A Turkish business visionary has set up an authority wagering framework especially for camel and steed races and brandishing rivalries in Ghana, with his organization contacting 100,000 individuals on a month to month premise and making 2,000 occupations. Halit Karabaşoğlu, who is the offspring of a businessperson from the southeastern region of Kilis, moved to Ghana in 2012 and set up a wagering and lottery framework, an empty area in the African nation. 

Karabaşoğlu constructed his wagering framework under the name of Safaribet for stallion and camel races and additionally football, tennis and b-ball matches, with a comparative wagering and lottery framework in Turkey. "We went to Ghana for tourism and vitality yet we saw that it is a 35 million-man nation and there is an immense interest for football. 50% of the nation can include the names of players the initial 10 groups of the Premier League with their spouses. Being a football player there is the best indicate ever reach in human dreams. Their greatest dream is to end up footballers in France, Italy and England. We first set up a permit commission which never existed. We set up Safaribet and started lottery diversions. We have turned into a bland brand in Ghana in this field," Karabaşoğlu said. 

Karabaşoğlu likewise included that his wagering framework gained ground after 2015 and that they created items in accordance with the stimulation culture of the nation. "We are presently in 200 spots in 10 states and 80 urban communities. We have made 2,000 employments and we are expecting a 35 million euros in income this year. We are going for 55 million euros in income in 2017 and another 100 million in 2018. We will be in 300 spots in 2017 and achieve 4,000 representatives. We will open to Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. In the event that we succeed, we will achieve a work of 10,000 in 2018," Karabaşoğlu said. Karabaşoğlu additionally portrayed Ghana as an extremely glad nation with an average diversion culture.

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