Rules and Guides About Video Poker

Video Poker: General Rules
Video poker is a type of slot machine that is inspired by poker and has a large number of variations. This is one of the most popular and trendy games of chance, so it can be found almost in all land-based and virtual...
Joker Poker
If you enjoy playing video poker and you prefer variations with lots of combinations, we recommend that you should pay attention to a version called Joker Poker. This article describes the general rules that are valid in most models of Joker Poker. We also want to tell you about the differences in games from different manufacturers of software and show you things that are worth paying attention to.
All American
All American is one of the most popular and widespread versions of video poker. Its distinctive feature is unusual payouts for many poker hands that are considered to be winnings. All details of the rules and other important data are discussed in this detailed article from the experts of our portal.
Deuces Wild
If an Internet portal offers customers video poker, probably it has one or several versions of Deuces Wild. This variation of the gambling game has been considered to be one of the most popular over the years. The article describes the general rules of Deuces Wild and discusses such important items as the gameplay, possible differences, jackpots and so on.
Jacks or Better
If you are making the first steps in video poker, playing it for fun or going to become an expert in this game of chance, you have to master Jacks or Better, since this variant is one of the basic and the most profitable for users. In this article, the basic and additional rules are discussed. All the stages of gameplay and different versions of Jacks or Better are considered.
Bonus Poker
Bonus Poker is a video poker that differs from Jacks or Better in special payout odds for different types of four of a kind. The other rules for these two popular versions of video poker are identical, although there may be some nuances in the models of various manufacturers. The article describes in detail all the features of Bonus Poker.
Aces and Faces
Aces and Faces is perhaps the most unusual variation of the most popular video poker. Its main feature is the provision of special multipliers for calculating payouts for some versions of the basic combinations. The article covers the main rules, gameplay features, as well as models of Aces and Faces available at casinos.
Tens or Better Video Poker
Tens or Better video poker is offered by many land-based casinos and online portals running on software from different brands. This model is one of the fundamental, since it is the basis of many other types of this game. The article covers the general rules and regulations and provides descriptions of possible variations, differences and features of Tens or Better from popular software manufacturers.

Video Poker rules

Video poker cannot be attributed to the number of the most spectacular gambling casino games. This is a symbiosis of poker and slots without spectacular animation, a large number of bonuses or diverse gameplay.

However, video poker is always among the most popular models offered by casinos. What is the secret? The fact is that the best versions offer very favorable conditions. They have a minimum casino advantage, in some devices RTP exceeds one hundred percent.

Playin casino video poker

Not everyone can achieve such an indicator. To do this, find the machine with the maximum return, thoroughly learn its rules, as well as pick up optimal strategy and follow it throughout the gameplay.

Beginners should start with the basics. If you do the first steps learn the rules and understand the types of game. This section of Casinoz will help you.

Basic video poker rules

Let's learn to play step by step.

The goal of video poker is to collect one of the paid poker combinations.

You do not have to compare it with the cards of the dealer. Any combinations provided by the rules are guaranteed to win. But please note that the list of paid options may be different in the individual models.

At the beginning of the round, you have to make a bet. Most often one to five coins accepted at stake. You also need to specify their cost.

Then you get five cards. It is allowed to change any number of them once and for free, but the exchange is not required. If you have a combination at hand, you will be charged the amount of money that is calculated by the bet and the appropriate coefficient.

Video poker for several hands

Many models of online video poker and offline devices provide the possibility to bet on several lines at the same time. In such cases, you first get five cards on the starting hand.

The cards you want to keep are duplicated along all lines. If you make an exchange, new cards are dealt with all hands from separate decks. Winnings are awarded for all existing combinations. Video poker doesn't provide additional benefits while playing for a few hands.  It only speeds up the gameplay.

Double payout game

In most varieties, you can run a round to double wins. Traditionally, it takes place in the format of comparing cards. You see the open a card and four face-sheets. We need to flip any one of them. If this card will break open, your payoff would be doubled. You can also lose or reduce the round a draw.

It is possible to play several times in a row, but there is always a maximum payout limit. Some manufacturers allow you to put at stake half of the money. Sometimes there is a Joker in the deck, winning any other card.

Video poker payout tables

The game used classic poker hands from couples to Royal flush. Also, many models use additional options. For example, some coefficients can be paid for large combinations made with the participation of the Joker.

The minimum combination that brings a win can be a pair of tens, jacks, kings, two pairs or even three cards of one par. It all depends on the rules of a variety. For example, if the deck features wild symbols, a pair of tens will not be paid.


Manufacturers can establish their multipliers of payments. Even in games with the same titles (e.g., Jacks or Better or Bonus Poker) winnings from the same combinations can be different.

Carefully study the table, paying attention to coefficients for all positions. An experienced player at a glance can determine, how profitable particular video poker variant is. Beginners should learn the technical characteristics of the model in which RTP is specified.

Maximum payout

Particular attention should be paid to the most significant wins combinations. In many versions, the payment for the Royal flush is disproportionate it is overstated if the maximum number of coins of any denomination is at stake. Often the accumulative jackpots are drawn this way.

Accordingly, it is better to reduce the cost of chips, but do a large bet than to bet one coin of high value.

Features the most popular varieties

In real gambling establishments and especially at online casinos numerous variations of video poker are offered:

  • Jacks or Better  is a traditional game where wins are awarded for combinations from a pair of jacks;
  • 10's or Better - variation in which payouts rely at least upon two tens;
  • Deuces Wild - all deuces are jokers, but the minimum winning hand is three of a kind;
  • Bonus Poker  - video poker is similar to Jacks or Better, but the winnings are awarded at special rates in different types of combinations;
  • Aces and Faces - four jacks, ladies, king or ACE bring inflated winnings;
  • Joker - uses a Joker which is able to replace the chain other cards;
  • All American - classic model with standard gameplay and differences in coefficients for combinations of cards from Jack to ACE.

Once again, the rules of the same varieties by different brands may differ from each other.

Tips for video poker players

Video poker strategies

As mentioned above, the rate of return in many video poker approaches 100% and sometimes exceeds this level, providing the player with the mathematical advantage over the institution.

But remember that we are talking about a theory that in a separately taken gaming session probably will not become true. In other words, your trip to the casino can result in a large win or a massive loss, which will be at odds with the RTP, according to the manufacturer.

Your task is to maximize the chances of success.

To do this, you need to choose a basic strategy for video poker, the one you're going to play. Experts have long developed these techniques for all key varieties. For each game situation, a piece of advice is provided. Follow the recommendations of professionals – and you will win as often as possible.

Tips for playing video poker

Numerous expert advice on video poker is given in the thematic section of articles at Casinoz. Basic strategies of the core varieties of the game are also considered on a separate page.

Below are some key recommendations, not bound to specific versions:

  1. Choose the game with the maximum RTP. This is the most important indicator.
  2. Pick a strategy for each variety. They are not interchangeable.
  3. Never rely on intuition - believe in math.
  4. Learn how to manage the bankroll and choose the size properly rates.
  5. Do not believe in betting systems - only optimal strategies can help to win at video poker.
  6. Make the maximum bet in coins, if only you can hit the jackpot.
  7. Participate in video poker tournaments. They are free and very profitable.
  8. Don't try to win back online casino bonuses at video poker. Most often it is forbidden. Even if it is allowed, the conditions are very strict.

In short, be reasonable, trust the experience of professionals and do not repeat the mistakes of beginners.


Video poker is a very attractive game for prudent casino customer.

Yes, it will not please you with beautiful animation, multi-level bonuses and other enticing features. Its charm is at a high level the theoretical return, which means you'll often be able to win.

Isn't that the main thing?