Best Baccarat Online 2020 (January)

  • Switch Baccarat
    rating: ? /10
    Switch Baccarat
    Can you play baccarat? You do you still think it is a complicated and expensive game for aristocrats? Believe us, it's been a while since online casinos began to offer its simplified versions with lower bets. Make it sure on your own in Baccarat by Switch Studio and Microgaming. It features classic rules, a convenient interface and pretty exciting features.
    Max bet: 500.00 USD
    Max payout: 11 : 1
    Min bet: 5.00 USD
    Payout percent: 98.94 %
  • Baccarat Punto Banco
    rating: ? /10
    Baccarat Punto Banco
    The Baccarat Punto Banco by Red Tiger Gaming offers traditional baccarat rules and some unusual features. Except the three classic bets, users can stake on pairs in banker's and player's hands. The model has a very convenient interface with lovely sound, realistic animation, well-designed navigation, statistics and numerous settings.
    Max bet: 5000.00 EUR
    Max payout: 11 : 1
    Min bet: 1.00 EUR
    Payout percent: 98.92 %
  • Punto Banco
    rating: 9.25 /10
    Punto Banco
    If you like to play baccarat in all its variants, you should test the model Punto Banco that has been developed by the company iSoftBet. Let's briefly discuss its advantages: classic rules, nice graphics, great animation, very convenient control panel, various settings and the presence of the section Help. Read more detailed information about this version of Punto Banco in our review.
  • Baccarat
    rating: 8.36 /10
    Is there any sense to praise baccarat? It is hardly possible to find the real gamblers who has never played this game, which was the favorite entertainment of aristocrats. The game is simple, but very exciting. The strategy can be learnt in a couple of minutes. However, finding a convenient in all respects online version of baccarat is much more important. It is «Baccarat» developed by CTXM company, which review we are happy to offer you in the following article. This model is very convenient, beautiful, realistic and available in several languages.
  • logo
    Punto Banco – Professional Series
    «Punto Banco Professional Series» developed by Net Entertainment company is the real classics of the genre. Play this online version of baccarat with traditional rules at one of three tables to enjoy a magnificent functional interface, a stunning graphics with realistic animation and an incredibly exciting gameplay.
  • Baccarat
    rating: 9 /10
    A few decades ago only wealthy aristocrats could afford to play baccarat. Nowadays anyone who has access to the Internet can make training or real bets at numerous online casinos. Many establishments operating on the platforms from Playtech offer an excellent version of this game to their customers.
  • High Limit Baccarat
    rating: 6.25 /10
    High Limit Baccarat
    To play baccarat making high bets, it is not necessary to visit brick and mortar casinos. Just open one of the reputable online establishments running on the platform from Microgaming and start playing High Limit Baccarat. It also will please you with expert mode of the control panel, the opportunity to take a look at the card without showing it to others and autoplay.
  • Baccarat Gold
    rating: 8.29 /10
    Baccarat Gold
    Every regular visitor of brick and mortar casinos knows that the process of getting a peep of received cards can be very intriguing. Until recently, online casinos could not offer such an opportunity to their customers. But now Baccarat Gold on software released by Microgaming is available. It is possible to lift the corner of the card with the help of the mouse cursor, taking a look at it. In addition, this baccarat has unusual nuances of the rules.
  • Baccarat
    rating: 8.60 /10
    Baccarat released by Net Entertainment offers traditional rules. You just need to bet on the player, banker or tie. The rest will be done by the dealer who acts strictly according to the rules. If you avoid an unprofitable bet on a tie, the house edge in baccarat is a little more than one percent, so that it can be considered to be one of the most profitable gambling games.
  • Mini Baccarat
    rating: 8.50 /10
    Mini Baccarat
    Nowadays it is not necessary to become a member of an elite club, access to which is provided exclusively for wealthy aristocrats, to play baccarat. Ordinary users of online casinos may play a variation of this game called mini baccarat, which differs from the original version in the simplified rules and lower bets. Mini Baccarat from Cryptologic can serve as an example.
  • Live Baccarat
    rating: 9.38 /10
    Live Baccarat
    How many rumors have been heard about baccarat? This game could be found only in elite gambling houses and private clubs. Only wealthy aristocrats used to play it. The appearance of online casinos has made it available for any customer, but almost none of them are impressed by it. It is too boring pastime to fight against the random number generator and make almost the same bets. Therefore, baccarat has been almost forgotten for some time and has become popular only after the appearance of online casinos with live dealers.
  • Mini Baccarat
    rating: 6.29 /10
    Mini Baccarat
    The goal of the game mini baccarat is to predict whether the player�s or the dealer�s hand will have the closest score to 9 points. Tens bring zero points and aces are considered as one-valued cards. The victory goes to the hand which will have the highest score. Before you start the first game, you will need to cut the deck. Click on a deck to do this. Then, you need to click with the left mouse button on the chip you want to wager. Place the chip on the desired field. Betting fields...
  • Baccara
    rating: 6.29 /10
    The goal of the card game baccarat is to predict the owner of the hand, which value will be the nearest to nine. A ten is zero-valued card and an ace brings one point. The hand that has the number of points, which is the closest to 9, wins. Before you start the first game, you will be asked to cut the deck. To do this, you need to click on the deck. Click with the left button on the value of the chip...

Baccarat at the casino

Baccarat is considered to be an elite game of wealthy aristocrats. For a long time, it was offered exclusively at expensive casinos and private clubs, where huge sums were at stake. With the development of online gambling, baccarat has become popular public entertainment. You can easily find it in the list of online casino games where you can play for free or choose a table with a suitable betting range.

If you have not yet learned to play the most favorite game of Agent 007 James Bond, it's time to catch up, and Casinoz will help you with that.

Baccarat game description

The history of the baccarat origin is foggy and full of mysteries. France, Italy and some other countries of the world are fighting for the right to be called its ancestor. According to one of the many versions, the inventor of baccarat was Felix Falguiere, who took a game basis an ancient Etruscan ritual.

Baccarat game rules

The rules of this exciting game have changed many times over the centuries. The closest version to the modern version appeared in France in the nineteenth century.

Varieties of baccarat

It is important to understand that in the original versions of baccarat opponents played against each other. They dealt the cards one after another decided how to act in a given situation.

Subsequently, more popular varieties of the game against the institution appeared. In them, the dealer manages the process, and all his actions are strictly subject to the established regulations.

Online casinos often offer such models of the game:

  • Mini baccarat;
  • Punto Banco;
  • Chemin de fer.

There are also versions in which the jackpot draw is carried out at an additional rate.

General rules of baccarat

Almost all varieties of online baccarat are subject to the same rules. The differences relate to the coefficients of payment calculation, interface, casino fees, and other not very significant nuances.

The main difference between baccarat at the online casino and its original version is the fact that the client does not play against real opponents or the dealer. He only has to guess who will win: the banker or an arbitrary player.

The game process consists of several key stages:

  • The client bets on the victory of the banker, virtual player or draw.
  • The dealer deals two cards to the player and the banker's fields. The third card is dealt with a particular position in certain cases.
  • Scoring is determined by the winning hand, or a draw is declared.
  • If the client has guessed the outcome of the draw, he is awarded a payment following the established coefficients.

Thus, the gameplay at online baccarat is automated as much as possible and does not require the active participation of the casino visitor.

A detailed description of the baccarat rules with a thorough review of the scoring system can be found in the special section at Casinoz.

Baccarat strategy at the casino

When choosing a strategy for the game of virtual baccarat, you need to pay attention to the coefficients and the commission charged by the casino. They are most often the following:

  • Bet on a player (Punto) - 1:1 payout;
  • A bet on the banker (Banco) – the payout is 1:1 with a 5%;
  • Draw bet - payout 8:1 or 9:1.

The perfect strategy is considered to be a constant bet of Punto. This is all a beginner needs to know about how to win in baccarat or at least achieve the maximum theoretical return. Professionals take into account some additional factors, which are described in separate publications.

how to play baccarat

How to play baccarat online

You can find the reviews of the baccarat game from leading software vendors for online gambling above. You can move from theory to practice in minutes:

  • Choose the most interesting model for you.
  • Learn the rules described in this article.
  • Decide whether you want to play baccarat for free or for money.
  • Click the appropriate button to open the model.

To play for money, you will need to have an account at the casino. Demo versions are usually available without registration.

Remember that baccarat at the online casino is a straightforward game with simple rules. You don't even have to learn the scoring system. You need to guess the outcome of the draw and make the desired bet.

We advise you to study the articles from professionals published at Casinoz about baccarat. Their recommendations will help you avoid mistakes and win more often.