COLOSSUS BETS offers the largest jackpots for fans of sports and football betting. The company informed its customers that the Cash Out Pools had gone live with The Football Pools. The history of The Football Pools dates back to 1923. It is one of the oldest gambling organizations in the world. It has been providing over sixty million customers with huge payouts, whose total size exceeded 3,200,000,000 pounds, over ninety years. 
The Football Pools has over 200,000 clients per week.
Cash Out Pools are provided by Colossus Bets, which is a world-renowned betting operator whose jackpots may reach two million pounds. The brand has concluded numerous agreements for providing its pools with such companies as Betclic, Betdaq, Matchbook, Ladbrokes Australia, Betfair, etc.
Bernard Marantelli, CEO of Colossus Bets, pays attention to the fact that The Football Pools is a reliable company with the interesting and long history. The company continues to offer incredible jackpots for fans of sports betting. According to Bernard Marantelli, Colossus Bets is looking forward to offering its services to customers of The Football Pools.
Conleth Byrne, Managing Director of The Football Pools, believes that the aim of the company is to offer the opportunity to win huge amounts. The brand is always in search of innovations. Its pools attract over 200,000 users per week. So, Conleth Byrne reported that Cash Out Pools served as another way to please the companyís clients.
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