FanDuel, which is the largest daily fantasy sports (DFS) operator, has decided to upgrade the website on the eve of the next National Football League season.
The website has received a new color scheme. It was completely redesigned. In addition, the company was provided with a new logo that depicted a shield icon.
The company was also supplied with the so-called Bill of Rights whose aim was to protect the customers and regulate available activities. 
According to these rules, the company will prohibit to use scripting tools. The employees of FanDuel and other DFS operators are not allowed to play. Moreover, the Bill of Rights obliges the company to find DFS sharps and warn players about them.
FanDuel has recently released Friends Mode. This feature allows players to create their own championship to play with their friends only. It allows organizing standard week-long competitions during the entire National Football League season. 
FanDuel and DraftKings have decided to decrease their budgets for advertisement in order to make a profit. It was also reported that FanDuel and DraftKings had paid out $123 and $174 per player in 2015, respectively.
Daily Fantasy Sports have been legalized in several states. The most recent state where DFS have become legal is Massachusetts. The Massachusetts House and Senate approved the bill legalizing DFS. However, it should be signed by the local Governor. 
This bill used to include the paragraph about legalization of online lotteries. However, it was removed before voting. This means that online lotteries are still banned in Massachusetts. The issue of online lotteries will be discussed after the conclusions of a special commission carrying out a comprehensive study of online gaming regulation until July 31, 2017 become available. 
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