Casino war comes from the well-known children's war games. To master this game, there is no need to make any efforts. The goal of the game is to get the card that has a higher rank compared to the dealer's one. The game becomes particularly interesting when a draw occurs. When this happens, you can declare war.

Rules of this game are very simple.

. Both a dealer and a player receive one face-up card. The winner is he who has the higher card. In the case if both cards have the same value, you can either surrender or declare war.

If you decide to surrender, click on the button Surrender. In this case, you lose a half-bet. If you declare war, the bet is doubled. The croupier deals again one card to the player and to himself. In the case if the player's card is higher than the dealer's cards, the player receives his payout for the second bet, and the first bet is simply returned. If the dealer has the higher card, the player loses both bets. In this case if the draw is announced, the player gets the payout according to odds 2:1 with respect to the bet. The player can also make a tie bet.

Click with the left mouse button on the chip you wish to bet. Then you need to place the chip on the desired betting sector. The player can also make a tie bet.

In every deal, the player can simultaneously play three hands. The player has the opportunity to remove the placed chip before the game starts by clicking on it with the right button of the mouse. As soon as all bets have been made and it is possible to start a round, the player should click on the button Deal. If the player wants to repeat his bet made in the previous round, it is necessary to click on Rebet.



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