned brands with progressive jackpots and an opportunity to play against real dealers. The establishment also has many other indisputable advantages, which are discussed in detail in this article.
    Games: 1443
  • rating: 8 /10
    430 place of 634
    Futuriti 3D Casino
    Talking about advantages of the online casino Futuriti 3D, we can’t leave without attention a variety of 3D gambling games, a possibility to try it without registration by virtual bets, a colorful interface, translation to several languages, a wide range of payment methods, numerous progressive jackpots, friendly and professional managers of support service and much more. The only serious fault of Futuriti 3D Casino is unclear situation with bonuses.
    Games: 61
  • rating: 7.25 /10
    481 place of 634
    Castle Casino
    3D video slots, gambling games of other kinds, models with the real croupiers, as well as various bonuses are waiting for the customers of Castle Casino. In this online casino it is possible to make bets in a very wide range and also testing online games in a training mode after the registration of the account. Please read about other advantages and disadvantages of this online casino, which can interest many lovers of entertainments of this kind, in the following review prepared by the team of casinoz.me.
    Games: 61
  • rating: 6 /10
    558 place of 634
    Casino 440
    A young online casino named Casino 440 can make a competition to the leading online casinos due to its great range of games by the leading brands, various bonuses, lotteries and promotions, a multi-language interface, a friendly support service and lots of other advantages. This casino operates by the authoritative license issued by the government of Curacao and cooperates with independent audit companies. Please read the detailed review of this online casino, prepared by the team of Casinoz, below.
    Games: 924
  • rating: 6.80 /10
    581 place of 634
    ComeOn Casino
    ComeOn online casino is a part of the large portal, which also provides facilities in the field of bookmaker bets and sport poker. It operates by the license, issued in Malta and is based on the software developed by Net Entertainment (Netent) and is available in flash mode. The casino offers the customers more than two hundred traditional and original games. Moreover, different tournaments among the players are hold regularly. There is a welcome bonus for the first deposit, various contests and other promotions.
    Games: 1370
  • rating: 7 /10
    605 place of 634
    Yachting Casino
    Yachting Casino can be recommended to the players, who are looking for the respectful online casino with a wide selection of flash games. Here they would find an assortment of more than one hundred and fifty games, generous bonuses, lotteries and promotions, the VIP club, large jackpots and much more other advantages, which make playing in this casino pleasant and fun.
    Games: 61

Casino scams and dishonest casinos that do not pay

Any Internet user who had to choose an online casino knows how many scams there are in the field of virtual gambling.

Scammers lure inexperienced newcomers with huge bonuses, a vast number of free spins, attractive payout indicators on the slots and giant jackpots. And later it turns out that their bonuses are impossible to cash out that the claimed RTP is not true that they do not accrue winnings, and that there is just no one to complain about them.

To warn players, we have created this list of institutions that are openly cheating or behave unfairly with their customers.

How is the blacklist of online casinos formed?

First of all, we should focus on the important:

Casinoz does not put casinos in the black list only by the fact that they provide services of poor quality.

Small choice of games, lack of progressive jackpots and tournaments, non-professional support, poor bonus program, unwillingness to serve customers from some countries - such shortcomings force us to reduce the site rating but is not the reason to be blacklisted.

You must understand:

This page presents dishonest online casinos.

We are talking about institutions that deceive existing customers, potential players, and their partners. In other words, there are fraudsters who in one way or another violate the laws.

Let's take a closer look at the main reasons that forces us to put gambling portals to a blacklist.

Casinos don't pay

What could be worse for an online gambling fan than to play at the institution that refuses to charge payments?  Winning a casino is not an easy task in itself. And if they do not give you the winnings under false pretexts, you can come to despair.

The worst option is casino scams that just don't transfer money to the client, without motivating their decision and not wanting to communicate with him.

If the site acts this way, it is a direct way to a blacklist of gambling scams.

But most often the scammers are fooling users in a more sophisticated way. Unscrupulous gambling operators find thousands of reasons not to pay:

  • Confusing rules – Sometimes the rules and terms of online casino games set out ambiguously, which allows the administration to interpret them in their interests. The individual items seem minor or are intentionally put forward in illogical sections so that the client does not think they are important. Support employees can also explain them very evasively to confuse users even more. But when it comes to accrual of payments, the administration will indicate these nuances as a basis for refusal to pay.
  • Flimsy excuses – Sometimes the administration dumbfounds the client with unexpected claims. For example, such: "you played on the forbidden betting system, so we will not pay the winnings." There may be not a word in the rules about the inadmissibility of specific strategies.
  • Unexpected changes in user agreements – Of course, the client must make sure that he is familiar with all the casino rules. But, you see, it is impossible to study them from cover to cover daily. Therefore, decent institutions should notify users about important changes in the agreement. If they make adjustments without warning players, and then accuse them of violations and don't want to accrue payments, it may cause the portal to be blacklisted.

In general, any attempts by the casino to deprive the client of his winnings received honestly, are considered by us as inadmissible practice.

Casinos publish fake licenses

In the blacklist are also institutions that work without a license, but try to convince the players that they have all the necessary documentation.

If they publish fake licenses, show counterfeit logos of the gambling regulators or set the reference to the fake sites with copies of licenses, we put them in this list also.

Casinos deceive customers in other ways

Often casinos try to mislead players at different stages deliberately.

  1. Bonuses - There are many ways to fool the client during a promotion. Bonus accrual and wagering rules are often written in a complicated language. Moreover, they can be especially confusing so the administration can interpret them differently.
  2. Tournaments - the rules for determining the winners of tournaments should be simple and clear to each client. If the murky schemes determine the awardees, it forces you to reflect on the portal honesty.
  3. Jackpots – the reluctance of the casino to pay the progressive jackpots are a common problem. Of course, sometimes the claims of operators justified, but it happens that the institution is just lying.
  4. Advertising - it's no secret that many institutions openly deceive players advertising their services. For example, they can lure newcomers the promise of 1000% bonuses on the first deposits, although, in fact, we are talking about ten 100% bonuses on deposit.

Casinoz is not going to put up with the above practices. If the institution behaves in this way, it is a direct road to the blacklist.

The casino does not participate in resolving disputes

Conflict situations between the administration of the institution and clients arise regularly. Not always the parties manage to solve them independently, without the involvement of a third party. Fair portals cooperate with reputable mediators, whose role may be played by special organizations, as well as thematic media.

If the institution flatly refuses to listen to reasonable arguments of clients or intermediaries, guided solely by their interests, it can find itself in the blacklist.

Casino screws gambling partners

Victims of scams can be not only casino customers. Sometimes casinos screw their partners. For example, the owners of gambling portals do not want to charge affiliate payments, disclose confidential information or in any way violate the principles of business ethics.

If such cases are particularly egregious, we include the related projects in a blacklist.

Dishonest online casino reviews

In articles about the casino scams, we publish detailed information about the services provided by these institutions. We do not hide their advantages and honestly talk about all the strengths of the portals.

Besides, we always explain in detail why the institution turned out to be on the black list.

When choosing a site, we recommend to study its pros and cons, pay attention to our claims, read the reviews of real customers and take note of the average rating. This data will help you decide whether to trust the portal with your money.

But we strongly recommend not to contact operators from this list.


Unfortunately, the list of casino scams is continuously updated. Although the online gambling industry is gradually whitewashing and coming out of the shadows, always scam operators are trying to deceive customers.

We promise not to cooperate with such businesses and always warn you about all sorts of frauds in the industry.

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