Trump It Blackjack Review

In previous reviews of online gambling games, developed by Fugaso company, we told the readers of about funny «Trump It» video slot. We should remind that biggest politicians show up at the screen of that game. The studio has developed this direction and released an original model of blackjack. Here you are going to meet famous politicians again and experience unusual features.

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Where to Play Trump It Blackjack?

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You can test «Trump It Blackjack» free or play for real money at the online casinos working with Fugaso company.
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How to Play Trump It Blackjack (FuGaSo)

«Trump It Blackjack» is American blackjack with six decks of fifty two cards each without jokers. All decks are shuffled before each deal. Cards are stored till the end of current deal only.
It is possible to play on one-five boxes and place same or different bets per each. The model accepts from twenty cents to twenty dollars on each hand.
«Trump It» offers usual blackjack rules. They are carefully descried in thematic article at We would like to explain unusual features of this model below.
  • The dealer deals two cards to himself and reveals one of them.
  • If face-up croupier’s card is an ace or a ten, he checks for blackjack.
  • In case of blackjack on dealer’s hand, players don't receive cards.
  • In case of an ace on dealer’s hand, customers are suggested to make an insurance.
  • If the dealer has an ace and the player has a blackjack, the customer can take even money.
  • The dealer stands on any seventeen.
  • One slit is possible on each box.
  • It is possible to split any cards of ten point value.
  • An ace and a ten on box made in result of split are not a blackjack.
  • Split aces are dealt with one card each.
  • Double can be made on any two first cards.
  • One card is dealt after double.
  • «Trump It Blackjack» has no surrender.
Payoffs are made by classic indexes: regular win – 1:1, blackjack – 3:2, even wins – 1:1, insurance – 2:1. In case of draw, the customer gets his bet back.
Total win can be staked in the gambling feature. In this round you would have to guess a color of face-down card, that is pretty popular in modern online gambling games. You will see caricatures of Angela Merkel, Barak Obama, Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump and other politicians at the cards. Any mistake means you lose the bet. It is possible to play up to five times.

Trump It Blackjack Bonus games

There are no prize payouts, bonus rounds or special features in «Trump It Blackjack».


«Trump It Blackjack» draws progressive jackpots, united for all online gambling games developed by Fugaso:
  • Mini – 2% of the bets;
  • Midi – 1.5% of the bets;
  • Maxi – 1% of the bets.
You can fight for progressive jackpots playing for real money. The customer will be informed about his win by floating message at the screen. Current amounts of the jackpots can be found at special panel located at the top part of the screen.

Trump It Blackjack Interface

Some titles at the control panel show up only in specific gaming situations. Others are always visible.
  • Deal – deal the cards;
  • Rebet – repeat the bet;
  • New Bet – place new bet;
  • Hit – take a card;
  • Stand – stop taking;
  • Double – make double;
  • Split – split the cards;
  • Even Money – take even money;
  • Insurance – make insurance of blackjack;
  • Balance – state of the balance;
  • Bet – an amount of the bet;
  • Win – an amount of the payoff;
  • Collect – collect the win;
  • Gamble – play gambling feature.
Chips of different value are situated at the right. Pick a proper chip and click at the betting field.
Functional buttons are situated at the right top corner of the screen. They open the pay table with rules, statistics window and video-repeat of deals (only in real bet mode). There you can also set up size of the screen and sound parameters.
The Help is highly informative and provides detailed description of all points of the rules and technical features of this model.
It is not necessary to download «Trump It Blackjack», because this game is available in browser. Smartphone users can play in mobile version too.

Video game review Trump It Blackjack

Should You Play Trump It Blackjack for Real Money?

In case, we have a traditional American blackjack with rather profitable rules. Gaming terms are even more attractive due to progressive jackpots and an opportunity to double up payoffs playing on even chances with an online casino.
According to official information, casino advantages can be reduced to 0.35%. To make it, you need to play by optimal strategy. Professional’s advices can be found at proper page of
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