Dr Fortuno Blackjack Review

Have you ever played the Sonya Blackjack by Yggdrasil Gaming? How did you like the game? If you loved it, make sure you test a new model presented by the same developer. We mean the Dr Fortuno Blackjack, where you will have to play against Dr. Fortuno, the showman of a tent circus with pretty colorful performers.

The game character is the main hero of the Dr Fortuno Slot. Both games are banded by the on progressive jackpots. Please read about all the features in the following review.

9.05 /10
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1.00 EUR
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Where to Play Dr Fortuno Blackjack?

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Numerous online casinos offer gambling games developed by Yggdrasil Gaming. It won't be difficult to find the Dr Fortuno Blackjack available for testing or real bets. Experts' reviews and customers' feedback will help you with choosing a fair and secure online casino.

Please write responses about the Dr Fortuno Blackjack in the comments. Don't be shy to tell us about your wins and rate the game.

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How to Play Dr Fortuno Blackjack (Yggdrasil Gaming)

It is a blackjack with classic rules and advanced features, carefully described below.

The goal of the game is to win the dealer by getting a higher score than he does but never exceeding twenty one. Moreover, the player wins on the croupier's overtake.

General rules of blackjack are explained in a particular article on our website so that we won't get into details here.

It is possible to play with five opponents with several traditional decks of fifty two cards without jokers each. Full decks are used in every deal, and no cards are stored in the shoe between the rounds.

Payoffs are classic:

  1. Regular win – 1:1;
  2. Blackjack – 3:2;
  3. Insurance – 2:1.

Splits, doubles, and insurance are available. The dealer stands on seventeen.

You will play blackjack with an extraordinary croupier.

Dr Fortuno Blackjack Bonus games

Placing a side bet in the Dr Fortuno Blackjack is possible. It is accepted independently of the main stake and wins when the dealer has a flush (all cards of the same suit).

Detailed information about all prize features of the Dr Fortuno Blackjack will be available after the official release.


The Dr Fortuno Blackjack and the Dr Fortuno Slot offer the one progressive jackpot. To fight to the prize, you have to play in the casino for real money.

Dr Fortuno Blackjack Interface

It is a 3D blackjack with a virtual dealer on the opposite side of the table. Dr. Fortuno, whose main job is the circus entertainer, decided to try on these duties.

To place a bet, you can use chips of different values. Pick them with the mouse and place at the gaming field.

There is a paytable, as well as a Help section and settings. In general, the interface is user-friendly.

Customers of online casinos don't need to download the Dr Fortuno Blackjack, as this game was designed for browsers.

Mobile Compatibility

Mobile version of the Dr Fortuno Blackjack designed for smartphones and tablets is also available. It provides comfortable gaming on touchscreens. Mobile blackjack is as convenient and spectacular and the desktop one. 

Should You Play Dr Fortuno Blackjack for Real Money?

It looks like the Dr Fortuno Blackjack is a direct competitor to the Sonya Blackjack. However, these game do not have much in common, so they can comfortably exist together.


  • Colorful animation;
  • Convenient interface;
  • Bonus bets;
  • Jackpot.


  • Not the most beneficial rules.

Experts' tips will teach you how to play the Dr Fortuno Blackjack and win.

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Main info
Type of game Blackjack
Manufacturer Yggdrasil Gaming
Min bet 1.00 EUR
Max bet 500 EUR
RTP 99.54%
Is free test available Yes
Mobile version Yes
Issue date April 24, 2019
Game type 🌐
Decks number 6
Hands number 1
Side bets Yes
Dealer on soft 17 🌐
Insurance Yes
Surrender 🌐
Double 🌐
Split Yes
Blackjack payout 🌐
Additional functions 🌐