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Considering the European roulette (Casinoz strongly discourages playing the American version) because of the casino benefits and the wide variety of its bets, a has player an equal chance of winning. If bets in other games involve big payouts, usually extremely unprofitable, it is not typical for roulette. This allows to participate in online roulette tournaments more carefully, changing the game strategy depending on the situation.

On one hand, you can make bets on red/black and win at 1:1. On the other hand, betting on a clean room, you can win 35:1. Concepts of cautious and aggressive game in tournaments at online roulette are erased, because each participant can make multiple bets at once. We offer you the following strategy that allows at least to survive in the tournament until the end.

Its meaning lies in the fact that the bulk of the bankroll consists of small bets. If you're lucky, even a low bet for a private room or split will bring good result. To make it easier to understand, let's consider this example.

Let's say you start at 1000 credits. How to play in the roulette tournament in this case? The first thing you should do is estimate the number of spins (drawings), where you can participate. Based on this, evenly distribute your existing bankroll. Assume that you have time to play 25 spins. Therefore, during each of them you have to bet about 40 credits. 30-35 of them should be on an equal chance, and the rest - on splits (bet on two numbers) paid 17:1.

If the situation develops favorably for you you can use such tactics till the end of the tournament. If you are treading water or even gradually lose, you should play more aggressively by increasing the number of bets on splits or replacing splits in clean rooms.

Also do not forget about the opponents. If during the tournament, you have to follow the achievements of leaders, follow them. At the last minute you can go for broke, if you see that otherwise you can not win. If you almost got the prize, it makes sense to stick to the selected strategy and pull time. This is especially useful when other players are far behind you.

However such a strategy is just a convention. Some players achieve success in tournaments, making large bets on the board. A player can guess a single number and the size of the resulting payments of the leader. On the other hand, if luck is not in your favor, you can eliminated from the tournament in a few minutes. As we have already said, betting on roulette does not differ from other mathematical advantage of the casino, so there is a huge amount of strategy options for such tournaments.

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