A week ago, the state regulator Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCor) imposed a temporary freeze on the issuance of licenses to operators of online games. However, it is reported that it issued two new licenses this week.

This was announced by Victor Padilla who is a senior official of the licensing department of the regulator. This means that 48 of the 60 issued by the Philippine Offshore Gaming Operator (POGO) are currently active in the Philippines.

Before the temporary freeze on certification was introduced, it was reported that there were three firms on the waiting list for certificates to be completed. Two of the newly licensed appeared to be from those three. But who are these newly certified operators, Padilla didn't say. In addition, the question remains what became with the statement of the third candidate.

Seems like the Philippines suspended the issuance of new licenses for iGaming because of China. China is confident that such events are aimed at its population. Still the biggest on the planet. Chinese officials oppose the so-called ”proxy bets" that take place in land-based casinos while watching live streaming of online casinos on mobile phones.

However, according to Padilla:

The POGO license prohibits operators from streaming in any country where gambling is prohibited. At the same time, players from China can sometimes access certified sites from locations in China.

Such statements have not convinced the Chinese government, which continues to call for a ban on all online casinos and gambling in order for the two countries to fight crime more successfully. The two leaders are set to meet at a summit later this week. Such statements are supported in Cambodia, where they also want to stop issuing and renewing their own licenses for gambling on the Internet.

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