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10 Reasons to Play Jacks or Better Video Poker
10 Reasons to Play Jacks or Better Video Poker
Do you often visit online casinos or land-based gambling clubs? Haven't you mastered video poker yet? It is an unpardonable omission on your part because this game provides very favorable conditions. Many gambling experts find Jacks or Better its best version. The main advantages of the famous "Jacks" are explained in the article.
Misconceptions about video poker
Misconceptions about video poker
Do you like to play video poker? Then surely you know the rules of the main versions and well versed in the basics of the basic strategy. But are you sure that you do not share the popular misconceptions about this game? Some of them are very common, and sometimes fans consider them dogmas. The article debunks the most persistent myths, as well as provides true information on these issues.
Fatal Mistakes in Jacks or Better Video Poker
Fatal Mistakes in Jacks or Better Video Poker
If you have decided to master video poker, we recommend that you should start from a model called Jacks or Better, which is considered to be the basic poker variation. This article is one of several publications on the portal Casinoz dedicated to this version of the popular card game. It deals with the most common mistakes made by novice players who try to master Jacks or Better independently.
Non-Standard Situations in Video Poker
Non-Standard Situations in Video Poker
To play video poker in the most successful way, you need to select the most profitable version among all available variations and choose the optimal strategy for it. Then it is necessary to follow the recommendations provided for each of the possible gaming situations. However, there are cases when users have to make unusual decisions. Such hands in video poker will be discussed below in the article prepared by experts of Casinoz.
Mistakes that are made while playing video poker
Mistakes that are made while playing video poker
Many customers of Internet casinos and offline institutions consider video pokers as unprofitable gambling games. They tested them personally, with no idea of the correct strategy. They quickly lost a certain amount of money and decided not to mess with them. We are going to tell our readers in this article about the most common mistakes of such users, which will surely help to improve the skills in video poker.
Probability of royal flush in video poker
Probability of royal flush in video poker
Do you know about the concept of royal flush cycle in video poker? It will help you better understand this game. After reading this article, you will learn how often the highest hand in video poker is formed. You will also know the likelihood of several royal flush for one theoretical cycle or how many hands can pass without such hand. This is very important information for every serious-minded video poker player.
Types of Deuces Wild video poker
Types of Deuces Wild video poker
Do you know that not all types of video poker Deuces Wild are advantageous for the customer? The difference in benefit the most and least profitable for a player versions is more than six percent. It means that you must be able to determine the most favorable type of Deuces Wild Poker, if you want to achieve maximum results. We will tell you what to look for when choosing a video poker.
Should I change video poker?
Should I change video poker?
What are the reasons why many customers are constantly changing casino video poker running from one game to another or different online models? As a rule so they try to find a lucky place that will bring them a decent win. But there may be other motives. We will talk about the main ones in this article devoted to changing video poker for a gaming session.
How Video Poker Machines Work
How Video Poker Machines Work
Video poker is an intellectual casino game requiring specific knowledge and skills. To learn how to play video poker at a high level, it is essential to understand how it works. It helps to understand what game to choose and how to play it. The Casinoz article teaches beginners video poker basics, its variants, strategies, etc.
What to do with a deuce in Deuces Wild?
What to do with a deuce in Deuces Wild?
Any experienced player in video poker knows that you always have to make decisions on the basic strategy. Recommendations developed by experts apply to all game situations. In this article we will talk about Deuces Wild and drawing cards with a joker. There are two jokers in the deck. It will be useful for new players of video poker.
Calculating the total theoretical return in video poker
Calculating the total theoretical return in video poker
If you are interested in video poker, you know that mathematical advantage in many models can be reduced to the minimum, if you play according to the recommendations of the optimal strategy. But did you know that many online casinos even allow customers to gain an advantage? It is possible within loyalty programs when players accumulate Comp Points. Read on how to calculate the overall rate of return.
Jacks or Better vs. Bonus Poker
Jacks or Better vs. Bonus Poker
Video Poker Bonus Poker and Jacks or Better are very popular games among casino customers, and many visitors still can not decide which game to prefer. Our article is to help them. We will review the key features of both models, consider their advantages and disadvantages, we give some practical advice what to look for when choosing a video poker.

Video Poker at Online Casinos

Video poker is one of the most popular and standard casino games. It is in high demand both at land-based online casinos.

Video poker looks like a slot machine with cards dealing on the screen. It is an automatic version of table poker.

The Main Advantage of Video Poker

The gameplay of video poker is quite monotonous. Specifics of strategy do not leave room for fantasy. Mathematicians have predicted the best solutions in all theoretically possible situations. The graphics and animation are rarely beautiful.

It turns out that we are dealing with a dull and unspectacular game. So what is it that attracts millions of users? The answer is simple:

Video poker offers very favorable terms and high chances of success.

Think about it: the return to the player exceeds 99% at crucial versions. In some games, it is over 100%. This means that the player has a mathematical advantage over the casino. But you can only achieve this through strategies tailored to each game.

Video poker features

That's why video poker is one of the games preferred by real pro gamblers.

Basic Rules of Video Poker 

The goal is to collect one of the combinations defined by the rules. If necessary, you can change any number of cards but only once.

The payouts are guaranteed. You don't need to win the dealer, as there is no one, or depend on other circumstances.

Some video poker games can be played on multiple hands. You get the cards on the start line, keep the desired, and duplicate them at all positions. On every hand, new cards are dealt from unique decks. The payoffs are made for all the combinations.

Usually, you can withdraw the win to the balance or stake it in the gamble feature. In the latter case, you must choose one face-down card. If it is stronger than the dealer cards, the payout is doubled. If it's weaker, the player loses money. The draw is possible too.

All video pokers have particular features:

  • Different lists of combinations
  • Particular odds,
  • The presence or absence of jokers
  • Bonus payouts and so on.

Basic rules of the critical variations are discussed in the thematic section of Casinoz. The nuances of particular games are explained in the video poker reviews.

The Key Varieties of Video Poker

Some software providers offer dozens of video pokers. Let's take a look at the main varieties:

  • Jacks or Better – the classic game, combinations of a pair of jacks and better are paid;
  • Bonus Poker – this video poker is like Jacks or Better, with special odds for different types of Four of a Kind;
  • Deuces Wild – all deuces play like a Joker, and the minimum combination is three cards of the same value;
  • All American – is another traditional game that makes a difference in payments;
  • 10's or Better – the minimum combination is two 10s;
  • Joker – a Joker substitutes other cards;
  • Aces and Faces  – four same Jacks, Queens, Kings, or Aces are paid out at inflated odds.

The payouts for the same combinations may vary in any of the above games. Always begin with the paytable.

The rules of video poker of the same type may vary slightly in versions by different developers. Please check it out in the reviews.

Bonuses in Video Poker

Most popular prize features of video pokers:

  1. Jokers and unique features of some cards;
  2. Increased payoffs for large combinations while playing by the maximum bet;
  3. Special odds for certain poker hands
  4. Thematic rounds.

Be sure to check the prize features in the reviews.

Video Poker Jackpots

In some games, you can compete for progressive jackpots. Most often, they are played by the maximal combinations assuming you made the highest bet. There are games with prize rounds, which have unique rules.

Video Poker Strategies

You don't need to rely on intuition to reach the maximum efficiency of playing video poker at the casino. The overall strategy boils down to the choice of the best variety and selection of the optimal strategy developed particularly for this game. It can be found at Casinoz online or generated with the help of special software.

Next, you need either to learn or to use a crib. Of course, the first option is preferable. We discuss all possible gaming situations in different articles in this section. These posts help players understand why they need to take particular actions in a specific scenario.

We recommend starting with the free testing mode. Most casinos offer demo versions to play for fun. Develop your game skills using a video poker strategy to prevent accidental mistakes.

In general, if you master the basic knowledge, all the recommended actions seem logical and understandable.

We beg you:

Forget about the intuition in poker. Feelings don't work here. Only math and calculations!

In short, read articles, learn strategies, develop yourself, and achieve success.

How to choose a video poker?

This is a game, in which entertainment, the convenience of the interface, settings, and other aspects stand sideways. The main point here – is the chances of winning. The higher the return to the player and the lower the house edge, the better.

That means you need to choose the most profitable video poker. Such will be the game with the maximum RTP. Try to find one with an index exceeding 100%.

Then you have to choose the optimal strategy. It is not necessary to learn it by heart if you play video poker at online casinos. As was mentioned above, you can always use a cheat sheet, although it is not the most reliable approach.

bonuses in casino video poker

Playing Video Poker Professionally

Can I play video poker on a professional basis? Of course. This is one of the most suitable games for these purposes. It offers high RTP, so the chances of winning in every session are significant.

But be prepared to work hard. Again: the gameplay is pretty monotonous. You need to be careful to avoid mistakes.

Also, stock up on bankroll and learn how to distribute the money. Otherwise, you risk not surviving the troubles and failing.

In addition, be prepared for unpleasant surprises from the side of the casino management. Usually, video poker cannot be used for wagering bonuses and other promotions. So please read the terms of all the promotions in which you are going to participate.

Video Poker Articles in Other Sections

You can find articles about video poker on other pages of Casinoz as well.

  • See the Strategies for instructions on playing different types of video poker.
  • Specific features of different variations of the game are discussed in the Rules.
  • Please find out about the best video pokers by popular developers in our thematic pick.
  • Software for video poker fans can be found in the Soft category.

If you're a fan of this game, you will not be bored with the website.


The main advantage of video poker is that it allows to minimize the casino's mathematical advantage and even win over the institution. Yes, it takes effort. But isn't it worth it?

Play video poker if you want to win at the casino often. And our articles will help you to achieve the maximum results.

Frequently asked Questions

♠ How do you play video poker?

At the beginning of a round, you are dealt five cards. You can see all of them. If you wish, you may change from one to five cards for free. If you have a poker combination on hand, you will get a payout. You have no opponents, so you do not need to compete with anyone, Payouts are guaranteed. 

🍀 Are there many video pokers?

There are several basic versions and a number of rare and unique varieties. The general rules of gameplay are the same, but every title has its own peculiarities.

💰 Is video poker a profitable game?

Most video pokers have rather high returns to players (RTP). It means that the house edge is pretty low. 

👛 Are there jackpots in video pokers?

Some video pokers do offer progressive jackpots. Such titles are also available at online casinos.

💵 Can I play free online video pokers?

Go to the Games section of Casinoz. There you will find reviews of the best video pokers. You will be able to play them for free.