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Top 10 Biggest Online Casino Winners for All Time
In the past few years, online gambling has become very famous because of progressive jackpot games. When you play online, the jackpot prize increases every time you make a bet. You might have seen so many news reports and articles mentioning how a common person won big in online gambling. You are always only one step away from becoming big, and these 10 online casino winners are perfect examples to it. They have won in a variety of games including blackjack, slots, video poker, and table games.
Online Casinos Rewards
The Casino Rewards Group includes thirty famous online casinos with high-quality services and a wide range of gambling games of popular genres. A unified loyalty program with a multi-level system of accruing points for bets is available for customers. In addition, customers are provided with other opportunities. Users can read about the services of the network and features of the portals in our review article.
Ten+ Best Online Casino Soft Providers
It is not an easy task to choose the best online casino software provider, because software for online gambling is developed by hundreds of companies. Reviewers of Casinoz have compiled a list of studios that offer indeed high-quality games of chance. Our experts have tested almost all models of the brands discussed below to tell you about their main pros and cons.
Why Do Casinos Shut Down Their Activities?
Online casinos can close down for many reasons. Although this business seems to be very profitable, in fact many facilities become bankrupt because of unprofessional management, weak advertising, or banal bad luck. A gambling portal may stop operating as a result of the merger with a major operator, within the framework of rebranding, after changes in the legislation or due to other situations, which are discussed below.
What Can We Expect from Online Gambling in 2018?
How will online gambling develop in 2018? What can we expect from software developers, software providers, and gambling portal operators? Will they surprise us with advanced technologies and unexpected solutions? Reviewers of the Casinoz gambling encyclopedia have tried to predict new trends of the online gambling industry.
Las Vegas Strip Offers Seven Kilometers of Gambling-Related Entertainment
The Las Vegas Strip is the most famous street in Las Vegas, where the largest complexes with casinos, hotels, restaurants and other kinds of entertainment are available. Its history dates back to the first half of the twentieth century, when the gambling business was legalized in Nevada. Since that time, the Las Vegas Strip has been very attractive to gambling operators, because gamblers from all over the world want to visit it.
Gambling-Related Legislation: European Experience
The article provides a review of the current state of gambling-related legislation in the EU countries and factors that have been affecting its dynamic development for the last decade. The article covers the definition of 'gambling' in the legislation of the European Union and its members. The description of the main regulated games of chance and their shares on the European market of gambling are provided. It is important to note that the review focuses on the legal regulation of skill-based
Gambling in Ukraine: to be or not to be?
Gambling in Ukraine has been banned for more than seven years. During this time, the state has lost a lot of money, and illegal gambling establishments continue to flourish. When will this situation change? Is legalization of gambling necessary for Ukraine or not? What bills are currently being considered in the Ukrainian parliament and what prevents the authorities from legalizing gambling? How does the Ukrainian government intend to monitor online gambling? All the issues mentioned above are d
Basic 2017 Gambling Trends
The article focuses on the assessment of the state of affairs in the gambling industry, both in its online and offline segments. The main trends of the development and forecasted tendencies for the next year are described. The consolidation of the market, the impact of new technologies, security problems, the popularity of bitcoins, changes in consumer habits, the increasing popularity of social games, the expansion of credit and debit cards, and the sharp increase in the number of gamblers amon
Fake Slots: Problem and Its Solution
Fake software at online casinos has recently become a serious problem for gamblers. How is the production of legal gambling software controlled? Who and why manufactures fake slots? Why do many online casinos prefer to buy fake gambling software? How to distinguish a fake slot machine from the brand one? How can you find out whether the games are real or fake? All of these issues are discussed in our article.
Myths about Casino Software Scams
There are many myths about casinos. One of them states that owners of online casinos modify their software to get as much money from gamblers as possible. Is it true? Why should casinos risk their reputation and cheat? Is it true that gamblers always win in training mode and lose when they start wagering real money? What is the phenomenon of beginner's luck? All of these questions are discussed in this article.
Land-based Danish Casinos
Denmark, which is the southernmost of the Scandinavian countries, has both small territory and low population. The number of its inhabitants hardly reaches five and a half million people. This is slightly more than population of St. Petersburg. However, there are a lot of historical and natural attractions. Danish casinos are deservedly considered to be one of such places of interest. They are very diverse, but certainly have their own zest. This article deals with Danish brick and mortar casino

Casino and gambling

What should a gambler know about casinos and gambling? First of all, he should learn to find honest institutions, to determine the most profitable games and learn strategies to achieve the maximum results.

But this is not enough for the curious user. He wants to know as much as possible about his hobby. The same applies to people working in the field of gambling. They should also be aware of everything that happens in the industry.


The articles in this section of Casinoz are aimed at the most curious users. Let us briefly list the main topics that are discussed in the publications about gambling.

Gambling business in the world

How are casinos and bookmakers regulated in different countries? Who controls the operation of gambling operators? Who to complain about casino owners who mistreated you? Where in the world gambling is forbidden at all? What are the prospects for the development of the industry on the planet?

All these issues are discussed in the thematic articles on gambling business.

The casino and the criminal world

It so happened historically that criminals of all kinds are attracted to gambling. Hardly surprising. Illegal casinos bring good income for organized groups, and gambling addicts become easy prey for cheats and other scams.

Besides, at the casinos often occur mysterious incidents, which would make the hand of the bandits. Their victims are clients, competitors and even representatives of regulatory authorities.

About criminal mysteries gambling, unsolved crimes at the casino and the most famous mafia in the history of gaming are told in Casinoz publications.

Features of online casino

How do online casinos differ from real gambling houses? Do they have many advantages? Who of the online gambling operators can be trusted?

Virtual casinos are the primary trend of the last decades in this industry. Millions of users around the world have become regular customers of such sites. Why did they abandon the traditional ones?  There are lots of reasons, and all of them are considered in the articles.

Basic gambling terms

You can not become a professional casino player without understanding The basic terms. To win regularly, you need to understand what is the theoretical return, house edge, volatility and so forth.

We will help you understand the key terms of gambling and let us explain how they are used in practice.

Casino mathematics

It is also necessary to find out how the casino earns, how slot machines are arranged, how different blackjack rules affect the return, how payouts coefficients on combinations change RTP in video poker, why there is double zero on American roulette and the like.

On how well you will understand these aspects depends on how often you win at the casino.

Online casino software developers

Slot machines and online games of other genres are released by dozens of popular and hundreds of little-known manufacturers. Their models differ in the quality of graphics, reliability, capabilities and other characteristics.

Expert recommendations will help you to choose the best casino slots brands.

The trends in the gaming industry

What's new in the world of gambling? What are the industry trends? What awaits the casino in the future?

Observers of the portal consider the most articles popular topics:

  • Cryptocurrency - Bitcoin casinos have long become a reality, and their number only increases every year.
  • Social casinos - Gambling has reached social networks and operators are not going to stop, swinging at messengers and other direction.
  • New technologies - Virtual reality, 3D slots, and others advanced achievements are used in gambling.
  • Mobile casino - it Is impossible to imagine a solid online portal, not adapted for touch screens of smartphones.
  • Gamification - Video slots and models of other genres more and more reminiscent of multi-level computer games with the ability to pump characters and other functions.

So read articles about the gambling business to be in aware of new products.

How to win at the casino?

All casino visitors ask this question. Of course, many come to relax and have a good time, but any customer will be happy to win as often as possible.

Casinoz experts will help in word and deed.

  1. General tips - how to choose the best online casino? How to check the integrity of the place? How to identify scammers?
  2. Financial management - Learn how to manage money and choose your bet size. Learn how to set game limits.
  3. Free game - why you need a demo mode "for fun" at the casino? Is it of practical use? How to get the most out of it benefit?
  4. Playing casino for money - step by step instructions on how to get started to play for real money. Tips on choosing payment systems and much more.
  5. Advantages of high rollers – what benefits are provided to VIP casino clients? Is it worth playing at significant rates, if you have the opportunity?

Featured articles about the casino will give answers to many questions, interesting for the players.

Scammers and scams at the casino

All kinds of gambling are full of scams, trying to deceive fans of gambling. It can be other casino customers, owners of real casinos, operators of Internet portals, sellers of various products, fake "experts" and just crooks.

  • Useless betting system – to sell the allegedly winning the strategy is as old as the world. We will teach you to distinguish effective methods from garbage.
  • Non-working software - software for casino players can be different: really useful, imitating actions or just fraudulent.
  • Playing at a casino for someone else's money - do not agree to play on loans, which you ostensibly provide for free. Read why it is dangerous.
  • Unfair advertising - Do not believe everything that is promised by owners of gambling establishments. Not all bonuses, sweepstakes and promotions have valid advantageous.
  • Tricks of casino operators - Learn to recognize tricks, with the help of which you are trying to get involved in the game and as long as possible to keep you at the casino.

Don't let the scammers fool you. Read the tips of experienced players and former casino employees.

Safety when playing at the casino

What measures should be taken not to become a victim of swindlers?

  • Computer security - Learn how to protect your computer and smartphone.
  • Advice for clients of a land-based casino, Remember the theft, scam with chips and other types of fraud thriving at the casino.
  • Street gambling - Never play for money outside of specialized institutions

Sharks are on the alert and never miss a chance to breed a sucker.

Professional casino game

Is it possible to make living gambling? Theoretically, yes. But the life of a professional player is not so rosy and beautiful, as you can imagine.

This is a difficult craft that needs diligent and long learn. Also, you will be required to have psychological stability, endurance, decent bankroll and more. When playing at a casino becomes a job, it rarely brings pleasure.

Profitable and popular gambling

What kind of gambling has the best chance of success? Why are the most profitable models for the client not always very popular at the casino? Are there complex and simple games?

The experts of Casinoz virtual encyclopedia provide detailed answers to the most critical questions.


The section of articles "about casino" is full of exciting information for clients and employees of gambling establishments. Also, it is often supplemented new articles on different topics. Read publications to understand all aspects of gambling better.