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Gambling Jurisdictions 2024

Free access to the Internet is available for the vast majority of residents of most countries. Theoretically, anyone can play at an online casino or launch a gambling site. In practice, running any gambling business legally is a little more complicated.

Although the world wide web is a global phenomenon, there is no single law regulating the gambling business on the Internet.

Many countries ignore this industry, but developed countries try to control online gambling in one way or another. Some issue licenses allow you to open online casinos, virtual bookmakers, e-poker rooms, bingo halls, and websites with other types of similar entertainment.

Let's discuss the leading jurisdictions which feature government gambling authorities on this page of Casinoz.

What Countries Issue Licenses for Online Gambling?

The most popular jurisdictions among casino operators are:

  1. Malta is one of the most popular countries among hundreds of casino owners. It has been issuing licenses since 1996. Currently, the Malta Gaming Authority does this.
  2. The UK Gambling Commission is considered one of the most reputable regulators. Getting this license is not easy, but if you have it, this means a high status for the casino.
  3. Curacao is one of the most attractive locations for casino operators. Numerous gambling projects are registered there.
  4. Gibraltar has been issuing licenses since 1998. Head offices of several famous casinos can be found there.
  5. Alderney – In 2000, the Alderney Gambling Control Commission was founded here. It has earned a reputation as a reliable gambling regulator ever since.
  6. Kahnawake Gaming Commission was founded in Quebec, Canada, in 1996. Now it issues licenses of several types that are very popular among gambling operators.
  7. The Isle of Man is a tiny island in the Irish sea. It has also become one of the online gambling centers. Their government has been licensing casinos since 2001.
  8. Costa Rica has been a state in Central America involved in this business since 1999. It is easy to get a casino license there, and it is very cheap.
  9. Antigua and Barbuda is located on Islands in the Caribbean sea. This country also features many gambling businesses registered there. They work with The Directorate of Offshore Gaming.

Getting a license to run an online gambling business in many other countries is possible.

Who Grants Online Casino Licenses in 2024?

Each of the above states and regions has a particular agency. Most often, it is a government organization, which accepts applications from applicants, checks them, accepts payment, issues licenses to open a casino, and further controls the work of operators.

Players can check the casino permits on the company's official website that issued the license. They can also complain about the casino if it violates the rules or mistreats customers.

We discuss essential legislation details and nuances of regulators' work in reviews of gambling jurisdictions at Casinoz.

Types of Licenses in the Gambling Business

Each regulator issues licenses, complying with the laws of their country and their own rules. Some jurisdictions provide several varieties of documents.

Licenses can be divided into several types according to the following characteristics:

  • Cost – expensive or cheap;
  • Types of gambling – casinos, bookmakers, poker, lotteries;
  • Duration – the duration of the license;
  • Related activities – development of software for casinos, etc.

If you launch a gambling site, carefully study the law, check out requirements for licensees, and all other aspects.

Online Gambling vs. Land-Based Casinos

If a country issues licenses for online gambling, this does not mean that land-based casinos are legalized there. Many countries are engaged in the regulation of online gambling but prohibit real casinos.

There are also plenty of reverse examples in the world. Some regions have had numerous land-based casinos for decades or even centuries. However, they are prohibited online.

Gambling Jurisdictions Reviews 2024 on Casinoz

We offer the following structure for all reviews of gambling jurisdictions at the site:

  1. Introduction – representation of the country;
  2. About jurisdiction – general terms and conditions of licensing;
  3. Gambling history – a few words about the development of online gambling in the country;
  4. Licensing authorities – who issue licenses and control the operators;
  5. Requirements for licensees – who can apply for a permit,
  6. Casinos with licenses – famous casinos registered in this jurisdiction,
  7. Conclusion – conclusions with the key pros and cons.

Find additional information on jurisdictions in the table at the right: foundation date, contact details, and so on. Readers are welcome to write reviews, share experiences, give ratings, and ask questions below the reviews.


To understand the subtleties of the industry in different countries, read the articles posted in this section. We recommend you learn more about gambling regulators and read other related articles at Casinoz – the best guide to online gambling in 2024.

Frequently asked Questions

📖 Who grants licenses to online casinos in 2024?

The internet gambling industry in various countries is regulated by local regulators. As a rule, they are government bodies. 

💵 Is it difficult to obtain an online casino license?

It depends on the jurisdiction. In some countries, it is very easy to buy a license, while in others, it is very difficult and costly. 

📃 What jurisdictions are online casinos registered in?

Many online casinos are registered in Curacao, Malta, Great Britain, Gibraltar, Costa Rica, Isle of Man, and some other jurisdictions where internet gambling is legal. 

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