The Montreal Nationals started the seventh week of the Global Poker League (GPL) being four points behind the leader of the Americas Conference the New York Rounders. However, the situation changed dramatically, since the Montreal Nationals was able to win 15 tournament points, so the team moved to the leading position in the standings and left the second leading team six points behind. Its manager, Mike McDonald, is responsible for this breakthrough. The legendary poker tournament player volunteered to participate in 6-max tournaments this week and managed to get the first and second places, being defeated in the heads-up by Scott Ball of the Las Vegas Moneymakers. Unfortunately, another player from Montreal, Pascal Lefrançois, failed to repeat the McDonald’s success. In the heads-up round he was beaten with the score 2:1 by Jonathan Jaffe of the San Francisco Rush, bringing three points to his team.

This week was extremely unsuccessful for the leader of the previous week from New York, since players of the New York Rounders managed to score only eight points. It is the worst result in the Americas Conference, which surely affected its position in the leaderboard. Tyler Kenney could bring only two points to his team with his 4th-place finish and 6th-place finish in the 6-max tournaments. Jason Wheeler managed to improve the situation, beating Jake Cody of the Las Vegas Moneymakers (2:1) in the heads-up.

Despite the 16 points gained in the previous week and a 13-point gap from the leader, the Hong Kong Stars still remains in the fourth place in the standings of the Eurasia Conference. Dong Guo, who finished the 2014 World Series of Poker Main Event in the 29th place, succeeded in gaining 10 points by occupying the second position in both 6-max tournaments. He was beaten by Alexander Luneau of the Paris Aviators and Chris Moorman of the London Royals. Other six points were earned by Weiyi Zhang, who defeated Andrey Pateychuk of the Moscow Wolverines in the heads-ups (2:1).

Despite the unsuccessful week, the Moscow Wolverines still remains in the leading position of the Eurasia Conference. Igor Yaroshevsky succeeded in bringing his team two points, finishing the 6-max tournaments in the fourth and sixth places. The above-mentioned Andrey Pateychuk, who was beaten by Zhang in the heads-up series, had almost the same achievements. His result for the week reached 3 points. Thus, the team from Moscow managed to get only 5 points this week. As a result of such unsuccessful achievements, the gap between the Moscow Wolverines and the London Royals dropped from 14 to 8 points.

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