Ukraine-conceived poker expert Eugene Katchalov had a fruitful kept running at the tables. He piled on finished $9.2 million in live-competition activity before gradually becoming dim of the spotlight. He has still partaken in competitions, yet not as regularly as previously. His last money at a competition was in the WSOPE NLHE High Roller for One Drop last November, where he made it to thirteenth place before being dispensed with. He currently appeared in Vegas for the WSOP Crazy Eights competition, however struck out before profiting. His takeoff from the felt hasn't originated from fatigue, be that as it may, rather, an enthusiasm for another focused movement - eSports. The WSOP armlet victor and WPT champion has taken a personal stake in eSports, an industry he sees as the future for online contenders. 

In a Twitter post he stated: 

I composed a short blog about my Poker profession and what I'm up to today. A debt of gratitude is in order for looking at it! 

Katchalov, who has dependably been an aficionado of computer games, conversed with Poker News in the wake of being sent to the rail in the Crazy Eights competition and shared a portion of his understanding. He said that he began to consider eSports more important around four years prior in the wake of ending up great companions with kindred poker genius and eGamer Luca Pagano. Katchalov sees a great deal of similitudes amongst eGames and poker. 

He expressed: 

Particularly regarding rivalries and brain research, you can see it on how the children approach the diversion as far as being a poker expert. 

The two contenders started going to more eSports occasions, incorporating one in Vegas that revolved around the diversion League of Legends. 

Katchalov said of the occasion: 

There was simply such a large number of individuals and vitality in the group, significantly more than what you find in consistent games. 

In the wake of seeing the vitality and energy, Katchalov and Pagano propelled an eSports try, QLASH. QLASH has three key parts—rivalry, the gushing substance made by clients and the formation of various competitions and occasions. 

Katchalov clarified: 

We set up together cool competitions; we have the greatest gaming house in Europe situated in Treviso, Italy where we hold training camps, media generation and events. To join every one of these verticals, and collaborate with them and make an advantage for the network, that is the general objective: to demonstrate another approach to draw in with the network with cool thoughts taking the experience from poker to this new industry. 

Most as of late, QLASH made an online rivalry for players of Clash Royale that traversed three months. 

Katchalov remarked: 

The last was held in our gaming house and we spilled it in seven distinct dialects and had two extremely well known groups that went heads-up.  

With everything going ahead in QLASH, Katchalov said that he doesn't have as much time to play the diversion that made him a tycoon. In any case, he said that despite everything he adores the amusement however likes to concentrate more on the new undertaking. 

As he clarified: 

Last time I played poker was in the winter in Prague, and this year I needed to come to play the Main Event to not get totally lost from the poker world. I simply feel like my poker aptitudes for as long as 15 years could be better off in an alternate industry. I adore endeavoring to assemble something new in a developing industry that no one knows where will be, however it will be monstrous. 

Katchalov sees a brilliant future for eSports. It as of now appreciates income of near a billion dollars, and is relied upon to become exponentially finished the following quite a long while. 

He said of the business: 

As children nowadays develop, they will keep being aficionados of these diversions, so I have a feeling that it's the future without a doubt. 

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