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Live Casino Tournaments

The so-called live casinos are incredibly popular in modern online gambling. Most of the largest portals offer games with real dealers. Croupiers work in studios or offline establishments with live broadcasting.

Multiple articles about this format can be found in several sections of the Casinoz encyclopedia. They will help you to understand all aspects and the intricacies of the gameplay.

best tournaments in live online casinos

This page covers live casino tournaments, which are held at games with real dealers. During such events, customers fight each other for a part of the prize pool.

Gambling in live tournaments

The operators of live casinos arrange tournaments on the following games:

  • Roulette – Many online casinos offer tournaments on live roulette. This is a standard format that allows for all sorts of variations.
  • Blackjack - this game also allows you to arrange live tournaments at tables with real dealers.
  • Live poker - tournaments are very popular among customers. They are arranged in different varieties of the game, but do not confuse them with the competition on sports poker
  • Mixed tournaments - sometimes events are held in which customers gain points in different games.

Always carefully read the terms and conditions on the official casino site.

Types of live casino tournaments

You can classify live tournaments according to different criteria:

  • Games - on what models are held;
  • Fee - paid or free competition;
  • Duration - how long does it last;
  • The structure - is held in one or more stages,
  • Prizes - what is raffled;
  • Winners - how winners are determined;
  • The Fund – the features of the distribution of money or prizes among winners;
  • Additional purchases - is it possible to extend participation for money;
  • Access -  is the tournament allowed for VIP clients or all participants

Gambling operators have the right to determine the format and rules independently, so they may vary.

Tips for participating in live tournaments

Practical recommendations on how to win at live casino tournaments can be given only taking into account all features of the event. You need to know what varieties of the game they are held, what is the overall format, how winners are defined and so on.

tips for live casino tournaments

General tips for lifestyle tournament participants: 

  1. Choose tournaments for games which you know good.
  2. Learn all the details of the rules of participation.
  3. Pay attention to the number of participants.
  4. Compare your financial opportunities with potential expenses.
  5. If in the tournament you will play for real money, give preference for models with high RTP.
  6. Decide whether you are interested in the main prize at all.
  7. In the course of the competition follow the opponents' achievements.
  8. Do not force events from the beginning, but change if necessary strategy.

We also recommend you to read the articles about casino tournaments in a special section of the portal.

Best live casino with tournaments

The most large-scale and exciting events of this kind format are arranged by the major Internet casinos actively promoting gambling with real dealers. They typically use platforms of multiple software providers and offer a vast selection of tables.

They often hold multi-stage live tournaments, but do not refuse regular small competitions taking place in a short time. Choose portals for reviews at Casinoz and always pay attention to the reviews of real clients about the casino.

Live tournament reviews

In the above articles live tournaments are considered on such plan:

  • Introduction - presentation of the event,
  • Tournament schedule - when and where the promotion is held,
  • Games - on what models are held,
  • How to get there - how to register for the tournament,
  • Rules - General conditions of participation,
  • Prizes - what the fund consists made of,
  • Payouts - how prizes are awarded,
  • Other events - what other tournaments does the institution hold,
  • Conclusion - conclusions of experts,
  • Pros and cons – lists of the main advantages and disadvantages.

Feel free to write reviews about live tournaments, put the assessment, ask questions and brag about achievements.


If you like to play at casinos with real dealers, try your luck in live tournaments. This is an exciting format that has a lot of strong sides. Immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere, challenge other customers, fight for prizes, you will surely enjoy that.

Reviews at Casinoz will help you to choose the best live tournament based on our authors' recommendations.