The registration for the Central and Eastern European Gaming Awards 2016 (the CEEGAwards2016) is taking place at the moment. The aim of this event is obvious. The organizers want to reward the most successful and reliable gambling operators and providers of Central and Eastern Europe with the desirable titles and awards.
The operators and providers from Central and Eastern Europe may compete for awards in the following categories: financial software provider, sports betting software provider, Binary/Forex operator, casino software provider, sports betting operator, iGaming press
iGaming service provider, and casino operator.
There are four stages at the CEEGAwards2016. This first one is called Nominations stage. During this stage, which is currently in progress, you may nominate your company following the link: https://ceegc.eu/ceegawards/ceegawards-2016-nominations/. It is possible to do this until August 15, 2016. Then the winners will be determined by voting. This stage will take place between August 16, 2016 and September 5, 2016. The third stage will include the formation of the list with top three finishers in each category. To be sure, they will be determined by voting. Finally, the fourth stage will take part on September 20 at the Hilton Budapest City(Westend).This is the most pleasant stage. The winners will receive their deserved prizes. Apart from voting, the jury will help determine the winners. However, the results will primarily depend on voting. 
The special unbiased judges will take part in voting. To avoid any misunderstanding, they will be chosen after the creation of the list. 
The CEEGC 2016 Budapest will occur on September 20, 2016 at the Hilton Westend City Budapest Hotel. If you are interested in the world of online gambling, you should definitely visit this event. 
According to estimates, about 150 delegates will participate in the meeting. 
The tickets are available here: https://ceegc.eu/2016/tickets/. Their price is 200 euros.
If you want to clarify any information, feel free to contact the organizers via phone +40 735 559 234 or by mail [email protected]
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