Best Online Craps Strategies

23 December in 17:52
Kavouras Strategy
The Kavouras roulette betting system uses only one scheme of the arrangement of chips, which is repeated in all spins. To follow it, you need eight ch...
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24 October in 16:11
Naked Pulls Strategy
There are many different slot betting systems. Most of them are related to changes in the bet size. The Naked Pulls strategy differs from them because...
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Iron Cross Craps Strategy
Iron Cross Craps Strategy
The Iron Cross craps betting system and its variation called the Unbeatable Iron Cross are appreciated by many players, although neither of them is extremely profitable. Users just enjoy the fact that it is possible to lose only if 7 is rolled. Any other result brings payoffs.
Points Craps Strategy
Points Craps Strategy
To maintain the highest possible chances of winning in craps, you must make only those bets with the slightest house advantage. Those are the odds bets. However, they can be made only in conjunction with the pass line and come bets. Therefore, such a strategy seems to be the most profitable. Let's talk about the ways to apply it in practice
CPR Craps Strategy
CPR Craps Strategy
This straightforward craps betting system is suitable for novice players who make the pass line and odds bets. The strategy bears the name CPR meaning Collect, Press, and Regress. Please, read the review for detailed information on the method.
5 Count Craps Strategy
5 Count Craps Strategy
Let's take a look at the craps betting system called 5 Count. It does not lower the house edge in particular bets but offers a pretty exciting and beneficial gaming plan. That's why it is relatively popular among craps fans worldwide. You can use it in land-based clubs and at online casinos.

Craps Playing Strategy

Most craps fans will agree that this game is much more exciting in the land-based casinos, where a noisy and cheerful crowd of like-minded people gathers around the table. They encourage shooters, share tips, are happy for each other, and have fun in a unique atmosphere of excitement.

Craps at online casinos lose some part of the charm, but it has some crucial advantages, including accessibility, lack of additional costs, security, and so on. Also, playing at an online casino, customers can easily use betting systems and strategies for craps, which is not always possible in land-based casinos.

Rules of casino game craps

This section of the Casinoz is devoted to this aspect of the gameplay.

Features of Craps

To learn how to win at craps at the casino, you must understand the basic rules and a few particular nuances.

  • Rules – General rules are covered in notable publications. Start with it to get familiar with the game.
  • Chances of winning – You must figure out the house edge in different bets, as it may vary significantly. At some bets, the RTP is 100%, and at others, the return to the player barely goes over 80%.
  • Offline vs. online – The client can participate actively in the gameplay in land-based casinos. In particular, he rolls dice himself, allowing him to use various professional tricks. In online craps, the result depends only on the random number generator, so the user skills usage is less extensive.

This page covers, for the most part, betting systems in craps, applicable in any conditions. Read thematic articles to learn about the controlled dice roll technique and other techniques designed for real gambling houses.

Tips on Craps Strategy

Here are some general recommendations for playing craps online:

  1. The odds – You should learn craps math. Figure out the return to player and house edge levels at different game stages. This will help to develop an optimal strategy.
  2. Games – Operators offer games with different odds on particular bets. Accordingly, the levels of RTP also vary. Choose the most favorable conditions.
  3. Types of bets – It is one of the essential aspects. You must know what the house edge is at different bet types. The range is extensive.
  4. Algorithms and systems – Professional craps players, have developed methods to reduce the house edge to a minimum. We mean certain combinations of different types of bets. Use their experience. It doesn't mean you'll always win, but the probability of winning increases significantly.

More tips on craps can be found in the articles about this game at Casinoz.

Craps Betting Systems

Many combinations of different bets with maximum RTP allow playing on equal footing with the casino. Indeed, the minimum superiority of the casino remains, but it is not critical.

We'll repeat:

There is no way to outplay an online casino in craps with help of betting systems.

However, please do not give up on such techniques because they significantly increase the chances of success.

craps strategies

Craps Strategies on Casinoz

The articles published above discuss popular betting systems and craps strategies. Among them:

  • Iron Cross is an easy way to play craps at Place and Field bets;
  • CPR is an unusual approach to the gameplay;
  • By Points is the name that speaks for itself.

The systems are described as follows:

  • Presentation with general information,
  • Detailed description,
  • Step by step review,
  • Lists of advantages and disadvantages of the strategy,
  • Conclusion.

You are welcome to discuss the article with other readers and ask questions to the experts below.

Where to play craps online?

Not all offline casinos offer craps, but this game is pretty popular on the Internet. It can be found in the libraries of the most well-known software developers. So it's easy to find an online casino with craps.

Read about games of different brands at Casinoz. You can find the links to the sites where you can play for money or have fun in the reviews.


Craps is a fascinating game that promises good results. At least, if you play it right, conditions will be much more profitable than on European roulette or in most slots.

Read the articles about strategies, betting systems, and other professional techniques to find out how to win at craps. Learn from the best at Casinoz.

Frequently asked Questions

🎲 Are there many bets in craps?

Yes, there are. Craps is full of various bets. Professional players make only the best ones that feature the highest RTPs.

❓ Do all craps bets have the same RTP?

No, they do not. The best bets in craps have no house edge, while the worst ones feature over 20%. 

🔥 Can I beat online craps?

Unfortunately, you cannot get rid of the house edge completely, but the casino will have a very low edge over you if you make the best bets in craps.