Blackjack Best Strategies to Win

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Blackjack strategy

Blackjack is one of the most mysterious games of chance. It attracts newcomers and frightens at the same time. Most casino visitors have heard about the basic strategy, card counting, shuffle-tracking and other tricks of professional players, but only a few have an idea what we are talking about.

Blackjack is associated with numerous legends, myths, speculations, and just nonsense. Romantic fleur around it is strengthened in the minds of ordinary people thanks to filmmakers, writers, and journalists who do not have the idea about the essence of the game.

They write stupid and superficial articles about blackjack, present card counters as a genius of mathematics and write platitudes in the novels about the casino. As a result, regular fans of gambling have a misconception about it. They think that only a select few can win blackjack and prefer easy, but much less profitable games.

Blackjack basic rules and strategies

This section of the Casinoz virtual encyclopedia is designed for readers who want to learn how to play blackjack right, making the most of the currently existing effective techniques. We will teach you the fundamentals of the basic strategy, tell you about its variations, explain the technique of card counting and introduce you to other methods of professionals.

Advantages of blackjack

Before we begin to consider the strategy of blackjack, we should answer the question that many casino customers ask:

Why play blackjack?

Why indeed. It's a pretty complicated game. To achieve maximum results, you need to acquire an impressive amount of theoretical knowledge and learn how to apply them in practice. It is also necessary to develop many additional skills related to psychological stability, financial management, and other aspects.

Isn't it easier to play video slots or roulette?

Yes, it is more comfortable. But on slot machines, you can't beat the casino. You will never get rid of the mathematical superiority of the institution in video slots. And in most devices, it is not less than three percent.

In blackjack, you can reduce the advantage of the casino to a few tenths of a percent, playing only on the basic strategy. Additional professional tricks allow you to win.

You should agree that for the sake of a positive result you should learn a little.

What to expect from playing blackjack according to a strategy?

There are many biases, legends, and misconceptions surrounding blackjack. Let's clarify a few contentious issues.

  • Blackjack is one of the most profitable casino games, but not all varieties are equally attractive to the client.
  • Blackjack does not require you to have an analytical mind or a deep knowledge of mathematics (although they will help).
  • Neither the basic strategy, nor the card counting, nor any other technique does not guarantee a win in each session.
  • Professional game of blackjack with the use of all the developments of experts is possible only in offline casinos.
  • You will not be able to count cards by playing blackjack online based on the random number generator.
  • In an online casino with live dealers, blackjack usually also eliminates the possibility of an effective card counting.
  • Playing by optimal strategy, card counting, and most other techniques are not against the law, although casino operators do not approve them and often expel counters.

And finally:

A playing blackjack professionally is not an entertainment, but a monotonous and rather boring activity.

It virtually eliminates the creativity on your part but requires a lot of time and an impressive cash reserve. But that doesn't mean you should give up blackjack.

If you learn how to choose the most profitable varieties of the game and just play blackjack on the optimal strategy, you will minimize the casino advantage or even get a mathematical superiority over it.

So go ahead, and our experts will help you!

Key varieties of blackjack

At online and offline casinos and blackjack is presented in numerous versions. They can be divided into two main categories:

  1. European blackjack - in European blackjack, the dealer initially deals himself one card, showing it to the players. He takes additional cards after all customers have made decisions.
  2. American blackjack - in American blackjack, the dealer immediately puts two cards in front of him but opens only one of them. If it's a ten or an ACE, then he can check for blackjack.

Of course, both groups include dozens (or even hundreds) of types of games that differ in the nuances of the rules: the number of boxes, the features of doubles and splits, the presence of the surrender, and so on. They should be studied on a case-by-case basis.

Each point of the blackjack rules affects the size of the mathematical superiority of the casino.

For example, in a blackjack game with one deck, the house advantage is 0.48% less than in a game with the same rules, but eight decks.

Professional blackjack players take into account all the details when choosing a model and make adjustments to the basic strategy to achieve the maximum return.

Basic blackjack strategy

The so-called blackjack basic strategy is traditionally presented in the form of a table. As a rule, they are designed in a single format.

Blackjack strategies

The column on the left lists the possible combinations of the player's cards. Separately made "hard" hands, cards with aces and pairs, as in many situations they require different decisions.

The top line shows the dealer's cards, which he shows at the beginning of the hand.

The remaining cells of the table are filled with letters indicating what the player should do in this situation: take a card, complete a set, do a split, and so on. For example, if the customer has five points, and the dealer has a ten, you need to take another card.

It is essential to understand the following:

The basic strategy does not guarantee a win at every hand. Moreover, with its help you are unlikely to win every single game session.

Why then do we need a basic strategy?

It minimizes the mathematical superiority of the casino, and sometimes provides an advantage to the client.

In each of the possible situations, the basic strategy recommends actions that leave the best chance of winning. Accordingly, you should not rely on intuition or luck. It is better to trust the math.

Optimal blackjack strategy

Casinos offer numerous variations of blackjack. In the same version can have different rules concerning splits, doubles and other aspects of the gameplay. To minimize the superiority of the institution, you need to make changes to the basic strategy, taking into account all the nuances.

The system of the game, adapted to a certain kind of blackjack, is called the optimal strategy.

Don't worry; you won't have to do the calculations yourself. For the most popular types of blackjack, there are ready-made strategy tables.

Also, free computer programs are available that give the best strategy for the specified parameters. You only need to clarify which rules apply in the blackjack you are interested in, and you will get a table with clear instructions on how to play in all theoretically possible situations.

Professional blackjack players also take into account some additional factors, as described in the thematic articles at Casinoz.

How to learn to play the basic blackjack strategy?

The learning process should combine theoretical and practical parts. We recommend the following algorithm:

  • Thoroughly study the rules of the game of blackjack.
  • Take a traditional variety of European or American blackjack as a basis.
  • Learn to read the basic strategy table.
  • Understand why certain actions are recommended in each situation.
  • Find out how different rules affect RTP.
  • Practice playing blackjack strategy for free until you start making decisions automatically.
  • Learn to make adjustments to the basic strategy with certain nuances of the rules.
  • Learn additional professional methods and techniques.

Start playing blackjack for money with minimum bets. You have to get used to the fact that now at stake is real money. Many beginners make a lot of mistakes in the transition phase or merely lose their temper.

Remember that online casinos may offer different conditions in games with the same name. If two manufacturers name their models European Blackjack, it does not mean that they have the same rules. Learn to find the best versions.

Online or offline?

Let's deal with another important issue:

Where is it better to play blackjack: at online or offline casinos?

There is no correct answer to this question. You have to make your own choice, taking into account the advantages and disadvantages.

Only at an offline casino, you can use the entire arsenal of professional blackjack players: card counting, sequencing, shuffle tracking and so on.

Online casinos reliably protect themselves from counters, but often offer blackjack with more favorable rules of the game. Moreover, they provide customers with bonuses, arrange prize draws, accrue comp points and delight players with other promotions. Playing blackjack at the online casino, you will not spend money on traveling, accommodation, parking, food, and drinks.

If you are going to devote your life to a professional blackjack, your choice is big offline casinos. For the rest of the readers we recommend the most profitable types of blackjack at the online casino.

However, it's up to you.

Reviews of blackjack strategies at Casinoz

This section of the portal contains not only strategy tables for different types of blackjack.

There are also educational articles that deal with all kinds of game situations, professional players tricks, advanced techniques, mathematical chances, and other important issues.

We consider popular systems of card counting in blackjack that allows you to gain a mathematical advantage over the casino.

This information will be of interest to curious readers seeking to improve their game level.


Blackjack is a beautiful game of chance in every respect. It is interesting, exciting and profitable.

Even if you make a stop at the basic strategy, without bothering to learn more complex techniques, you will already find yourself in more favorable conditions than the vast majority of online casino customers.

When playing blackjack correctly, you do not allow the gambling operator to take money from you easily. Moreover, you pose a real threat to them.

Aren't you attracted to this?