Best Freespins in Online Casinos 2019 (September)

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Free spins at online casino

In the conditions of fierce competition reigning in the sphere of online gambling, casino operators are forced to fight for each new client and must by all means keep regular players. They have to regularly launch new games, arrange tempting tournaments with large prize pools, hold raffles of valuable prizes, earn points for bets and come up with other activities.

casino free spins

But bonuses are almost the main weapon in the battle for customers. 

Bonus – a reward, which the administration casino provides players in exchange for certain actions.

Bonuses of different types are awarded for account registration, for the first deposits, for further deposits, for the use of recommended payment systems, for regular playments, for achieving the specified amount of deposits, for large bets and so on.

Most often bonuses are offered in the form of credits, which can initially be used for betting. You can withdraw them from the account only after the user meets certain conditions. Less often bonuses are awarded as real money, which the player can immediately dispose of at his discretion.

But this section of the Casinoz portal is dedicated to different bonus formats. We are talking about free spins at online casino slot machines.

No Deposit casino bonuses

What could be more attractive for an online casino client than free bonuses? The temptation to be able to play for money without risking personal funds is great. Such promotions serve as an excellent advertisement for gambling portals, attracting the maximum number of users.

In modern online gambling there are several types of free customer rewards. The most common in recent years have become the so-called free spins.

Free spins at online casino slots 

How would you feel about the opportunity to play video slot without putting at stake your money, but receiving all the benefits that can be accrued during this round? Most customers are happy to accept such offers.

Free spins – free spins on slot machines, during which the game is played on the casino's money, but the payments are credited to the client's balance.

The very name of Free Spins implies that such promotions are feasible on video slots. Theoretically, they can be implemented in other games, but they are offered only for slot machines.

Do not confuse the free spins that online casinos offer to customers as bonuses with the free spins provided by the general rules of many slot machines. They are similar in that in both cases the game is played for the money of the institution, but the underlying conditions are fundamentally different.

  1. Free spins as part of video slots gameplay – Single free spins (re-spins) or a series of prize spins are available in most slot machines. They start if the client fulfills certain conditions during the game. For example, collects three scatters on the screen or accumulates a certain amount of bonus points.
  2. Free spins as a casino bonus – In this case, the administration of the portal gives the client the right to make a certain number of free spins. The user does not have to earn it by playing this video slot. They can be provided as a reward for account registration, for making a deposit or other actions encouraged by the site management.

In recent years, free spins have become one of the most popular promotions in electronic casinos.

No Deposit free spins for beginners

The best online casinos charge free spins for registration. Such offers are valid only for new customers who open an account for the first time to play for money.

Free spins can be awarded in different ways:

  • Automatically when you activate the profile;
  • With a special code;
  • After contacting the support team.

Individual portals give players the right to choose the type of welcome bonuses. For example, at Casino-X newcomers decide themselves what they will get: free spins, double points on the loyalty program or an increased percentage of cashback.
Free spins in casino joy for the first Deposit

Free spins on first deposits

Many institutions apply free spins to bonuses that are credited to one or more of the first deposits of a new client. This is a very common practice in online gambling.

The scheme can look like this:

  1. Deposit – 100% bonus up to $100 plus 50 free spins;
  2. Deposit – 50% bonus up to 50% plus 25 free spins;
  3. Deposit – 50% bonus up to 150% plus 25 free spins.

In this case, if you deposit a hundred dollars after registration, the administration will add you another hundred bonus dollars and give you the right to fifty free spins.

Free spins for regular players

Some online casinos delight customers with weekly or monthly free spins. Most often they offer free spins along with reload bonuses, although sometimes they come as a separate promotion.

The administration of the portal can individually provide free spins to VIP-clients or loyal players who regularly visit the institution.

Free spins as a reward

Free spins can be awarded as a prize to the winners of tournaments or draws. This is not a very common way to encourage customers, but sometimes it is found on gambling portals.

Also, the casino provides free spins for actions that are encouraged by the administration of the portal. Here are some examples:

  • Free spins for attracting friends to the casino;
  • Free spins for advertising institutions in social networks;
  • Free spins for joining the portal group;
  • Free spins for the installation of a plugin or client software;
  • Free spins for registration in live casino or mobile version of the site.

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Casino free spins

Free spins rules

Free spins online casinos are characterized by three key parameters:

  1. Number – the Number of launches is always strictly regulated. If we are talking about free spins on the first deposit, their number may depend on the deposit value.
  2. Available games – Prize rounds are usually offered on a particular slot machine or on several video slots listed in the rules.
  3. Bet – During free spins the game is played at the specified bet. It cannot be raised.

Promotion terms always clearly spell out all the important points. Here is a concrete example of the PlayFortuna.

On the first Deposit of $10 a beginner receives a 100% bonus up to $500 plus 15 free spins on the slot Dazzle Me on 10 cents on spin. If the Deposit is from $30, the number of free spins increases to 50.

In addition, it should be clarified whether there is an artificial limit on the maximum payout during the promotion.

Payouts during free spins

Free spins are interesting to customers not because you can spin the reels for free, enjoying the gameplay. This feature provides a demo mode. Without risking personal funds, participants of free spins can expect to get real money.

casino free spins

But whether the payouts in free spins are awarded as real money? Unfortunately not. According to this parameter, the prize spins on the slots can be divided into two groups:

  1. With real money payments;
  2. With bonus credit payments.

Everything is very clear about the first one. The client plays the video slot with casino money and all the money accumulated during the promotion is transferred to his balance.

In the second case the casino customers  win bonuses at free spins. Before they can be withdrawn from the account, it is necessary to fulfill the conditions of the wager.

Usually the most stringent wagering requirements apply to payments received during no deposit free spins. The wagering coefficients here are comparable to those that are set for free bonuses.

Here is an excerpt from the bonus policy of Play Fortuna casino:

If the free spins are issued as a no deposit bonus or for a deposit, but with the accrual of winnings to the bonus account, then such winnings are subject to the usual bonus wagering rules…

But don't get upset. Not all institutions require to win back the money received during the free spins. Many are credited with internal credits, which can be immediately cashed out or used to bet in other games. Of course, it is better to give preference to such promotions.

Reviews of free spins at Casinoz usually describes the format in which payoffs are made. But we recommend that you always specify such information in the rules on the official website of the gambling portal.
Casino free spins on Deposit

How to find casino free spins?

Reviewers of the Casinoz encyclopedia of gambling is constantly monitoring the bonus policy of the largest online casinos. We publish up-to-date information about the most attractive free spins in the bonus category.

We also talk about a no deposit spins the reviews. We report about irregular promotoins in the news section.

Be sure to register at the Casinoz forum. In its thematic thread the official casino representatives notify readers about the currently valid free spins and other activities. There you can also ask the support staff questions regarding participation in the promotions.

Exclusive free spins from Casinos

Many leading online casinos offer readers of our portal exclusive free spins for registration. You need to go to the institution by the link from our portal and open an account to be credited with personal free spins.

In most cases, they are provided on more favorable terms regarding their number, rates and wagering conditions.

The rules of participation in free spins from Casinoz Partners are always discussed in detail in casino reviews and individual articles.


Free spins are an enticing opportunity to play casino video slots for free. They give a chance to "take off" without having to bet personal funds.

Skeptics may say that not everyone can win big on slot machines during the free spins, and many can not win back bonus credits accrued in free spins.

That's right. But you're not risking anything anyway. If luck is on your side, you will accumulate an impressive amount in the prize spins and be able to fulfill the conditions of the wager. If not – you won't lose anything. Your money will remain safe and sound.

Moreover, participation in the free spins does not oblige you to anything. Then you are free to do as you see fit. If you want to play at the casino – play. If you want to go to another institution or even stop gambling – it's your right.

That's the beauty of free spins! It is appreciated by millions of players around the world. So hurry up to join them.