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We want to say that this article is very subjective. Many readers of Casinoz have their own opinion on blackjack and love this game; probably, they will not agree with many statements below. But everyone has the right to their opinion, and I'm not afraid to express mine, being prepared for possible discussions.

This article will focus on the fact that playing blackjack is possible in two ways:

  1. fun or
  2. boring.

The problem is that the first is wrong (although most customers prefer it), and the second is only valid for achieving the best results (but it is used units).

I will describe my idea n a brief description of these approaches.

The Correct but Boring Way

It is described in detail in many books written by the best experts on blackjack. Despite the slight differences, in general, it comes down to the following stages:

  • learning the theory and a basic strategy,
  • development of skills,
  • long training,
  • numerous exercises,
  • effect of various techniques of card counting or shuffle tracking,
  • workshops,
  • searching for casinos with the most favorable rules and suitable conditions,
  • the evaluation period and only then playing for money with a gradual increase of bets and excellent care,
  • continuous improvement.

You see, quite a long sequence. This technique means months of preparation before the first "going out" in practice. But even then, gameplay will not be fun when you become a skilled professional. Of course, winning money is always pleasant, but if you're doing everything right, it will be a tedious job and not a distraction.

  1. You'll have to curb your excitement.
  2. There will be no room left for imagination.
  3. You cannot just relax in the casino.

It would be best if you acted strictly according to the game situation, starting long before doing mathematical calculations. And the longer you play blackjack; the more automated your actions will be at the table.

I do not know about you, but such gameplay causes yawning for me.

The Wrong but Exciting Way

Players are different. At best, they read something about blackjack and learn at least the basic strategy. At worst, they forget about all tips and tricks and act intuitively.

This approach allows you to enjoy the game, have fun with friends, and relish an unexpected win after an illogical act.

Such ignorance of many blackjack fans does not prevent them from thinking of themselves as gurus. They generously give advice, share examples from their practice, and talk disparagingly of those who do not play as they do.

The funny thing is that they are not embarrassed that they always lose in the long run. They find a convincing (as it seems) explanation, blaming some external factors for their failures.

Author's Experience

I confess that I rarely play blackjack. I lost interest in it soon after learning to play more or less professionally and visited casinos several hundred times. I realized how boring it is to play blackjack by the basic strategy and count cards.

The better you understand blackjack, the duller the process becomes. Lack of initiative makes the game monotonous. Gains and losses are taken for granted, and the random errors seem insanely annoying.

On the other hand, after you have mastered the optimal blackjack strategy and other professional methods, it is no longer possible for you to play by intuition. With this approach, you literally feel the growing house edge, which is extremely annoying.

At some point, I realized that blackjack, despite the positive expected value, gave me more negative than positive emotions. I just stopped playing it regularly.

What casino game should you choose?

If you have this question, I will not give you advice. I know many people who have played for a long time. They know how to do it professionally and still have fun. However, they seem boring to me. Perhaps the reason is the psychological type of person, but I stand by my opinion on approaches to playing blackjack.

I will be glad to know your opinion.

Frequently asked Questions

😉Is it difficult to play blackjack?

Blackjack is a complicated gambling game. It features complex rules and requires learning the basic strategy if you want to win as often as possible.

😌 What is the basic strategy for blackjack?

The blackjack basic strategy is a set of tips telling you how to play in all the possible gameplay situations.

😲 Should I rely on my intuition while playing blackjack?

You should rely on mathematics. It is your best friend when you play blackjack.

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Denis Anipchenko
March 18 13:02
In fact, I have not played blackjack for several years already.