ELC Gaming discloses Big Betty, their new versatile eSports diversion center point and home of the ESPORTS LEGENDS CUP. What happens when you have a couple of imaginative personalities, an abundance of communicate experience, an inside and out information of poker, an interest with eSports, and a ridiculous extraordinary enormous truck? 

"When I first saw Late Night Poker on Channel 4 in 2002 I had an inclination that the amusement would have been a hit." Said WinMedia 'Big cheese' Ian Langstaff. "Over the previous year or so when I took a gander at the viewership numbers on Twitch streams, I understood that same feeling about eSports; and what emerges for me is an absence of conventional telecom alternatives." 
Jud Hannigan is the Senior VP for Allied eSports, a worldwide eSports property with the objective of associating eSports fans by means of a progression of key block and mortar venues around the globe known as The Allied eSports Property Network. The venues would have the most arresting and wild eSports fights on the planet. To transform this vision into a reality, Hannigan and his accomplices made ELC Gaming; an Irish-based organization established to build up the ELC League. Unified eSports is the greater part shareholder of ELC Gaming. 
Both Hannigan and Langstaff have ties with the World Poker Tour (WPT). Langstaff's organization WinMedia is in charge of the WPT live stream substance, and Hannigan was at one time the WPT's Director of operations in China. The main web gaming administrator in China, Ourgame International, obtained the WPT in June 2015 for $35 million. Hannigan would take a position in Ourgame as VP of Overseas Operations. 
One day, over some tea, half quart of Guinness, or bacon and egg sandwich, Hannigan got conversing with Langstaff about his quest for key block and mortar venues around Europe to have the ELC activity when Langstaff had an eureka minute. The thought to make a 'ridiculous enormous truck' to use as a versatile wearing communicate epicenter was not another one for Langstaff. He had initially pitched the thought to supporters when the survey figures of Darts were beginning to rise. Langstaff offered the draw, yet no one piece. The thought was racked, and afterward along came the ascent of eSports. Langstaff pitched the thought to Hannigan, and he adored it. The race was on to manufacture the thing in time for Gamescom. 
Huge Betty weighs 31 tons, has a 440 hp motor, is 21.5m long, and 5.2m in tallness. She is a wonderful beast furnished with a 12m screen on the rooftop, 6m outside presentation, and 14 other huge review screens. She houses up to 24 gaming stations, has incorporated communicate and spilling choices, show stage lighting, a cutting edge sound framework, and a VIP housetop lounge. Enormous Betty has as of now been a major hit. She is more than a portable eSports broadcasting stage; she is a star in her own privilege, and will head on visit in the fall. 
September 30-October 2 and Holstenhallen in Neumunster, Germany is the primary destination. From that point she will whizz over to Poznan, Poland on October 21-23 for a Poznan Game Arena occasion. Altogether ELC Gaming is arranging 4-5 visit stops whatever remains of the year and right now talking about with a few organizations who might want Big Betty at their occasions.
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