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While WebMoney is the absolute leader among payment systems at the territory of ex-Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, PayPal takes the leadership allover west. Founded in 1998 in USA, PayPal has gained popularity among the users and got numerous customers. Soon after its establishment, PayPal was purchased by eBay Inc, which the giant at the market of online bidding. Since that times, PayPal is the most dynamically developing payment system, used by most of the residents of United States and Europe. PayPal is available for the citizens of 200 countries and number of its users is over 150 millions already for a long time. It should be mentioned that some payment system have been shut down because they couldn't stand competition with PayPal. Now it is harder and harder to keep the leading position for PayPal, because lots of analogous came out to the market and it’s not so easy to maintain reputation as before.

About 90% of all sellers of goods and services in the Internet accept payment by PayPal. The main difference of this system is that it operates with real money. Most of the entire payment systems accept various title units and don't work with real money. That’s why the users of such systems can’t participate in eBay biddings and make payments to some online stores. PayPal connects its virtual account with bank account or a credit card that lets the users pay in all stores and charge the account and make withdrawals instantly. The users of this payment system can make following operations: send various payments, remind the creditors about debts, make purchases and biddings.

However, as well as many payment systems do, PayPal doesn't welcome some countries. For example, the residents of USA, Western Europe, Australia, Canada and China have access to services provided by the company. Meanwhile, the citizens of Eastern Europe and Russia get minimal variety of services. Actually, Russians can only make payments if they attach a credit card to the account.

As it is possible to open accounts in various currencies in this payment system, conversation is automatic in case of payments in different currency from the bill. It is very convenient because the user doesn't need to spend any time to convert money on his own.

To pass the registration on PayPal, you need to visit their official website first. The user needs to have an active e-mail address and a plastic card or bank account. The registration doesn't take mush time and it is quite simple. During the registration the customer needs to choose one of three types of accounts - private, premium or business. Of course, higher the account class is, more advantages the owner gets. As soon as you pass the registration and confirm your agreement to open an account, you need to activate it by entering your member number. To make it, you need to fill an account with help of card of bank account.

There is another difference of PayPal from other payment systems. Anonymous users are not welcomed in this payment system. It was done because the company appreciates security of funds of the customers and cares about its reputation of secure payment system. It is the reason why user’s account can by locked in case of  any suspicion in lie or unfair deals. However, such conditions can scare only the customers who have provided unfair information, so you better be correct while filling the form.

Commission taken by PayPal for operations depends on country of the customer, but averagely it is about 1,9% of the payment.

PayPal is rightfully called the leader among payment systems now. The owners of the company take care about safety of the customers funds and make everything to let them feel their money are secured.

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