Articles About Famous highrollers

Stu Ungar: The Rise and Fall of the Great Gambler
Many gifted individuals could achieve more, unless they died young. Some of them could succeed, unless they plunged into the world of drugs. The brightest poker star Stu Ungar was one of those people. Gambling was the only thing he was interested in. He was a man of action and always tried to do his best. His life resembled a horse race: he won millions four times and four times slipped into poverty.
Blackjack Hall of Fame
Being in the Hall of Fame of blackjack is the highest level of recognition for any professional player (unless, he does not try to keep his name secret from the general public and casinos security). Today, it includes the most authoritative experts on blackjack, successful players, creators and authors of books on strategies.
Lance Humble, from a teacher to a professional player
Lance Humble had a lifestyle of many intelligent Americans. He received his higher education in psychology, taught at the university and became a professor. But then, to his own surprise, he became interested in gambling and became a professional player to create their own system of counting cards and wrote an excellent book on blackjack, which is in high demand in many countries.
Terrance Watanabe, a modern legend of Las Vegas
Within only two years of playing in the famous Las Vegas casinos Terrance Watanabe helped them to enrich by one hundred twelve million and he still owes them another fifteen . In the few years that he devoted to gambling , his wallet was relieved by two millions. Few people can boast of such "achievements" worldwide. Read more about it in the article by Casinoz.
Faud Al Zayyat, the dream player of every casino
Faud Al Zayyat is one of the best known and least successful high rollers in the world. This Syrian billionaire lost tens of millions of pounds in various London casinos. One night he left in Aspinall's more than two millions. It is interesting that some time later he appeared in court, where he had to explain why he does not want to repay the casino. To find out more about Faud Al Zayyat and its harmful hobby read the article on Casinoz.
Charles Barkley, a great basketball player and gambler
Famous people often play in casinos, but usually not in public. However, there are cases when this addiction becomes public. Famous basketball player Charles Barkley lost about ten million dollars in the casino, but public knew about it only after he owed Wynn Las Vegas a large amount of money and the case went to court.
The Suitcase Man
In the world history of gambling there were many big players who did not stay long in the casino walls. They made huge bets and gone immediately it was in the black. But they all are pale comparing to William Lee Bergstrom known as the Man with a suitcase. He became a nightmare for Benny Binion the owner of the Horseshoe casino. In just a few bets William won more than half a million made another bet and lost.
Archie Karas, the great conqueror or chronic loser?
Archie Karas is a true legend in the gambling world. How else can we call a person who has arrived in Las Vegas with fifty dollars in his pocket, and after some time owned a forty million bankroll? He turned from almost a beggar to a fabulous player Many times, and then went same path in the opposite direction. He beat the best masters of poker and billiards. Read this article about successes and failures of this surprising Greek.
How to lose two million dollars in three minutes?
British media tycoon Robert Maxwell can be considered the unluckiest player in casino history. Actually, he was never equaled in the ranks of gamers. However, he holds the world record for speed playback of money. Once Robert left two million dollars at roulette in just three minutes. Read in the article on Casinoz how it happened.

Legendary casino players

In any business, some people stand out from the rest. Gambling is no exception. In any decent casino, some customers bet much more significant amounts than other visitors. Usually, they are called VIP or high rollers.

Also, venues that provide services in the field of gambling attract indeed professional players who have managed to turn a hobby into a source of relatively stable income.

Sometimes people who find themselves at the casino are not the rich ones and do not know how to play well, but they have incredible luck and courage. They come with a few dollars in their pocket and go with hundreds of thousands.

This section of Casinoz is dedicated to players who somehow managed to write their names in the history of gambling.

Gambling legends of the past

Read about the famous players and card shares of the Wild West, the first high rollers of Europe, the famous VIP-clients of the Las Vegas era and other legendary persons of the initial period of the gambling business grow.

Modern high-rollers

In the gambling business today there are also a lot of famous customers who spent vast sums and won no less spectacular at casinos and poker clubs.

Find out who easily did lose a few million in a couple of hours and left the casino without a shadow of regret on their face. You will also read about VIP-clients who can ruin a gambling establishment because large bets imply the possibility of huge payouts.

Professional players

As a separate category, we should treat the masters of blackjack, poker, video poker, and other games, for whom the hobby has become a job.

They play professionally at the casino, develop new strategies, improve well-known strategies, write books about gambling and publish articles.

Famous people in casinos

Many prominent politicians, movie stars, sports legends, cult writers and famous showmen visit the casino and are fond of other types of games for money. 

The separate articles of this section tell you about famous personalities, playing on big bets,

Also, read the news feed. There are often published materials about the so-called celebrities in the casino.


You might ask, "Why to read about someone winning big or losing big in a casino?" At least out of idle interest. It is interesting to know who of the world famous people share your passion. Besides, many stories are enlightening. It's better to learn from the mistakes of others.