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How often fans of online slots complain that the win was very close, but they needed a single character for? However many do not like the fact that after choosing the bet amount, when the reels start the player has almost no influence on the game. At best, he can make a decision in the bonus games or when you can win parlay and try to double it.

The company's specialists by Microgaming heard their wishes and released two slot machines with the re-spin features: Retro Reels and Reel Gems. This option gives players an opportunity to influence the outcome of the round. For a fee, it allows to run a selected drum after they stopped at the first spin. This is relevant in cases where four reels lined up on the same line with the same characters, and one symbol is required for the win.

This rule works as follows. A player selects amount the bet, the number of lines and the round starts. When the reels stop, you make all payments as usual. However under each of the reels there is a Respin button. By pressing it, you can run only one more rotation of the drum. The cost of this additional spin varies depending on the situation and is individual for each reels. It appears below the Respin button. Of course, the larger the combination in a result of additional rotation, the higher the cost of this spin.

Further payments, if there's any, shall be madein full in accordance with the original bet. You can use this function many times. You can re-spin any drum.

If a player does not want to use this option, he must click Spin, which will run all five reels. Changing the bet deprives a player from the opportunity to use Respin in this round. A warning message appears. This option is also unavailable in the bonus round with free spins.

Retro Reels and Reel Gems slots are presented in many casinos operating on the platform by Microgaming. Readers of Casinoz can try them in Crazy Vegas Casino.

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