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November 12, 2019
Casino VIP customer life : "You
will be given everything"
What is the life of a VIP client of a big casino? What makes it, except for frequent play on very large bets? How do gambling operators attract and ke...
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November 12, 2019
Casino mistake worth $180,000
What can happen if the table layout at the casino has just one wrong number? Ask the former heads of the gambling club Grand, in the American city of...
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November 12, 2019
Modern technologies at the service
of the casino
Owners of the largest casinos do not rely only on the attention of the croupier, the experience of pit bosses and the enhanced vision of security offi...
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Gambling psychology
October 4, 2019
A unique experiment: how does the brain of gambling addict work d...
What happens in the brain of a gambler when he puts real money on the line and watches the gameplay? Researchers from BBC Panorama conducted a unique...
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September 29, 2019
An abandoned Casino Royale ship
The ship CasinoRoyale had an interesting story with a sad ending. For several decades, it regularly entertained gamblers, taking them outside the Unit...
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"Casino Wars - Beating Vegas" is a documentary about gamblers in Las Vegas
The documentary "Casino Wars - Beating Vegas" is dedicated to the fraudulent activities of gamblers and swindlers in Las Vegas gambling establishments. The film starred real fraudsters, card counters, security personnel and representatives of other spheres of gambling. Participants share secrets, tell about their experiences and give practical advice.
Bill Brennan's unsolved crime
How do you imagine a casino robbery? Masked robbers, machine guns, safe – breakers - leave it all to Hollywood Directors who shoot spectacular thrillers. The most successful scammers act quietly and imperceptibly. In 1992, Bill Brennan stole in the famous Stardust casino in Las Vegas, half a million dollars and seemed to disappear into thin air. Police haven't been able to find him yet. Read on about one of the most successful scams in the history of gambling.
How to Hack a Slot Machine?
Scammers have tried to hack slot machines starting from the appearance of the first models. Initially, they hacked the mechanical slot machines, then switched to automatic devices, and later began to cheat when playing electronic video slots based on random number generators. Fraudsters also do not shy away from the online casinos. We will tell you about the traditional methods of hacking slot machines, but we want to warn you not to use them for practical purposes.
Tommy Carmichael is a Legendary Slot Cheater
Tommy Carmichael inscribed his name in the history of Las Vegas as a skillful slot cheater. Over the years, he managed to cheat when playing slot machines and video poker games at most casinos. Together with his accomplices, he stole several million dollars. The life of the famous cheater, his methods, techniques and unique tools invented by him are described in our article available on the portal Casinoz.
Scam At the Ritz Casino
In 2004, three gamblers from Eastern Europe beat the Ritz Casino in London and kept a couple of million pounds, using mobile phones and a computer to predict winning numbers. The fraudsters were arrested by the police. Their guilt was practically proved, but the subtleties of the British legislation did not allow holding scammers to account or at least taking money back. The details of this memorable affair are described in our article below.
Baccarat Cutter Gang
Many land-based casinos all over the world suffered from the actions of the "Cutter Gang". Its members, working as a team, beat the gambling houses at baccarat tables. They used tiny cameras to find out the sequence of cards in the decks when cutting. It is interesting to note that none of them was caught red-handed, so none of the scammers was arrested. They were not even fined.
Cheaters and Dealers in Pai Gow John's Gang
The card cheat Phuong Quoc Truong, also known as Pai Gow John, organized a scam at American casinos and deceived them while playing blackjack. Phuong Quoc Truong cooperated with several accomplices, including specially trained dealers. The croupiers dealt cards in a certain order, and the organizer of fraud showed his accomplices with a special sign how to act during the gameplay. Details of the scam are discussed in the article.
Roulette Scam at US Casinos
Several dozens of fraudsters cheated U.S. casinos, stealing chips at the roulette tables. The basic principles of their activities that helped them to stay afloat for a long time were an elaborate scheme of scam, well-orchestrated manner of action, lack of greed, and the ability to select suitable gambling houses. The article may help our readers to become familiar with the achievements of this gang and to find out whether they have succeeded or not.
Straperlo is a Symbol of a Financial Scandal at the Highest Level
You have probably never heard of a mechanical roulette called Straperlo. However, this model played an important role in the political life of one European country in the first half of the twentieth century. Taking into consideration the fact that this device was a fraud, its story ended barely after its beginning, but it made a lot of noise and led to serious changes in policy.
Louis Colavecchio, a genius of forging casino chips
Fake banknotes is laborious and complicated work, because each banknote has many degrees of protection. But making fake casino chips is much easier. Louis Colavecchio was engaged in making them in almost industrial scale and achieved a fantastic success in this field. His chips were printed by makeshift equipment and it was almost impossible to distinguish them from the originals. It brought huge profits to this cheater.
Richard Marcus, the legendary cheater
Most casino cheaters end their career in jail or sent to another world. But such a sad fate awaits not all cheaters. Some stop this dangerous activity . One of these adventurers is famous Richard Marcus. For decades, he fooled dozens of casinos, and then became famous as the author of several books about the cheating in the casinos. We will talk about him in this article on Casinoz.su.
Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo. Who says that you can not win at roulette?
This guy is certainly not in the list of top cheaters , although the casino where he systematically won took him to court and accused of cheating. However, it did not work out because Gonzalo Garcia- Pelayo was acquitted. He won in different places over a half million euros is not quite standard, but also not an original way. Read on about how he managed to win at roulette.

Historians find it difficult to say when in the history of humanity and in what corner of the world the first gambling game appeared. But it is safe to say that the cheaters appeared  as soon as people thought of its play for money or bet valuable things.

The gambling attracts fraudsters by active turnover of cash and passionate state of the players when they inevitably lose vigilance and turn out to be easy prey for scammers.

You can become a victim of the sharper can not only at the underground casinos, resort restaurants or long-distance trains.

The crooks are ready to trick you even in the big gambling institutions where there are CCTV cameras everywhere, and every step of the customer is monitored by security.

But still, the primary goal of fraud at the casino often becomes a dealer than the customers. Scammers mark cards, steal chips, increase winning bets, change the deck, hack slot machines, interfere the roulette wheel functioning and do dozens of other tricks that allow them to win dishonestly.

types of casino cheats

Scammers' activities are described in articles of this section of the Casinoz encyclopedia of gambling.

Types of casino cheats

A variety of fraudulent tricks in the world of gambling is striking imagination. In the twenty-first century, scammers continue to use techniques, invented hundreds of years ago, and apply the latest achievements of science and technology.

To classify the swindlers who work in the gambling industry is difficult because of some objective reasons. Listed below are the main genres in which modern criminals "work."

  • Classic cheats – the adherents of the old methods: marked cards, "charged" dice, shuffling decks, exchanging cards between boxes, spying on the dealer's closed card and other traditional methods, known since time immemorial.
  • Chip fraudsters – The like to bet the chip on the winning number, increase or decrease the amount at stake after closing bets, and make other illegal manipulation of the tokens.
  • Fans of data sharing - These guys use a variety of receptions and devices to transmit information to each other. Morse, the system of gestures, miniature cameras, sound signals; an arsenal of their tricks is very wide.
  • Adherents of the scientific approach - they call physics and mathematics for help. Using specialized equipment, they calculate the trajectory of the ball on the roulette, determine the angle of dice rebound in craps and so on.
  • Counterfeiters - this category of crooks counterfeits chips casino uses on the machines different items instead of tokens and the like.
  • Insiders - One of the most vulnerable aspects of gambling institutions often become a croupier, pit boss, and management representatives. They collude with scammers and help them beat the casino. Deception options vary widely: charged decks, inflated payments, demonstration of cards and so on.
  • Hackers  - The most advanced fraudsters hack into electronic jackpot systems, calculate algorithms of pseudo-random number generators, get into the "brains" of gaming machines and deceive gambling establishments by other similar methods.

Many talented cheats are advocates of an integrated approach. Their scams can consist of several stages with the involvement of specialists in different industries. The most striking fraud cases of this type are described in the thematic articles at Casinoz.

On the verge of what's allowed

We add that some visitors do not break the law, however, during gameplay use methods that are not welcome at the casinos. We are talking about card counters, bonus hunters, dealers provocateurs, excessive fans of free services and other customers visiting gambling establishments only for the benefit.

They cannot be held accountable because they do not violate formal rules of the institution, or do it so skillfully that their guilt is impossible to prove.

The activities of such customers can bring significant harm to the institution, so gambling operators either create unacceptable conditions for them or kick them out of the casino. For example, to drive away card counters, dealers blindly demolish a few cards to make it ineffective.

We do not consider customers who win at the casino thanks to their skills and abilities to be cheaters, so articles about them are beyond the scams section.

Roulette scams

Roulette fraudsters appeared as soon as the game started to be offered at the casino. Some of them went down in the history of gambling.

Among them is the carpenter Pierre Dugal, who in the nineteenth century sneaked into the gambling houses at night and grind the roulette wheel. Also, it is impossible not to remember the legendary Charles Wells who broke the bank several times on roulette in Monte-Carlo. Special mention should be made of Joseph Jagger, who terrorized a casino with an imperfect roulette.

Modern rogues also love to cheat the roulette.

  1. Some act the old-fashioned way: stealing chips from the dealer and gaping customers, increase winning bets, secretly remove the losing chips from the field and so on.
  2. Others use more complex methods: find roulette defects or calculate the trajectory of the ball with the help of special devices.

Physicists from The Eudaemons team invented a device that gave them a chance to beat the casino at roulette. Luckily for gambling operators, they considered this as a scientific experiment, but and not as mean of enrichment.

The articles at Casinoz consider the most exciting cases of cheating casinos on roulette that took place in different years.

Casino card games cheaters

Poker, blackjack and other card games have become a gold mine for all kinds of cheaters long before the active development of the casino. In all countries there were people playing cards for money an have long existed swindlers who skillfully "bred the suckers."

Rigged deck, marked cards, aces hidden in the sleeves - these well-known techniques are only the tip of the iceberg. The arsenal of card sharers includes a huge number of tricks, and experienced cheaters continue to develop new methods and improve the old ones.

Casino security services around the world are struggling with swindlers who trade at the tables for card games, but they far from beating the sharpers. You will see this when you read our articles about them.

Scammers on slot machines

Gaming machines are the most popular type of casino games. The largest institutions have hundreds of video slots. Their huge number complicates the process of visitors' control. An absence of direct supervision pushes many customers to attempts of cheating slot machines.

Of course, homegrown scammers almost always got caught, but professional fraudsters often escape punishment. In the era of mechanical slot machines, crooks used primitive tools to get inside the devices and affect their operation. When the casinos started to use electronic devices, sharers have learned to influence the sensors using miniature lanterns.

Every technological innovation of developers the criminals meet with new techniques that allow you to hack slot machines.

Hackers against casinos

With the introduction of computer technologшуы in the gambling industry operators of gambling have not diminished problems with the crooks. Hackers came to replace the traditional cheaters.

They do not allow to relax to both the owners of offline casinos and operators of Internet portals. They attack gambling sites, decrypt algorithms of pseudo-random number generators, steal money from users accounts, interfere with the work of systems of accumulative jackpots and so on.

In recent years, hackers have become the main characters of publications about fraud in the gambling business.

casino gamblers tips

100 best gambling scams at Casinoz

Articles about casino fraudsters are published on the portal without cataloging. There is no need for thematic sub-sections. All the publications deserve the attention of readers interested in the issue in the gambling business because they are dedicated to the most resonant incidents.

There you will learn about the legendary card sharers of the past, the founders of fraud on the roulette, geniuses of the chips spoofing, developers of unique technological devices for cheating the casinos and other scams.

The section is periodically get refreshed with stories from the past and present. Watch for updates.

Tips for players

How not to become a victim of a sharper? Here are some practical tips from casino staff and experienced players.

  • Avoid illegal gambling. Give up a visit to the dogfish, the underground slot machine halls, and other questionable establishments.
  • Always give preference to a reliable casino with a good reputation. There are cases when dealers with the approval of the management beat the clients with the help of cheating techniques and tricks.
  • Don't gamble with strangers. A beach, a train, resort cafe, city market, Amusement Park, an apartment of random friends - no matter where you are offered to dispel boredom by playing cards, dice or some other kind of gambling. Always abandon such proposals.
  • Cash poker can be dangerous even if you play in clubs. Often, regular players collude and cheat beginners. The administration may not be aware of what is happening or do not bother finding out the details.
  • When playing in a real casino or poker room, be aware of thieves and other scams. Being in the throes of passion, customers forget to keep an eye on the chips, mobile phones, bags, car keys, and purse. Do not rely on the security service or employees of video surveillance. They are more concerned about other problems.
  • Once and for all give up online casinos that work without licenses or use pirated software. They can offer very favorable conditions and generous bonuses. Moreover, they can pay. But sooner or later you will face deception on their part, and you will not achieve justice.

In general, all the recommendations on how not to become a victim of gambling fraud, are reduced to single advice:

Play only in reliable and proven offline and online casinos, poker rooms and bookmakers.

This is the best way to avoid cheaters. Expert reviews at Casinoz will help you to choose an honest online casino.


The history of fraud in the world of excitement is full of fascinating stories. It inscribed the names of the legendary scammers, specializing in different types of scams. One can only guess how much talented swindlers have never been caught and left unknown to the general public. However, many famous adventurers also escaped punishment because they quit the dangerous craft on time.

Articles about casino cheaters, published at the Casinoz portal, will introduce you to some of the most interesting incidents.