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Bonus Poker (Video Poker)

bonus poker rules

All kinds of bonus payouts and other prizes are offered in many variations of video poker. However there is the classic version of the game, which is called Bonus Poker. It has the same basic rules for most models. Exactly this model is discussed in this article.

General Description
Bonus Poker is very similar to Jacks or Better. Its main difference from Jacks or Better is features of the pay table in which combinations are paid according to some special multipliers (read more below).
A standard 52-card deck is used in this video poker. Jokers are not available. All cards take part in each hand.
It is allowed to play on one hand in the standard version, but there are also models that accept bets on several lines. Gamers can usually wager from one to five coins. Their value can be chosen by players from the provided range. The game on five coins usually provides additional benefits (read about them below).
The goal is to collect hands that are provided by the rules. If necessary, it is possible to exchange once up to five cards. This option is free of charge.
The combinations from a pair of jacks to a royal flush are considered to be winnings. The feature of the game is different multipliers for three types of four of a kind.

Rules for Bonus Poker

We are going to list all the hands according to their value in ascending order indicating the most frequent payouts (if the bet is one coin).

  • Pairs of jacks, queens, kings or aces - 1
  • Two pairs - 2
  • Three of a kind - 3
  • Straight - 4
  • Flush - 5
  • Full house - 8
  • Fours of a kind (fives, sixes, sevens, eights, nines, tens, jacks, queens or kings) - 25
  • Fours of a kind (deuces, threes, fours) - 40
  • Fours of a kind (aces) - 80
  • Straight flush - 50
  • Royal flush - 250

In some models Royal Flush brings disproportionately high payouts when you play betting five coins. It is usually 4,000 coins.
Users should also pay attention to the fact that four aces are paid better than a straight flush.

The gameplay is carried out according to standard rules. The user makes a bet and receives five cards. Then he or she chooses the cards that are worth holding in the game and the other cards are exchanged for new ones. If users are satisfied with the initially received hands, they may skip the exchange. To do this, hold all the cards.
If you make a bet on several hands simultaneously, the first five cards are dealt on the starting line. When the player selects the cards for holding, they are duplicated in all positions. The new cards for each hand are dealt from a new deck, but the duplication is impossible.
After the exchange all formed combinations are paid. If the rules provide the game on even chances, the customer can take part in it staking credited money (sometimes users can wager half). Players need to randomly face up one of the hole cards. If its rank is higher compared to the dealer's card, the payout is doubled. Otherwise, money goes to the casino.

The main differences between the various versions of Bonus Poker include diverse payouts for various combinations. The overestimated payout for a royal flush with the bet of five coins, the presence/absence of the game on even chance, progressive jackpots and offers to make bets on more than one hand can be considered as other differences.
The range of models from Microgaming has a game called Double Double Bonus Poker. It has unique multipliers for calculation of winnings. Users may become familiar with this game in the separate review at Casinoz.


First of all, we want to save novice fans of video poker from premature conclusions. Increased payouts for some high-ranking hands in Bonus Poker do not mean that this game is more profitable than Jacks or Better. The lost house advantage is compensated by reduced payouts for a flush and a full house.
For comparison, in the classic 9/6 Jacks or Better the payout percentage is over 99.5% and in 8/5 Bonus Poker this index does not even reach 99.2%.
More information about this issue can be found in the article whose authors have compared two popular models. At Casinoz there is a detailed description of Bonus Poker strategies.
We are waiting for your impressions of Bonus Poker with stories of your personal experience at casinos.

Rating: 9.50 / 10
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Date: 2010-04-01
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