Best Table and Card Games Online 2020 (April)

  • World Cup Keno
    rating: ? /10
    World Cup Keno
    PariPlay Studio has surprised football fans by release of an unusual game on the eve of World Football Cup 2018. Unlike other developers, who have released thematic video slots, they have presented an online keno. «World Cup Keno» was designed in style of football field. Rules of the game are classic, but it also offers a bonus round in form of fortune wheel with money prizes.
    Max bet: 10.00 USD
    Max payout: 10000 : 1
    Payout percent: 8 %
  • 3 Card Brag
    rating: ? /10
    3 Card Brag
    If you like unusual card games with simple rules and fast gameplay, we recommend you to pay your attention on three-card brag on the example of «3 Card Brag» model developed by Playtech company. You need just a couple of minutes to learn the basic points of the rules and understand key features of the gameplay, while numerous online casinos provide an opportunity to test this novelty in a fun mode and start playing by real money. However, first we advise you to read our review.
  • 3 Card Rummy
    rating: ? /10
    3 Card Rummy
    The developers of Betsoft company are happy to present a new card game named «3 Card Rummy». It is a version of three-card rummy designed for online casinos. You’ll be playing against casino getting payoffs by main and bonus bets. In general, this game has basic rules, but some original features are provided. Please read about all features and particularities of this model in the following review prepared by the authors of the gambling dictionary - Casinoz.
  • Imperial 7
    rating: ? /10
    Imperial 7
    More and more unusual card games with simple rules and original features of the gameplay appear in online casinos now. One of such models is «Imperial 7» powered by Odobo software. You and a dealer receive by two cards each and can swap each of them one by one in hope to gather seven, fourteen or twenty one. The one who makes it faster wins. Side bets with special principals of charging the payoffs are also available. Please find details in the following review.
  • Casino Wars
    rating: ? /10
    Casino Wars
    Fans of simple casino card games will enjoy a model called Casino Wars offered by developers of 1x2 Gaming. Its rules are extremely simple: two cards are dealt, and the winner is determined according to their ranks. The most interesting thing happens when these ranks are equal. This leads to the war that is reflected in the title of this model. All details of this game are explained in the article prepared by our experts. This article will help you to quickly understand all the intricacies of this game and start playing it.
  • Odd One In
    rating: ? /10
    Odd One In
    If you like unusual online gambling games, you definitely need to test a model called Odd One In offered by 1x2 Gaming. In each round two cards are dealt. Their ranks and suits determine the winning bets. It is allowed to wager on several dozens of positions. Their detailed description can be found in a review prepared by experts of the website Casinoz. The game is indeed interesting, so we recommend that users should try it.
  • Beat the Croupier
    rating: ? /10
    Beat the Croupier
    An online gambling game called Beat the Croupier is intended for fans of arcade dice games. Your opponent in this game is a croupier of the virtual casino. You should roll traditional six-sided dice, trying to repeat the score selected in the initial round as soon as possible. It is possible to make three types of bets. Each of them is paid according to certain multipliers. This model is available in flash versions. All details can be found in the review published on the website Casinoz.
  • Beat Me
    rating: ? /10
    Beat Me
    Beat Me is neither a call nor a challenge for the readers of the portal Casinoz. It is just an interesting card game with simple rules. You only need to make a bet. Then, the dealer and you get one card. The winner will be determined by comparing ranks of the cards. If you want to make the process more complicated, you will need to make additional decisions in case of a draw. Read more about the game of chance Beat Me, which has been released by Play'N GO, in our review.
    Max bet: 100.00 USD
    Min bet: 1.00 USD
    Payout percent: 94.78 %
  • High-Low Switch
    rating: ? /10
    High-Low Switch
    Classic rules, user-friendly interface, understandable control panel, sections with rules and payouts, realistic graphics are the key advantages of an online game of chance called High-Low Switch, which is offered by the company SoftSwiss. It can be run directly in the browser, so gamblers do not have to spend time on downloading and installing the client program. All details are provided in our review.
  • Space Keno
    rating: ? /10
    Space Keno
    The unique gambling game Space Keno from Sheriff Gaming allows fans of keno to try their luck in unusual surroundings. It transfers players to the board of the alien spacecraft, where numbered planets are used instead of balls with numbers, and information, as well as buttons are located on the control panel of the flying saucer. The review from Casinoz provides details about rules and features of Space keno.
  • Top Card Trumps
    rating: ? /10
    Top Card Trumps
    Who said that gambling card games had to be complicated? This statement is refuted by the model Top Card Trumps offered by the company BetSoft Gaming. All that is required from you is to bet on one, two or three boxes and get one card on them. If your card has a higher rank than the dealer's card, you win. If you have a lower-ranking card, you lose. If they have the same rank, it is up to you to decide whether to surrender or continue. In addition, there is an extra bet on the draw. Read the review about Top Card Trumps on the portal Casinoz.
  • Sic Bo
    rating: ? /10
    Sic Bo
    Asian gambling game named Sic Bo gives an opportunity to make a plenty of different bets and is provided with numerous original particularities of the gameplay, although almost everybody can learn to play it just in few minutes. One of the best online versions of this game is Sic Bo developed by Microgaming company. It is possible to play this game right at the website of an online casino as well as by the client software. Please read more about Sic Bo online game in the following review, prepared by the authors of Casinoz.
  • Precious Anuran
    rating: ? /10
    Precious Anuran
    A new online gambling game named Precious Anuran is a kind of online keno with a very unusual design, a wonderful 3D graphics, an incredible animation and bonus functions. This model was developed and released by Yggdrasil Gaming Company. Playing keno by the real cash as well as in a fun mode is possible right at the website of an online casino. The interface of this game is available only in English language, however it is easy to study out its particularities. Please read more about Precious Anuran below.
  • Casino High Low
    rating: ? /10
    Casino High Low
    An online card gambling game named Casino High Low has extremely simple rules and a fast gameplay. You make the bet and then one open card appears. You would have to guess if the following card higher or lower than it. In case you answer correctly, you receive the payoff. Its amount depends on the value of the open card and is calculated by the equal index, indicated in the special table. Please read more about the rules and particularities of Casino High Low in the following review.
  • Caribbean Stud Poker
    rating: ? /10
    Caribbean Stud Poker
    Caribbean Poker enjoys high popularity in the online and offline casinos during many years. The model, which the following review is devoted to is named Caribbean Stud Poker. It is a game with standard rules, a pleasant and convenient interface, a multi-language interface and several basic settings. Caribbean Stud Poker online game was developed by Oryx Gaming.
  • Cards Hi Lo
    rating: ? /10
    Cards Hi Lo
    The rules of «Cards Hi Lo» online gambling game don't need to be learnt for a long time. Here you just need to guess the card you are going to open. It is possible to collect the win after every ;ucky attempt, but if you win five times running, you are granted with a bonus. This game was developed by the authoritative Random Logic company, so you can be sure in the fairness of random logic generator and high quality of this game.
  • Sic Bo
    rating: ? /10
    Sic Bo
    The fans of gambling games with dice must learn playing Sic Bo. This ancient Chinese game has been fascinating millions people during its history due to its simple rules and an exciting gameplay. Everything you need is to choose which bets to place. An online model of Sic Bo developed by CTXM company is provided with a multi-language interface and a very comfortable control panel with realistic graphics.
  • Sic Bo (GloboTech)
    rating: ? /10
    Sic Bo (GloboTech)
    Chinese gambling game with dice named «Sic Bo» is not too popular among western customers of online casinos. However, we would like to attract your attention to this exciting entertainment, because it has a plenty of advantages. The player can place different bets combining them by any scheme. The maximal payout by one bet is one hundred eighty bets, although some options are paid by equal chances.
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    Hi/Lo Switch Professional Series
    «Hi/Lo Switch Pro» card game from the professional series of models released by Net Entertainment company would suit the tastes of the fans of simple gambling entertainment. You just need to guess if the following card is higher or lower of one of three dealt by the dealer. Payoff indexes differ depending on the card value. The win can be collected immediately or staked. It is allowed to change cards several times.
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    Casino War от GloboTech
    At the first sight, «Casino War» card game can seem a simple version of blackjack. The croupier and the customer receive by one card. The one who has a higher card wins. However, the rules which work for the equal cards let us understand that it is the special game with original features. Here we suggest you to learn about it on the example of «Casino War» online game, which was released by GloboTech company.

Table and card casino games

Modern gambling software vendors and casino operators are not limited to classic gambling games like roulette, blackjack, poker, slots, video poker or craps. Most establishments offer a much more extensive selection of games among which you can find unique developments.

This section of the Casinoz portal is dedicated to board and card games, which can not be attributed to the basic categories. Some of them have a non-standard interface and original rules. Some are at the crossroads of genres, borrowing some aspects from several traditional games.

casino card games features

In short, this page is for fans of experiments and surprises. If you don't want to limit yourself to blackjack, roulette, poker and slot machines, you've come to the right place.

Features of online casino gambling

Most of the models that are discussed in this section are designed for online casinos, although many of them have analogs at offline establishments. Here are the models of different brands, including both well-known companies and young studios.

First, let's highlight the main advantages of online casino card and table games:

  • Diversity – the choice is huge. Many sites offer dozens or even hundreds of models of this type.
  • Availability – the range of stakes is always extensive. At one table, it can start with a few cents and reach several thousand euros.
  • Convenience – online casino gambling can be launched anywhere where there is access to the world wide web. Mobile versions for smartphones allow you to play even in public transport or on open air.
  • No side costs – Online casinos do not need to spend money on moving, accommodation, parking and so on. Entrance is always free. You need to open the site and play casino games for money or fun.
  • Honesty - Most well-known gambling operators value their name and reputation. They offer only the licensed software of the best developers who do not allow anyone to change the RTP percentages and generally interfere with the work of the software. Also, many casinos cooperate with independent audit organizations, which put in open access reports on their audits.
  • Transparent rules – Almost all game manufacturers provide data on the theoretical return, the impact on RTP of different gameplay features, the level of volatility and other essential points.
  • Systems and strategies – Online casinos can be played by betting systems or strategy. Of course, some operators are suspicious of the use of such methods when wagering bonuses, but in other situations, they tend not to worry about it.
  • Entertainment – Modern online casino gambling is very colorful, with realistic animation, spectacular sound, and user-friendly interface.

Online casino table and card games do have a lot of advantages, thanks to which they are very popular among customers. Their main drawback can be considered the lack of atmosphere of a real gambling hall, but software providers are actively working in this direction.

Types of table and card casino games

It is difficult to create a single classification of models presented on this Casinoz page because many of these games are unique and do not belong to any particular genre.

However, let's try to identify the main groups:

  • Sic Bo – Many software developers offer this popular game in Asian countries.
  • Red Dog  - is another widespread game with exciting rules.
  • Keno – popular gambling entertainment, found in different versions, including thematic models, games with jackpots and so on.
  • Rummy – Rummy Card game is presented in numerous variations with significant differences.
  • Mixed games – we are talking about models that combine elements of the interface or gameplay of different gambling entertainment.
  • Other games – also in this section presented the reviews of games that have no analogs. For example, it may be the creation of a single software developer.

Most of these models fit a paraphrased proverb:

It is better to play once than read a hundred times about the game.

As a rule, they are unusual but differ in simple rules, which are easy to understand in the course of testing.

how to choose casino game

How to choose the best casino gambling game?

Recommendations for choosing Board and card games from this section are the same as tips for models of other categories.

  • Manufacturer – give preference to well-known developers, although you should not leave behind the promising newcomers.
  • RTP – The higher the theoretical return of the game, the higher the chances of success in a single session.
  • Volatility – long black bars are possible. In games with high dispersion, but you can also win big in one round. In models with low variability, payments are frequent, but they are rarely significant.
  • The range of bets – choose games with comfortable limits for you.
  • The importance of your decisions – do you prefer games where everything depends on chance or do you want your actions to have a direct impact on the outcome?
  • Gameplay features – do you like power-ups? Do you like chasing jackpots? Choose games according to your preferences.
  • The quality of design - in our days the developers offer a very colorful and realistic design. It makes no sense to play on outdated models with primitive graphics.
  • User-friendly interface – you should be comfortable during the gameplay.

Of course, you should also make sure that you are playing in an honest and reliable casino. Otherwise, it does not matter how profitable, exciting or spectacular the game is.

Gambling reviews at Casinoz

In articles about the board and card games information is structured in several key sections:

  • Introduction – presentation of the game,
  • General description – basic rules description,
  • Symbols – consideration of the elements used in the game,
  • Bonus game – prize-winning explanation of functions,
  • Jackpots – data on accumulative jackpots,
  • Interface – description of the control panel, settings and the like,
  • Mobile version – a brief version for smartphones,
  • Conclusion – conclusions and recommendations,
  • Where to play – information about casinos that have a game.

Casinoz columnists follow the latest developments in the gambling industry and write reviews of games of leading brands immediately after the release.


Online casinos have a lot of card and table games that do not belong to the main categories. Not all of them are equally profitable and of high quality. If you are going to play for money, we recommend choosing the model carefully. We advise you to act on this plan:

  1. Read the game review at Casinoz,
  2. Learn expert advice,
  3. Pay attention to customer reviews,
  4. Watch the video review,
  5. Pick a casino with a demo version of the game,
  6. Test the model for free.

Only after you have done all of the above, you can start playing for money. Remember that your hard earned money will be at stake. Don't waste it thoughtlessly.