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July 27, 2017
Old Computer Games In Video Slots
Did you enjoy playing Mario, Worms, Zuma, or Tetris? Do you know that your favorite computer games are prototypes of video slots for casinos produced...
Bookmakers and sports betting online
Before you bet real money on sports or any other event in the bookmaker's office read the recommendations of experts in this field. Their advice will be useful for new coming betting players and will help them to plan their actions in the future. Our article will help you to choose the online office, sport, variety of bets and experts, making both free and paid predictions.
Slot machines in online casinos today
Casino slot machines ... Some people consider them to be silly entertainment, unworthy of serious customer; others give them preference, never sitting at the roulette, blackjack or poker. Actually, the second variant is prevalent, because slot machines occupy firmly the first place in the popularity ratings of gambling. Video slots in online casinos, being virtual counterparts of real slot machines, have specific features that we want to talk about in this article.
Gambling market and the online casino
What is the goal pursued by the state, limiting the activities of a casino, instead of really clean up the industry? All submitted officially prohibitions in practice were merely a pretext to collect levies from the institutions that continue to work, but now illegally. Is it a wonder that in such a situation online casinos began to develop actively, and deal with them in the same way will be much harder for the authorities? Information about these and other topics, see in the article on Casinoz
The loss in the online casino. And what do you feel?
Psychological part of the game in the casino is one of the most underestimated and often overlooked aspects. The most part of the customers said that they knew how to control themselves, although in practice it can be very different. Not everybody is able to perceive losses correctly, so we decided to discuss this issue in a separate article.