BAR symbol in slot machines

The BAR symbol is one of the most iconic and recognizable elements in the world of slots. While slot games have dramatically evolved over the decades, this classic symbol endures as a beloved throwback to slot machines' origins.

Dating back to the early 1900s, the BAR design has represented potential jackpots and payouts for generations. Its history is tied to slots' roots when games awarded prizes like gum, candy bars, and fruit chews instead of cash due to gambling prohibitions.

While its origins are debated, the BAR's simple design became firmly established on the reels of those earliest slots. As the games transitioned to paying currency, the BAR symbol carried over its lucky symbolism.

Today, the presence of the BAR icon persists as a nod to slots' nostalgic past. Despite evolving into cutting-edge video slots with complex graphics and features, this classic symbol maintains its iconic status. It represents the enduring appeal and historicism slot enthusiasts and developers embrace.

What Is the BAR Symbol in Slots?

It is an iconic and classic symbol commonly found on slot machine reels. Several variations and types of the BAR symbol can appear on slot machine reels.

  1. Single BAR is the most basic version, consisting of a single rectangular bar symbol. It's one of the standard symbols on classic 3-reel slots.
  2. Double BAR shows two rectangular bar symbols stacked on top of each other. Hitting multiple double BARs typically yields a higher payout than single BARs.
  3. Triple BAR is three bars stacked into one symbol. It is usually the highest-paying BAR symbol.

Some slots feature single, double, and triple BARs stacked entirely across one or more reels. Filling multiple reels with stacked BARs can trigger large wins.

While rare, a few slots have horizontal BAR symbols that stretch across multiple reel positions instead of the traditional vertical bars.

The BAR symbol can have different designs.

  • Classic BARs are black and white.
  • Some slots use colored BAR symbols, such as blue, red, and purple BARs, instead of the classic to differentiate payouts.
  • Scorching/Flaming BARs are versions where the BAR symbols have flame or burning effects added for extra visual impact.
  • Diamond/Jeweled BARs are symbols designed to look jewel-encrusted or made of diamonds and gems for a more luxurious style.

So, while the basic BAR shape is consistent, game developers have created numerous stylistic variations to refresh the iconic symbol's look across different slot themes and gameplay styles.

History of the BAR Symbol in Slots

The bar symbol is one of the classic symbols found on slot machine reels, along with fruits like cherries and lemons. Its origins date back to the early 1900s when slot machines were first popular. At that time, gambling was prohibited in the United States due to strict anti-gambling laws.

Some establishments began offering slot machines that paid out with prizes like gum and candy instead of cash to get around these laws. The fruit symbols represented different flavors of gum that could be won. The BAR symbol is believed to have represented a pack of rectangular gum or candy bars that players could win.

Bell Fruit Gum slot machine

In 1909, the Industry Novelty Company produced some of the earliest mechanical slot machines with fruit symbols on the reels. The Mills Novelty Company of Chicago soon followed with their machines, which included the BAR symbol among the reel icons. On the earliest Mills slots, the BAR was a picture of a pack of gum. This was eventually stylized into the familiar bar symbol design we know today.

  1. One theory suggests the bar symbol was the logo of the Bell-Fruit Gum Company, whose products may have been dispensed as prizes. However, most historians dispute this as there is little evidence of bar-shaped gum packs being made then.
  2. The more widely accepted explanation is that the bar represented generic boxed candies or gum that could be released from the machines.

While its exact origins are unclear, the bar symbol became a staple on slot machine reels and has maintained its iconic status and meaning of potential payouts even after slot payouts transitioned from candy to currency. The simple bar design has remained one of the most recognizable symbols in the slot world for over a century.

Modern Use of the BAR Symbol

Today, the BAR symbol maintains its iconic status and is still featured in many slot machine games produced by casino game makers. It serves as:

  • A standard reel symbol, often representing medium-value wins;
  • A nostalgic throwback to slots' origins for retro or classic-themed games;
  • A filler icon to distinguish from higher-paying symbols.

While slots have evolved with advanced graphics and gameplay, the simple BAR symbol endures as a recognizable and traditional symbol that continues to appear on online and land-based slot machines in the 21st century.

The iconic BAR symbol continues to be popular in modern slot machines despite their evolution over the years.

While classic 3-reel slot machines with fruit symbols were the norm in the early 20th century, slot games have advanced significantly, especially with the rise of video slots. Today's games offer immersive gameplay experiences with videos, animations, bonus rounds, and themes far beyond the traditional fruit motifs.

However, even as slots have modernized with more advanced graphics and features, many games still incorporate the classic BAR symbol as a nod to the slot's origins and to provide a sense of nostalgia and retro appeal. Developers often use the BAR as a standard reel symbol.

So, while slot enthusiasts nowadays generally opt for the more visually engaging and feature-rich video slots over the classic 3-reel games, the BAR lives on. It maintains its place on the reels of many modern slot titles produced by casino game makers.

Whether used for retro charm on revamped classic slots or as filler symbols on cutting-edge video slot games, the simple BAR design remains a familiar sight in online and land-based slots. Its longtime presence attests to the enduring significance of this symbol in the evolution of the popular slot machine gaming vertical.

There are thousands of slot machines with BAR symbols on their reels. Of course, this article from Casinoz can only mention some of them.

Here are some relatively popular games.

If you want to find more slots featuring BAR symbols, use the Search form on Casinoz. Type “Bar” in it and choose the “Games” category. You will see numerous game reviews.

Below, you will see a list of 3-reel slot machines. Some of them have the BAR symbol.

Name Soft Return to player Max payout
96.21% x60
95.64% x4030
96.06% x1000
95.66% x5150
96.07% x750
95.64% x4030
95.66% x10000
95.62% x21150
95.66% x1000
95.64% x1065
96.65% x1451
95% x4100
95.2% x1650
95% x1500
95.71% x3255
96.2% x1000
95.01% x200
95.8% x6000


From its modest origins representing gum and candy prizes on the earliest slot machines, the BAR has maintained a remarkably enduring presence on slots for over a century. While the games have transformed into visually dazzling video slots loaded with complex features, this simple piece of slots heritage continues to be embraced by players and game makers alike.

The BAR icon lives on as a connective thread to gambling’s history. Its persisting popularity attests to the enduring nostalgic appeal of slots' vintage visuals.

While modern slot design pushes technological boundaries with immersive bonus rounds, cascading reels, and cinematic graphics, the BAR symbol remains omnipresent. This instantly recognizable icon serves as a tangible reminder of the game's origins and the promise of riches that has captivated players for generations. From the corner speakeasies to glitzy digital casinos, the BAR symbol's simple bars carry on slots' timeless legacy.

Frequently asked Questions

🍸 What is the BAR symbol in slots?

The BAR is one of the most classic and recognizable symbols featured on slot machine reels. It consists of a simple design of two or three rectangular bars.

🍹 What is the origin of the BAR symbol?

The origins trace back to the earliest slot machines in the early 1900s. Due to the gambling prohibitions at that time, it's believed the BAR represented a pack of rectangular gum or candy bars that could be won as prizes. Another theory is that it was the logo of the Bell-Fruit Gum Company.

🍒 Does the BAR symbol still appear on modern slots?

Yes, the BAR maintains its presence on many slot games today, both online and in land-based casinos. While slots have advanced with video graphics and bonus features, many games incorporate the classic BAR as a nod to slots' history and retro roots.

🎰 Why do slots still use the BAR symbol?

Game developers include the BAR for a few reasons: to provide a sense of nostalgia and tradition for classic slots fans, to distinguish lower/medium paying symbols from the higher paying ones, and as a connection to slots' origins and legacy.

❓ What does the BAR symbol represent on slots now?

On modern slots, the BAR no longer represents an actual prize but rather a symbol that can form a winning combination across the paylines. Lining up multiple BARs awards a payout, with bigger wins for more BARs matched.

🔔 Are there slots themed around the BAR symbol?

Yes, some slot titles are designed around maximizing the presence and payouts of the BAR symbol. Read the article on Casinoz for a list of exciting slot machines featuring a BAR.

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