Articles About Slots

Slot machines dedicated to the World Cup 2018 in Russia
Are you ready for the 2018 FIFA World Cup, held at the stadiums of the Russian Federation. The developers of online gambling games have released themed video slots for the tournament. The best models from the leading brands are collected in a review. It includes both traditional machines and unusual devices with original characters and unique functions.
New Year 2018 Video Slots
It has become a good tradition for many major software developers to release new Christmas slot machines on the New Year's Eve. Some well-known companies every year please users with such novelties. In this article, reviewers of the Casinoz gambling encyclopedia have collected information on the best video slots dedicated to the celebration of the 2018 New Year.
Queer Video Slots
Gambling operators are ready to use all sorts of tricks when it comes to attracting customers. Free bar, junket tours, special promotions for high rollers, show programs, and prizes are only the basic tricks. The range of games available in casinos plays a pivotal role. And not all of them seem to be traditional. The article deals with the most unusual gambling devices that can't help impressing you.
What Annoys Me in Slot Machines
What functional and design features of gambling machines do you hate the most? Non-informative rules, incomprehensible system of calculating payouts, lack of data on the theoretical payout percentage, lagging, high demands for PC performance, lack of translation and other disadvantages of online gambling games, which are discussed in our article, annoy me very much.
Video Slots for Sushi Fans
The article deals with the most spectacular and exciting video slots dedicated to traditional Japanese cuisine. To put it clearly, we are going to consider video slots about sushi released by world-renowned online gambling software manufacturers. The models discussed in our article can be tested for free if you follow the links to their detailed reviews on the portal Casinoz.
Top 10 Video Slots Dedicated to St. Patrick's Day
The world-renowned online gambling software manufacturers release new slot machines dedicated to Ireland annually in early spring. This is due to the celebration of St. Patrick's Day, which is acknowledged in different countries all over the world. Our gambling encyclopedia Casinoz has prepared a list of the best video slots on this topic, relying on the opinions of our experts and regular readers.
Best Comics Video Slots
Once upon a time online gambling software developers turned their attention to comics. Numerous video slots dedicated to the most famous superheroes are supposed to be the result of their attention to graphic novels. Our review article covers the most interesting slot machines inspired by comic books and released in recent years. This article complements our previous publication on this topic.
Video Slots about Rio Carnival
Reviewers of Casinoz.biz have prepared the list of the best slot machines dedicated to Rio Festival for those who have already visited it or just want to become a part of this great event that takes place in Brazil. You will find information about the most interesting video slots whose reels have images of seductive female dancers who dance samba to the Latin American beat. The article covers models released by different manufacturers, as well as links to demo versions that allow testing games
Important Information about Autoplay in Video Slots
You are surely familiar with the autoplay mode, which is available in most video slots. Perhaps you have even used it when playing slot machines either for free or for real money. Have you ever wondered how it affects the outcome? Who benefits more customer or casino owner? An article written by experts of Casinoz.biz that focuses on this feature will help you to answer the aforementioned questions.
Most Convenient Options in Slots
What makes the gameplay in video slots really convenient? Do you think of pleasant graphics, user-friendly control panel, various settings available, quick launch, no demands on the high-speed Internet? Some developers are not limited by options mentioned above and offer in their models additional features that you will surely enjoy.
Top Basketball Video Slots
This article from the encyclopedia of gambling Casinoz will be interesting to all basketball fans. It covers the best slot machines about this kind of sports that is popular all over the world. We have collected information about video slots released by various manufacturers regardless of the year of their production, technical characteristics, and other parameters. So, it is up to you to decide what game to choose.
Best Multi-level Video Slots
Have you ever played video slots with several levels? If not, you should definitely try to. There are several great slot machines with consecutive stages at online casinos. Each of the levels has special (usually more profitable) conditions, additional prizes, unique opportunities, etc. Such models are described in the review article from the Casinoz portal.

Casino slots

Most players have experience of playing at video slots. Even if you prefer blackjack, poker or roulette, you've probably played slot machines at least once in a while.

Their popularity in the world is constantly growing. They attract gambling fans by huge models selection, simplicity, large payments, a wide range of rates and lots of other advantages.

The latest gaming machines

If you prefer video slots, you may be interested in various issues related to this topic.

What do you need to know about casino slot machines? Are there any secrets? Can I win on a slot machine? What is the optimal strategy for playing video slots? How to hack the casino slot machine?

Answers are waiting for you in this section of the Casinoz portal.

Playing Slots

So why are the devices so popular?

One of the main advantages of casino slots is intuitive rules.

Even if the gameplay consists of numerous features and seems confusing, any beginner will quickly understand it.

In most models, there is no need to go into all the details, because the client only has to choose a bet and press the start button. The winner is determined automatically. Payments are calculated and accrued by the program. It remains just to relax and hope for the favor of fortune.

Sometimes you need to choose a kind of free spins or other bonuses, but even in this case, you can not make a mistake. The final result depends only on the random number generator, so you can safely select an option.

The only exceptions are the so-called skill based slots. This new online slot machines that require users to have specific skills and abilities. They are described in individual reviews of casino slots on the portal.

Offline or online?

Slot machines are equally in demand among customers of real slot halls and users of electronic casinos.

Most likely, you have thought:

Where is it better to play slot machines: in real slot halls or at online casinos?

This dispute arose as soon as the first electronic casinos appeared, and the debate does not stop until now.

Both options have their advantages and disadvantages.

  • Offline casinos have a unique atmosphere. Here you can communicate with other visitors, watch shows, relax at the bar and so on.
  • The online casino often offers more favorable conditions, a variety of bonuses and points accumulation system. The choice of models on gambling sites is wider, and the range of bets can range from a few cents to hundreds of dollars. Also, when playing slots on the Internet, you are saved from additional costs.

The choice depends on your personal preferences and capabilities, so you have to do it yourself, taking into account all the "pros" and "cons".

Types of slots

Strict classification does not exist, but it is customary to distinguish two main types:

  1. Classic slot machines with one or more lines and no prize features;
  2. Video slots with five or more reels, all kinds of bonuses, free spins, different types of symbols and other options.

This division is conditional, because software manufacturers often depart from the canons, combine elements of both types of games or produce unique slot machines.

Besides, the machines are divided into groups according to the following criteria:

  • Number of reels,
  • Types of special characters,
  • Types of bonuses,
  • The drawing of the progressive jackpots,
  • The existence of different levels,

Possibility to make additional bets and so on. Read the article about slots to understand genre features.

Articles about slot machines at Casinoz

The publications on video slots address any issues related to this type of casino games. We highlight the most popular areas, which expert articles in this section of the virtual encyclopedia Casinoz are devoted to.

Themed slot machines

Some themes are in high demand among online casino customers. For example, video slots about pirates, Ancient Egypt, dragons, vampires, and the Wild West are in high demand.

Users also like festive slot machines. In particular, they love Christmas and new year games, devices for Halloween or St. Patrick's day.

Popular slot machines

In recent months, interest in traditional slot machines with three reels and classic symbols on the screen has been revived.

Software developers are trying to meet customers' demand by releasing such slot machines. Casinoz experts choose the best models of exciting topics and talk about them in review articles.

The most important functions of casino slots

In General, the rules of the game on video slots are quite simple. You specify the number of lines (if this option is available), choose the bet size and start the spins in manual or automatic mode.

But aren't you interested in the rules of how payouts are awarded, how special symbols work, whether you need to use the AutoPlay or how to increase the probability of winning the jackpot?

In the training articles at Casinoz many questions concerning rules and gameplay features of slot machines are considered. You will find a detailed publication with comprehensive information on the wild symbols, scatters, the nuances of the bets and other essential aspects.

Bonus games and free spins on slots

The vast majority of modern online casino slot machines offer a variety of prize draws, bonus features, free spins, Risk-playing at equal chances and other additional features. These options add mixture to the gameplay and make it more appealing to users.

Jackpot slots

Casinoz experts tell about the most exciting bonuses in video slots of the leading developers of online gambling software. You will learn about the unusual varieties of the round to double the payout, the unique versions of free spins, the benefits of respins, multi-level slot machines and non-standard bonus rounds.

Tips for playing slot machines

There is no online casino or offline slot room user who doesn't care about the question:

Is it possible to win on slot machines?

Casinoz experts answer honestly:

In a single session, any user – regardless of his/her skill or experience – can win on casino video slots. If we are talking about regular wins or a professional game, you'd better give preference to other games.

The mathematical superiority of the casino inherent in slot machines cannot be beaten. On a long time interval, any slot will pay out no more than its RTP assumes. Neither the betting system nor any slots strategies will help to increase the theoretical level of return.

However, in many models, RTP is not fixed, which must be taken in to account. Also, many other nuances help to win more often on video slots.

Practical recommendations for playing casino slots can be found in the training articles.

Hacking slot machines

We do not recommend any of the readers to try to cheat the casino by playing video slots. There is no need to risk and become a criminal for the sake of dubious success.

But by itself, the theme of hacking slot machines is very informative. In the history of gambling, there have been many attempts – successful and not – to get a win on the slots illegally.

Взломы игровых автоматов

Scammers interfered in the work of slots at the mechanical, electronic and software levels. Some managed to break huge jackpots in this way, but most of the sharers found themselves in jail.

The thematic articles at Casinoz tell about the most resonant fraud cases on slot machines.

New casino slot machines

Online gambling is constantly changing. Software manufacturers and casino providers follow the trends, use scientific achievements and attract the latest technologies to the industry.

  • Slots - is the most popular game, so the essential trends do not bypass it. Developers produce models with unusual features:
  • Level systems - there are several stages with more favorable conditions at each new level;
  • Character development - the client can "pump" its character, as in computer games;
  • Virtual reality - VR slot machines that require a helmet or glasses are already available;
  • Skills - the player can influence the outcome of the rounds, making certain decisions.

In the publications of the reviewers of Casinoz discusses the popular trends in the development of video slots casino.

Other articles about slots

If you like slot machines and are curious, this field is ready to please you with many interesting facts, historical events, incredible legends, and funny myths.

How did slot machines appear and developed? What superstitions are associated with playing slots? What are the biggest wins?

You will find answers to these and many other questions in the section of articles about video slots.


Many criticize slot machines for the inability to influence the outcome of the drawings, the minimum user participation in the process and a relatively high mathematical superiority of the casino. Opponents of video slots point to more profitable games.

These arguments seem convincing, but one cannot deny the numerous advantages of slot machines, providing them with incredible popularity in offline casinos and online gambling. Not all clients want to bother with learning a basic blackjack strategy or video poker theory. Moreover, classical gambling entertainments seem boring to them.

Everyone is free to decide what casino games to give preference to. If you like video slots, don't listen to critics. But still consider the advice of Casinoz experts, how to achieve maximum results playing on the machines.