Baccarat Rules and Guides

Mini Baccarat
Mini Baccarat
Mini baccarat is played according to slightly simplified rules of the American version of this game. The cards are always dealt by the croupier in this version. The table is smaller than in other variations of baccarat. There are three betting sectors in front of each player: banker, player, and...
Punto Banco
Punto Banco
Punto banco is one of the European versions of baccarat. From six or eight 52-card decks without jokers are used in this game. The game is played at the table with a special layout. Players can...
Chemin de Fer
Chemin de Fer
This version of the baccarat rules is the second most popular after the American version. It is often called "Chemmy." This game is available for visitors of French casinos. However, it also can be found...
Baccarat is a card game of chance originated in France (however, this fact is disputed by some historians.) A table with a special layout and eight 52-card decks are used in it. They are dealt from a special device...
Mini Baccarat
Mini Baccarat
Baccarat is a popular card game that is played at all casinos of the world. You should rather make high bets while playing baccarat. Therefore, online casinos offer their visitors a simplified version of this game. It is called mini baccarat. It is not...
Dragon Bonus Baccarat
Dragon Bonus Baccarat
Some brick and mortar casinos, as well as a number of online gambling portals, offer a version of baccarat with a bonus bet called Dragon Bonus to their customers. This is the most famous kind of this game with side bets, which is characterized by simple rules and attractive gameplay. The article published on the gambling portal Casinoz deals with the basic terms and features of gameplay.

Baccarat rules

Every gambler knows that baccarat – "is the favorite game of all aristocrats". Also, everyone knows the legendary James Bond, Agent 007, of Ian Fleming's novels, the hero of numerous cinematic adaptations preferred this one. 

Such an image may scare ordinary people. They think the game has too complex rules, and bets should be incredibly high. In reality, this state of affairs exists only in elite clubs where no ordinary person can get in.

In the gambling business, designed for random users, the situation is just the opposite. Baccarat has long been a public game with simplified rules and affordable ranges of bets.

Now it's incredibly popular at land-based casinos in some countries.

More than 90% of Macau's gambling revenue in 2014 was obtained at the Punto-Banco tables.

Articles in this section of Casinoz will teach you how to play baccarat, will introduce its main versions, and give practical advice on how to achieve success.

casino game baccarat

Features of casino baccarat

Baccarat has initially been a club game and opponents played against each other. They dealt cards one at a time or involved a banker. They also decided whether to take another card, counted the score, and determined the winners on their own.

At the casino, customers play against the house. They're betting on the win of one of the conditional parties and then watch the gameplay.

Some of the online baccarats simulate participation in gameplay, but the general principles do not change.

Basic rules of casino baccarat

You are welcome to read about the club baccarat in the special articles at Casinoz. They explain the details of scoring, picking the winners, and other nuances.

Online casinos often offer so-called mini-baccarat.

The goal of the game is to guess whether the dealer or the banker wins and place a proper bet. You can also predict a draw.

When the bets are made, the dealer deals the cards to himself and to the opponent. The deal is regulated. Find out how exactly the baccarat score is calculated in the above articles.

As soon as the cards are played, the winner is announced. Bets on the winning party are paid.

The odds may slightly vary in different games. Usually, they are:

  1. Banker's win – 1:1 (about 5% winning fee goes to the casino);
  2. Player's win – 1:1 (no additional fees);
  3. Draw – 7:1 or 8:1 (no fees).

If this is your first time playing baccarat in a casino, don't forget to check out the odds.

RTP in baccarat

Experienced users always check the levels of return to the player and the house edge of the games. Baccarat has the following house edge:

  1. Bet on the banker is 1.06%,
  2. Bet on the client is 1.24%,
  3. Bet on the draw is over 14%.

Numbers vary slightly depending on the odds and fees.

Varieties of baccarat

A brief review of the features of the most popular types of baccarat:

  • Classic baccarat – is a traditional game where customers play against each other.
  • Mini-baccarat – a common name of casino baccarat.
  • Punto-Banco – a very popular version, widespread in different countries of the world.
  • Chemin de fer – s French game with small differences in the rules.

We discuss the nuances of the rules above.

Side bets in baccarat

Live Baccarat at online casinos

This game was one of the first in live casinos. Usually, they offer mini-baccarat with real croupiers.

In most cases, the general rules of the game have nothing unique, so we will not pay it a lot of attention. Don't forget to read the T&C directly at each table.

Bonuses in baccarat

Some games at online casinos offer extended options and prize features. We will not list them all, but only highlight the most common ones:

  • Progressive jackpot – take your chance to hit the pot;
  • Bonus payouts – get more wins in particular situations;
  • Side bets – a certain side bet allows to participate in the prize draws;
  • Special odds – unique payoff multipliers.

We discuss the details of all bonuses and prize options in the Casinoz reviews of baccarat from different producers.

Card counting in baccarat

Pro gamblers are trying to count cards in baccarat. Such a practice makes sense in land-based casinos. It gives an opportunity to get a math advantage over the institution.

Gambling operators strongly discourage the use of this method. There are cases when casino owners refused to pay large amounts to customers, explaining this by the fact that the card counting is prohibited by the rules.

Online baccarat powered by the random number generator makes it useless to count cards. In a live casino with real dealers, you can try to use this approach, but the features of this format often negate all the efforts.

Tips for baccarat players

Here are some practical recommendations, how to win in baccarat at online casinos more often. We will focus on the mini-version, most often found in online gambling.

  • Choose a game with the minimum fee on the bet on the banker.
  • Give preference to the bet on the dealer.
  • Never bet on the draw.
  • Do not rely on card counting in games with a random numbers generator.
  • If you are going to count cards in a live casino, consider all the gameplay features.
  • Carefully study the rules and features of the unique varieties.
  • Don't get carried away with baccarat with jackpot and bonuses.

Read more tips on how to win in baccarat in the sections with thematic articles and strategies.

Baccarat rules at Casinoz

In the articles about the baccarat rules, we cover the following:

  • General information about the game;
  • The goal of the game;
  • The gameplay;
  • The winners;
  • The odds;
  • The RTP;
  • The basics of the strategy.

You are welcome to write a review to baccarat, share your opinions, and ask a question to experts below the articles.


Baccarat is no longer a game of wealthy aristocrats. Now it's available to any client of a land-based casino or an online gambling site. You can even play baccarat on your smartphone from anywhere in the world where you can connect to the internet.

Before you risk your money, learn the rules of the main versions, learn to identify the most profitable games, and master the basic strategy. Casinoz articles will help you with that.