Grand Blackjack Review

Odobo software, which models of different studios are powered by, is famous first of all for the colorful video slots. However it also offers the customers a range of table and card games provided with numerous advantages. In the following article we are going to talk about «Grand Blackjack» model, which makes difference to the rest by quite beneficial rules and a maximally comfortable interface. Please find details in the following review by Casinoz.

8 /10

Play Grand Blackjack

Several traditional decks of fifty two cards each with no jokers are used in «Grand Blackjack» online game. All cards are shuffled before each deal.
American rules, according to which the dealer deals two cards to himself first, reveals one of them and checks for blackjack in case of an open ace or a ten, work here.
It is possible to play on one, two or three boxes. Bets per each of the boxes can be equal or different - the most important thing is never exceed the maximal limit of the table.
The aim of the game is to beat the dealer. To make it, you need to get more points than he has, but never exceeding twenty one. It is also possible to get a payoff on croupier’s buster and in some other ways, which we will talk about below.
If you are a very beginner in blackjack, we recommend you to learn the article with general rules first. Below we will only touch the points connected directly to «Grand Blackjack»:
  • The dealer stands on any seventeen.
  • It is possible to make split, including different cards of ten point value.
  • Double on any two cards is possible.
  • Double is also possible after split.
  • An ace and a ten on a box made in result of split are not a blackjack.
  • An insurance of blackjack is provided.
  • There is no surrender in this game.
  • «7 Card Charlie» rules works here (seven cards on a box with no buster are paid automatically).
Payoff indexes are standard: 1:1 on the regular box, 3:2 by the blackjack and 2:1 by the insurance.

Grand Blackjack Bonus games

Any prize rounds or special payouts are not provided by the rules of «Grand Blackjack» (except of 7 Card Charlie).


A progressive jackpot is not drawn in «Grand Blackjack».

Grand Blackjack Interface

In general, this model has a very simple and user-friendly interface.
When you launch the game, you can see a clean gaming field with no titles with three boxes for bets. When you click at one of them, images of coins of different values appear at the screen. With their help you can select the bet to place. After it unused boxes disappear.
During the game only the buttons which can be used in the current situation appear at the screen. So the screen is never overloaded with unnecessary elements.
The buttons which clear the field of bets, repeat the bet and other are available here.
The menu allows to adjust sound parameters. It is not necessary to download «Grand Blackjack» game, because you can play right in a browser. The version for smartphones and tables is also available.


7 Card Charlie is quite a rare feature for online blackjacks. Talking in account that other points of rules are quite attractive as well, this game is worth testing. Moreover, it is very colorful, convenient, realistic and functional.
Please pay your attention that the design of this game can vary in different casinos, because the production of Odobo is available for customization on the customers’ wish.

Where to play Grand Blackjack for free or real money?

It is possible to play «Grand Blackjack» free or by real money at different gambling portals, cooperating with Odobo. The training version is also available on AppStore.
Please write your responses about «Grand Blackjack» in comments to the article. Your rates with stars are very welcomed.
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