Macau police are hot on the trail of a Wynn Macau clubhouse merchant who purportedly stole over $6m worth of gaming chips. On Wednesday, GGRAsia detailed that Macau's Judiciary Police were researching the burglary of clubhouse chips worth about HKD 47.9m from Wynn Macau on Tuesday. The charged criminal is a merchant in a VIP betting club at the Wynn Macau property. Wynn Macau Ltd, the Asian arm of US clubhouse administrator Wynn Resorts, declined to offer any knowledge into reports of the robbery, saying just that the issue was in the hands of the nearby police. 

News of the heist spread quickly via web-based networking media on Tuesday, alongside a photograph and assumed individual data of the affirmed cheat outlined as a needed notice. The police have denied coursing any such picture or data. A PJ representative additionally disclosed to GGRAsia that, as opposed to the online networking bits of gossip, the suspect was neither equipped nor seemed to utilize any power amid the burglary. Observation film allegedly demonstrates the cheat, said to be a neighborhood inhabitant, serenely stuffing contributes a sack before walking around the entryway. While the present hypothesis is that the criminal worked alone, police purportedly haven't decided out the likelihood that he may have had assistants. 

Macau gambling clubs have been the subject of comparative inside burglaries throughout the year, and keeping in mind that the police have a conventional reputation of conveying the blamed to equity, Macau's Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau asked clubhouse administrators and their VIP gaming promoters to reinforce their supervision and information of staff to lessen future episodes of this write. Incidentally, the burglary came similarly as the PJ is getting ready to issue its yearly wrongdoing report, including club related wrongdoing. The latest yearly report demonstrated gaming-related wrongdoing kept on developing in 2016, however at a slower pace than earlier years. In the mean time, the cheat who stole from a smaller than expected clubhouse on the island of Saipan has been captured. The Saipan Tribune detailed that Daniel Stafford, a previous supervisor of the Club 88 gambling club at the Oceanview Hotel in Garapan, surrendered to police last Friday. 

A month ago, Club 88 authorities found over $30k missing from their vault, and since Stafford was the just a single with access to the vault – in addition to the way that he was mysteriously gone after the disclosure – police had a quite smart thought of their identity searching for. Stafford faces burglary charges, while his better half – who worked for Saipan's fundamental gambling club administrator Imperial Pacific International – could confront charges for harboring Stafford following the robbery.

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