The Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association (CWTA) has filed a lawsuit against the decision of Quebec to ban some online gambling portals.
All of the necessary documents were sent to the Quebec Superior Court. According to the Canadian authority on wireless issues, developments and trends, the bill that blocks online gambling websites is unconstitutional. 
The bill approved by the Quebecís authorities allows prohibiting gambling sites that may become competitors of the local portal called Espacejeux.com. Those websites who ignore restrictions provided by this law will have to pay up to $100,000 as fines. 
The lawsuit filed by the CWTA is not the first one. It was followed by the court challenge of the Public Interest Advocacy Centre (PIAC). Both lawsuits state that the decision of Quebec to block gambling portals does not correspond to the Canadian constitution. In addition, PIAC believes that this decision will increase fees due to the demands of the Lotto-Quebec.
According to the official version of the Quebecís authorities, the aim of this bill is to provide only high-quality and reliable gambling services of Espacejeux.com to local residents and guests of the province. However, it was reported that the implementation of this bill would increase revenues of the Lotto-Quebec to $20.5 million.
Carlos Leitao, a Canadian politician elected to the National Assembly of Quebec, reported that the IP-blocking would be regulated by the local legislation again. However, the representatives of the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association believe that it is necessary to wait for the decision of the court.
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