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On September 2 of 1992, a guy named Bill Brennan has left the Stardust Casino in Las Vegas. He had long worked in the institution, was in good standing with the management and did not arouse the suspicion of security officers.

It was the last time he was seen on the walls of the famous casino. Bill just disappeared. $500,000 in cash and chips went missing with him. They could not be found.

Thus was born one of the greatest mysteries associated with gambling in Las Vegas.

Who was Bill Brennan?

Bill was a cashier in a bookmaker's office at the Stardust casino. He was characterized as a neat, quiet young man who did not stand out from the rest of the staff.

Richard Saber, the sweepstakes Manager, was a colleague of Brennan's. They had worked side by side for a long time, but Richard knew almost nothing about Bill.:

In fact, he was an absolute loner. He lived by himself, together with cat.

Brennan didn't have a girlfriend or close friends.

How was the investigation going?

In fact, no one saw Bill taking money and chips out of the casino walls.

Lieutenant Joe Greenwood told:

Looks like he walked out of the casino without being seen by the security cameras.

When the casino reported the robbery to the police, the cops rushed to Brennan's rented apartment. It was empty. Manager Judy Pope knew nothing about the fact that the tenant moved out. She called Bill "just a nice guy" and could not add anything to the description of the offender.

There was no hint in the apartment where Brennan might have gone. Moreover, it turned out that he had virtually no relatives. None of them had heard from him.

Brennan's pet wasn't in the apartment. Apparently, he took the cat with him.

Stardust sweepstakes manager Scotty Schettler hired Brennan and for a long time was his immediate boss. He recalled that the guy showed great promise, but then changed not for the better:

He was influenced from the outside, and his attitude to work has changed. He desperately wanted to be an inspector. But because of the change, I couldn't trust him with all that money.

Richard saber thinks Brennan's fell in with the wrong crowd:

We had a client we didn't trust. He disappeared just a couple of months before Bill went missing.

Later, co-workers began to recall seeing Brennan's books on how to change the personality and start a new life.

What happened to Brennan?

Many believe that the guy got mixed up with representatives of the criminal world, and he was forced to commit a crime. Maybe he was blackmailed into stealing the money and then killed to get rid of the witness.

Schettler believes that the fate of Bill is unlikely to have developed happily:

I don't think anything good happened to him.

Saber admits Brennan may have gone abroad. Mexico or Canada, most likely. However, the more likely it seems the version according to which the Bill was killed by his mysterious partner, whom the police also failed to qualify.

Bill had not been seen in his home state of Pennsylvania or anywhere else in the United States.

In theory, the casino could have been robbed by another criminal, who then killed Bill in order to put the investigation on the wrong track. This version of police also considered, but has stalled.

The robbery case has now been closed, but it could be reopened at any time if new evidence or leads emerge.

Bill Brennan's name is on the list of the most dangerous criminals:

  1. Most Wanted List of the Federal Bureau of investigation,
  2. The United States Most Wanted List.

By the way, if you know anything about Brennan, you can help the police. Any important information is received by phone 702-385-5555.

Is such a robbery possible nowadays?

Bill Brennan committed the crime so easily that many probably have a desire to repeat his scam. However, police warn "hotheads" against rash acts.

Says Sergeant John Sheahan:

Is it possible to do such a thing today? Probably not. At the moment, we can only use the phone to trace anyone back to where they're standing.

Yes, now it is almost impossible to repeat a robbery in this way, but after all, scammers also don't forget about the achievements of science and technology. They adopt the latest developments and learn to cover their tracks even in this age of total surveillance. So the police and casino operators should not relax.


The Brennan case left questions unanswered.:

  • Did bill really Rob the Stardust casino?
  • Or did someone else do it?
  • Is he alive?
  • Did he have accomplices?
  • Had he left the country?

And what do you think about this mysterious story? We offer to discuss the resonant crime in the comments to the article.

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