Gamblers in Scotland lost more than £1billion on dubious high stakes space machines in under 10 years. The figure uncovered by the Sunday Mail today comes in the wake of Theresa May's guarantee to cut the greatest stake for settled chances wagering terminals. The Prime Minister has declined to state what the breaking point will be – however specialists caution that lone a £2 most extreme stake will stop card sharks losing fortunes. 

The machines as of now enable players to stake up to £100 like clockwork on PC variants of diversions, for example, roulette, poker and blackjack. Figures created, utilizing industry information, by the Campaign for Fairer Gambling appear that in Scotland, speculators lost about £1.1billion in the vicinity of 2008 and 2016. Edinburgh endured misfortunes of £119million and North Lanarkshire £90million. 

More attractive Gambling representative Matt Zarb-Cousin stated: 

The analysis to permit profoundly addictive machines offering rapid, high stakes roulette in wagering shops has been a fiasco, making hurt people, families and groups. 

UK priests reported in October that the most extreme stake would be sliced from £100 to at any rate £50. What's more, May told the Commons two weeks back the diminishment would guarantee a safe and supportable industry where helpless individuals and kids are secured. Be that as it may, SNP MP Ronnie Cowan, bad habit seat of the Westminster all-party gather on. 

FOBTs, stated: 

These far reaching figures ought to be a reminder to individuals who still contradict the £2 most extreme stake. 

Cowan is MP for Inverclyde, where £20million was lost on FOBTs in the vicinity of 2008 and 2016. In the mean time, a Landman Economics examine has finished up just a £2 most extreme stake dispenses with extensive scale misfortunes for players. It asserted the measure of time spent on FOBTs would should be amazingly long to create misfortunes of £500 or more noteworthy. 

Zarb-Cousin stated: 

The bookies are attempting to deceive legislators and people in general about the effect of high stakes roulette on wagering shop machines yet the proof is clear – if the goal is to lessen the tremendous measure of mischief related with FOBTs, constraining the greatest stake to £2 a turn is the most powerful component. 

In December, producer Jimmy McGovern told the Sunday Mail that he needed FOBTs restricted from the high road completely. 

An Association of British Bookmakers representative stated: 

The sum spent on FOBTs is predominated by spending on different types of betting, representing only 13 for every penny of all betting spend. Cash spent in wagering shops is put again into the nearby and national economy through staff pay rates, lease, rates and tax assessment.

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