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All the Truth about TTR Casino: keep our review or remove? All the Truth about TTR Casino: keep our review or remove?
All the Truth about TTR Casino: keep our review or remove?
Reputation of blogger TTR has been beyond any reasonable explanations. His debts, frauds, and illegal activities are known to everyone who is interested in online gambling. TTR has recently tried to reach a new level pretending to be the owner of a reputable casino. However, his spoiled nature cannot be hidden behind the mask of decency. This was proven by our unsuccessful experience. Read an article about our correspondence with TTR below.
A New Fraud: Gamble at Casinos Betting Other People’s Money A New Fraud: Gamble at Casinos Betting Other People’s Money
A New Fraud: Gamble at Casinos Betting Other People’s Money
Have you ever encountered offers to wager at online casinos for other people’s money? Nowadays, it is one of the most popular frauds for those wishing to make a quick profit. Scammers offer you to register on a gaming website. They allegedly fund your account and allow you to bet using these deposited funds. Read the article on Casinoz about what happens next and how they earn on you.
Scam: Secret strategy that guarantees $ 400-800 per week Scam: Secret strategy that guarantees $ 400-800 per week
Scam: Secret strategy that guarantees $ 400-800 per week
If you can not get rid of the idea of the existence of secret strategies that guarantee to win in online casinos, this article is for you. It describes a new kind of scam, which fraudsters use to cheat naive gamblers who are looking for easy money. The system is quite complicated. That is why it has caught many fans of gambling entertainment, so please be sure to understand all its features to avoid becoming the next victim of fraudsters.
Cheaters Eugene Schultz and Alexander Friedmann Cheaters Eugene Schultz and Alexander Friedmann
Cheaters Eugene Schultz and Alexander Friedmann
Cheaters trying to cash in from the inexperienced gamblers will never run dry. At least the latest developments are convincing about it. For some time now, the network has had a lot of different sites that promise to teach how to win in the casino and even recommend certain casinos. The article tells about one of them.

Scams in Gambling

Frauds have long been around casinos, bookmakers, and poker rooms. No matter how hard gambling operators try to get rid of crooks, they find more and more ways of cheating. Moreover, gambling business owners often misbehave, misleading players and fooling visitors.

Gambling Scams

With the development of the Internet, the situation has only become more complicated. Thousands of scammers are trying to profit from the gullible and overly enthusiastic gamblers on the web.

Articles in this section discuss the main types of casino scams, sweepstakes, and others.

Fraudulent Online Casinos in 2024

Script casinos of unknown origin open almost every week. Most promise enormous bonuses for customers, numerous free spins, incredible jackpots, and many other attractive offers from the start.

Many of them pay bonuses and comply with these promises up to a point. The problem is, you'll never get to win there. 

Such sites work without a license. They use software of unknown origin. They do not cooperate with independent auditors.

You face considerable risk when trusting your money to them. If you are treated dishonorably, you will not be able to achieve justice. You have no one to complain about.

Unfair Gambling Operators

Companies that use certified software and work under the licenses of well-known regulators successfully operate in online gambling. Still, at the same time, they may allow themselves to be rude to their customers and partners. In other words, they don't break the laws but frankly disregard the principles of business ethics.

Is it worth associating with such gambling operators and software providers? We think the answer is obvious.

Fake Casino Software

Another scourge of the online casino industry is fake games. Hundreds of websites offer phony slot machines that mimic slots by famous brands.

Most often we are talking about unlicensed simulation games by Novomatic, Betsoft, Netent, and some other well-known developers.

Playing on fake casino slots for money, you trust your funds to people who allow themselves to steal other people's products. If they deceive you, you can not complain to the actual developers, as they have nothing to do with the casino.

"Winning" Betting Systems and Strategies

The Internet is full of "experts" promising to teach how to beat the casino. They offer a variety of strategies, techniques, betting systems, algorithms, and programs that supposedly help to win at roulette, blackjack, poker, video poker, and even slots.

Perceptive users should ask a reasonable question:

Why don't you win at the casino with your own systems?

Excuses are different: "We have enough," "We want to share experiences with other players," "One does not interfere with the other," and so on.

But the truthful answer sounds like this:

Most of these casino winning strategies do not work.

Many "professionals" are trying to "sell" banal betting systems to inexperienced players—for example, the Martingale strategy.

Interestingly, they don't always sell these algorithms. Some act smarter. They give affiliate links to the casinos they cooperate with. Some sites encourage such practices to attract new customers.

Other Scams

New types of fraud in online gambling arise pretty often. Sometimes it is unique, but more often, scammers modify the old scams by serving them with a different sauce.

They offer to play at casinos for their money, promote software for various gambling games, pretend to be employees of gambling houses, and so on.

If you are offered a freebie in gambling, most likely, they are trying to cheat you.

In short, be very careful.

How Not to Become a Victim of Scams at Online Casinos in 2024

Here are some universal recommendations on how to avoid getting caught by scammers in the gambling business:

  • Trust only reputable casinos licensed by reliable authorities, which feature multiple positive reviews, certified games, and high ratings at Casinoz.
  • Abandon an online casino with fake slots.
  • Don't be tempted by substantial welcome bonuses. It's either pure deception, or the rules of such offers contain a lot of pitfalls.
  • Don't rely on miraculous winning betting systems and casino strategies. Of course, mechanics that allow playing blackjack, poker, video poker, craps, and other games with better success exist, but none guarantee 100% success.
  • Particular software may benefit players, but don't believe in tools that can decipher the random number generator algorithm or hack an online casino. Either way, it is a fraud.

In general, remember the saying about free cheese.


We recommend both beginners and experienced casino players read all articles about scams at casinos in 2024 and all kinds of frauds. Our reviewers follow the latest trends in the gambling business and report them to readers.

Don't let the crooks fool you!

Frequently asked Questions

💥 Are there frauds in the gambling industry in 2024?

The gambling world has always been full of swindlers. Do not forget about it! Do not let them fool you!

🎴 How do frauds in gambling act?

They cheat casinos, sell useless goods and services, steal money, etc.

🙋 Are there famous frauds in the world of gambling?

In the history of casinos, there have been numerous famous swindlers. Read about the most inglorious ones on Casinoz.