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Bonus Hunting
November 11 23:31
Cashback at online casinos
Have you ever received cashback at an online casino? Do you know how this kind of bonus works? Do you know all the nuances of the rules? The article t...
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About Casino
November 12 16:19
Casino VIP customer life : "You
will be given everything"
What is the life of a VIP client of a big casino? What makes it, except for frequent play on very large bets? How do gambling operators attract and ke...
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About Casino
November 12 21:02
Casino mistake worth $180,000
What can happen if the table layout at the casino has just one wrong number? Ask the former heads of the gambling club Grand, in the American city of...
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About Casino
November 12 17:48
Modern technologies at the service
of the casino
Owners of the largest casinos do not rely only on the attention of the croupier, the experience of pit bosses and the enhanced vision of security offi...
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Gambling psychology
October 4 00:54
A unique experiment: how does the brain of gambling addict work d...
What happens in the brain of a gambler when he puts real money on the line and watches the gameplay? Researchers from BBC Panorama conducted a unique...
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How to register in the casino and start to play
The registration process in online casinos rarely causes difficulties for a careful and responsible person. Be thoughtful enough to read the user agreement and correctly complete the registration form when you open an account to avoid any problems. The recommendations given in this article will help you avoid common mistakes.
The true value of deposit bonuses
Casinos offer bonuses to potential and actual customers convincing them that it is very profitable. But in fact, the usefulness of most deposit bonuses is not too high or absent. We will teach you how to calculate their profitability by simple mathematical calculations, that often can be done even in the mind or on paper.
Basic understanding of the random number generator in online casinos
The games offered in online casinos operate on the random number generator, although the word "random" in this situation is not entirely justified. How exactly the process of determining the outcome of a single drawing works, you will learn from our article about operating principles of the RNG. It will give you a basic understanding of this component of the online casino software.
Tips for Casino Players
Playing in a casino is not only exciting, but also very responsible process. At every stage, a beginner can make a lot of mistakes. To help you avoid them, we have prepared a list of important recommendations, intended primarily for those who are going to become a client of online casinos. They describe the basic aspects of the game and will be useful to anyone who is going to dive into the world of gambling.
A conversation with a professional roulette player
Is it possible to play roulette professionally? To make a living with this game? Theoretically, no. After all, roulette has a certain percentage of the mathematical advantages of the casino, which can not be overcome by any system or strategy, it has been proven many times. However, some players can stay in positive a territory for a very long time. A conversation with one of such casino customers will be described in this article.
Gaining experience to win at slot machines
It is exciting to spend time playing slot machines and you do not have to be a professional player for that. It is enough to have a basic knowledge. But some advices from experienced players will not hurt. We want to give you a few recommendations for selecting video slots and other aspects associated with this category of casino games.
Roulette is one of the best casino games
What is the best casino game? This question can have more than one answer, and each of them will be correct. But one thing is certain: roulette for many years has been considered one of the main games popular among millions of players. Let's try to understand why.
Who is a good blackjack player?
Who can be considered a good (or professional) blackjack player? What is meant by that? Moreover, what is a key aspect to mastering this game? In this article, we will express our opinion on this issue, without claiming that it is only one correct.
Blackjack: Possible problems and their solutions
You have decided to learn blackjack? Congratulations, you've made ??the right decision, because it is a "smart" game. Any casino client, who can play blackjack, has respect of the personal and other visitors. But on the way to the heights of professionalism you have to face a lot of difficulties not everyone can overcome. Some of possible problems are described in this article, it will be interesting for beginners in blackjack.
Learning to Play Blackjack
Learning how to play blackjack at a professional level is not easy for everyone. It's not that it's very difficult. Just the opposite - anyone can master the game. But not everyone has sufficient work ethic and moral resistance to go this way til the end and become a master of blackjack. If you are ready to test your strength, we'll show you where to start and how to develop further.
Blackjack: whether to split a pair of aces and eights?
Have you ever seen someone playing blackjack next to you, who did not split a pair of eights or aces on two boxes? Maybe you do not always do splits in such situations, although the basic strategy recommends to. If you have any doubts about the validity of such recommendations, read this article. It explains in detail why you always should split eights and aces.
Roulette - the easiest casino game?
Why do some people think that roulette is a simple game, and others that it's difficult? It all depends on the goals and the plane this topic is considered on. We want to discuss the question of the complexity of roulette, looking at it from different angles. You will understand our article and see how simple this game is.
Math of online slots
This article is designed for new casino customers to help them understand how to apply the operation principles of online slot machines. Do not think that after reading it, you will become increasingly successful or know a secret. However, we still recommend you read this information if you are going to play video slots for real bets. Perhaps it will help you save a lot of money.
Smart bets in craps
A distinctive feature of a large variety of craps bets is that each of them has a mathematical casino advantage. And it varies significantly. That's why craps may be both a very profitable and extremely unprofitable game. Our article will briefly describe the main rules and give some practical advice.
Learning how to play mahjong solo
If you are interested in an ancient Chinese game of mahjong, we recommend you try a version for a single user offered in online casinos. It allows you enjoy your favorite game of chance in a training mode and for real bets, but also gives you an opportunity to reduce the casino advantage to two percent, which makes it very competitive. To learn more about solo mahjong, read our article.
Ten useful tips for poker beginners
Studying poker strategy should be started with the basics, without it, it is impossible to become a good player. We have prepared ten key recommendations, you must follow in each game. They will not make you a professional, but help you avoid elementary mistakes that almost all beginners make. If you make the first steps in poker, start with this article.
How to plan a game of craps
Playing craps is not as difficult as blackjack and some other casino games, but it also requires some preparation and recommendations. We have prepared for you the key tips on how to plan a night out at a table for craps so that it was not overshadowed by too fast losing all the money.
Blackjack Psychology - two approaches to the game
It takes months and years to learn to play blackjack professionally. Others go to the casino without knowing the rules, and from the first day play on large bets. Who gets more pleasure from the process? Is it possible to have fun playing right? How to combine business with pleasure at the table of blackjack? All this will be discussed in this article by one of the authors of Casinoz.
What a beginner baccarat player should know?
Most modern online casinos offer baccarat with a random number generator or live dealers. It turned the once expensive game of aristocrats into a public fun. If you want to learn how to play it, do not be lazy to read our recommendations to understand the features of the rules and the basic principles.
What is common between rules of the game and rules of life?
Many people go to a casino to distract themselves from the cruel and unjust reality. But over time, they realize that the world of gambling has rules similar to everyday life, so you must be prepared for them. If you do not understand what we have in mind, read on. Maybe some of our statements will be a revelation for you.