Attorneys speaking to the New Jersey-based organization that possesses Riverwalk Plaza in South Charleston and a neighborhood betting parlor proprietor on Monday each asserted the other party was in charge of rupturing a rent assention between the elements in 2014. BAI Riverwalk is suing Mimi's proprietor Harold Arbaugh for purportedly breaking the rent assention, and Arbaugh's attorneys guarantee BAI's administration organization's reaction, or claimed deficiency in that department, to issues with the building made it unthinkable for his business to produce income. 

BAI's lawyer, Mychal Schulz, contended Arbaugh was searching for reasons to clear the property and break the rent, while Arbaugh's lawyer, David Barney, said Arbaugh was well inside his rights to break the understanding as BAI had broken its finish of the agreement. Kanawha County Circuit Court Judge Joanna Tabit heard contentions for the situation Monday at the Kanawha County Courthouse. BAI is looking for $91,285.80 in harms in addition to court and lawyers' charges. 

In 2011, BAI Riverwalk obtained the South Charleston court, which likewise incorporates TJ Maxx and Kroger, from Kimco Realty Corp. At the time, Mimi's, which would later work as Lisa's, was in a rent assention for the space in the northwestern corner of the court, yet the business wasn't open as Arbaugh was in lawful procedures with the City of South Charleston, he affirmed Monday. As a state of buying the property, BAI, by method for its administration organization Zamias Services, accommodated form remediation at the office, Stephen Zamias, VP of advantages and administration for Zimias Services, affirmed Monday. Zamias Services is headquartered in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. 

Lisa's opened in the square in January 2012. Arbaugh affirmed Monday that clients started griping of a smell in the business that same month, and form remediation occurred again in May 2012. Barney said neither form remediation was fruitful, and Tommy Clay, proprietor of Clay's Music Company in Belle, and Ron McVey, leader of Camel Technologies in Dunbar, affirmed that the rooftop in the office spilled and they saw shape there. 

Dirt gave video betting machines to the business, yet he said he expelled them after they supported water harm. McVey affirmed his professionals cleaned and supplanted cameras in the office numerous circumstances after they hinted at water harm. The top of the office was supplanted amid the late spring of 2013, Zamias affirmed, and Arbaugh asserted development group individuals tore out phone line and other wiring important to his business' capacity amid that undertaking. 

The last lease installment Arbaugh made to BAI was on Dec. 1, 2013, and he emptied the property in January 2014. Schulz brought up Monday that none of the three men who affirmed for the benefit of the protection gave any photographs or different reports that demonstrated the office's rooftop spilled or shape was available. In November 2014, BAI rented one-portion of the space beforehand involved by Lisa's to Ivy's. The other portion of the space has not been rented since it was cleared by Mimi's, working as Lisa's. Tabit said Monday they case would proceed with 30 days after lawyers got transcripts of Monday's procedures.

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