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Manufacturers of slot machines began to supply their microprocessors few decades ago. This allowed them to introduce many new features, among them the progressive jackpot. We have no doubt that it is familiar to most people, including those who are not interested in slot machines, but are not sure to fully understand it's concept.

A little history

The heart of the progressive jackpot is the principle of small contributions of each player to total prize money for winning if you get a certain combination of symbols. This idea was not new at that time or was even used in card games, but in 1986 it largely determined the further rapid spread and popularity of machines with progressive jackpots.

It was the release of Megabucks slots by the world famous manufacturer IGT (International Gaming Technologies), it linked together slots by a single network. This allowed accumulating a single jackpot, which amount could be enormous, because the deductions were from each such slot machine, no matter where it was installed. This approach had a lively response from the players, and soon machines with progressive jackpots appeared in all casinos. After some time, they also appeared in the online casinos. The first major casino to take this step was Cash Splash.

There are also slot machines with progressive jackpots not connected to other slots, so the grand prize was formed only by contributions from betting players of casinos just at this device. You may often see a situation where the accumulation jackpot machines are from only one specific playing hall. But it is easy to guess that the biggest jackpots are in those casinos, where slot machines are connected in a single network slots of the other casinos. However, the odds of winning in this case are the smallest of all options.

What you should remember?

So, with every bet you make on the slot with a progressive jackpot, certain part of the set amount at stake is withdrawn to it. Assume that this part is 3%. This means that payment with this machine can not be higher than 97%. You need to take off another couple of percent from this number the casino takes, otherwise it makes no sense to install such a slot. This means that the usual payout percentage of slot machines with progressive jackpots is more than in other slots. However, keep in mind the size of the prize you can get. Chances to win it are quite small, but they exist.

A couple of tips

Strategy games on these machines are not really different from usual tips for slots. The only thing that it is necessary to take into account this rule, according to which the jackpot is paid in full only at the maximum rate. If you chose a slot machine, which has such a rule, always play at the higher rate. Imagine how you would feel if you pay a thousand instead of a few million only for the reason that you have put on a few cents less than they should have been. Therefore constantly press Bet Max, and you will never find yourself in such a disappointment.

What to choose?

In general, it is difficult to say whether or not to play at slot machines with progressive jackpots. On the one hand, a lower percentage of payments, on the other - illusory, but still an opportunity to get a huge jackpot. It's seems most reasonable to combine the game on different types of slots. So watch out for online casino reviews on Casinoz, and you'll always know which casino is profitable and the most interesting to play.

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