Rules and Guides About Craps

Craps is sometimes called simply the dice, but this definition is not entirely correct, because dice are used in many games of chance. Two six-sided dice are used in this game. Each of their faces shows from one to...
Craps is a dice game. Despite it is pretty simple, this game can cause gambler’s concern at first, because there are too many different boxes, markers, mark-ups at the gaming field which mislead them. However, when you read the rules of Craps…

Craps rules

Hexagon cubes with dots on their sides and numbers from one to six are used in several gambling games found at the casino. The most popular of them are craps. It is very popular in gambling establishments in the US and some other countries, as well as universally offered in large online casinos.

Craps attracts customers with exciting gameplay, in which visitors can not only bet, but also roll the dice. It means they can try to influence the outcome of the round

Craps tables always attract the most active users, wanting to be part of noisy companies. If you find yourself in a real casino where you can play craps, be sure to take the time to get acquainted with this beautiful game.

Before visiting the casino, learn the basic provisions of the rules, understand commonly used terms, and learn at least the key recommendations of the basic craps strategies. Casinoz experts advise you to start with the publications presented on this page of the portal.

Basic rules of craps

Craps is played at a special table with two main sectors:

  1. A place for the roll of the dice,
  2. Field with marking for different types of bets.

Dealers who lead the gameplay services tables, take bets, determine winners, pay payments and take the losing bets.

The goal of the game in craps is to guess what combination will fall on dice, and get paid by making  winning bets.

At offline casinos, customers take turns playing the role of "shooter», or "shooter." This is the name of the user who gets the right roll the dice. His responsibilities and rules of the throw are considered in the articles of this section.

Stages of the craps game

Each round consists of two phases:

  1. Come Out Roll is the first roll required to set the so-called point number.
  2. Point Roll – all subsequent throws.

During the Come Out Roll, players bet on a win or the loss of the shooter:

  1. Pass Line – shooter wins,
  2. Don't Pass Line – shooter will lose.

In the process Come Out Roll can develop such a combination:

  • Craps,
  • Natural,
  • Point.

Features of these game situations are discussed in detail in the rules of craps at Casinos.

Types of bets in craps

To win craps at the casino as often as possible, you need to to find out which bets give the best chance for success. Mathematical superiority of the institution is different, and the range of these indicators is very wide: from zero to a couple of tens of percent.

how to play craps in casino

There is no need to list all types of bets in craps, specify their RTP and explain the nuances as all the necessary information contained in articles on this page. The most popular bets among customers are:

  • Pass Line
  • Don't Pass Line
  • Come
  • Don't Come
  • Odds
  • Win
  • Lose
  • Field

The full list of bets in craps you will find in the thematic publications.

Please note that at certain stages of the game customers can combine different types of bets.

Separate articles at Casinoz are devoted to the mathematics of craps. To play craps at the professional level, it is necessary to examine these materials thoroughly.

Varieties of craps

Most casinos have classic craps rules. The game takes place on familiar terms. The process involves the same steps.

But still there are differences, and sometimes they are very significant. Usually, the differences relate to the available bet types. Sometimes they differ by payout ratios for some types.

Especially frequent discrepancies are at online casinos. Software developers allow themselves to deviate from the traditional canons, so always carefully read the rules of the new models.

Pros and cons of craps in online casinos

Most gambling enthusiasts can regularly play craps only at an Internet casino. This format has only one significant drawback:

  • The lack of a unique atmosphere that is impossible to recreate on the computer screen.

On the other hand, craps in electronic casinos have some advantages:

  • Availability anywhere you can go online,
  • Variety of models of famous brands,
  • A wide range of bets,
  • No additional costs,
  • The opportunity to test craps online casino for free,
  • Availability of mobile versions for smartphones,
  • There is no ban on the use of cheatsheets and betting systems,
  • Other advantages of online gambling: bonuses, promotions, comp points and so on.

To play craps online is convenient. To make this the process safe, choose reliable casinos with expert reviews and feedback from real customers.

The best models of the leading brands are listed in a special section of the site.

Craps in the live casino with real dealers

Currently, many Internet portals provide an opportunity to play live craps with real dealers. Tables are set in the studios. The dealer serves them and leads the gaming process.

Continuous video broadcasting allows you to follow what is happening on the computer screen. Bets should be made through a special program. Winners are determined automatically, and the system charges them payments.

Live casino craps now are available on several platforms by leading providers of live casino software.

How to learn to play craps?

On the Internet, there are many willing to give paid craps lessons аsк beginners but do not rush to spend money on such activities. Publications фе Casinoz will allow you to save money.

Stick to this order:

  1. Carefully read the articles on the basic rules of craps.
  2. Pick a simple strategy game that does not use multiple bets.
  3. Train in the free mode, playing in the online casino.
  4. Test more complex techniques that allow for maximizing theoretical return.
  5. Find online craps with the most favorable rules.
  6. At first, play at low bets to fully get comfortable.

If you visit an offline casino, watch what takes place near a table, without risking money. You need to understand all stages and terms.

Tips for beginners in craps

In conclusion, a few useful recommendations on how to win more often:

  • Learn the rules thoroughly before you play for money.
  • First, practice playing craps for free.
  • Deal with RTP in different types of bets and give preference to the most profitable.
  • To play in a real casino, you need to learn the rules of conduct at the table. This is especially important if you are going to act as a shooter.
  • Learn the basic terms of craps.
  • Do not trust all sorts of progressions betting systems. They are not able to save you from a mathematical advantage of the casino. Martingale doesn't work in craps.
  • Compare the rules of online craps models. They may contain different payout ratios for certain bets.

Articles by our experts will help you to choose the optimal strategy of playing craps.

how to beat craps game

What else to read about craps?

We recommend you to read the materials from the sections "Articles" and "Strategy," dedicated to different aspects of the game in craps. They address numerous questions, including the following:

  • History of dice gambling,
  • Rules of etiquette in craps,
  • Tactics and strategy of craps,
  • Cases of huge wins,
  • Myths, legends, and prejudices,
  • Types of craps players,
  • Expressions used at the table,
  • Controlled throw in craps and so on.

Thematic pages are periodically updated, therefore watch for updates.


Not all offline casinos allow you to play craps, but the development of online gambling has made this gambling accessible to everyone.

Of course, the computer screen and the random number generator will not replace the cheerful company in which it is possible to join at a table for craps in a real institution, but this format has its advantages.

Do not also forget that some types of bets allow the client to play with the casino on an equal footing. This makes craps one of the most profitable games. Hurry to appreciate its numerous virtues personally.