Vegas 3 Card Rummy Gold Review

The section with rules for card and board games on the website Casinoz has a description of gin rummy. The game is very popular in many countries, though it can be frequently found with other titles. It is usually played at home either for fun or for money.

Microgaming provides fans of gin rummy with the opportunity to play its variation known as Vegas 3 Card Rummy Gold. The virtual dealer serves as an opponent in it, and the rules are somewhat different compared to the traditional ones.

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Where to Play Vegas 3 Card Rummy Gold?

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Vegas 3 Card Rummy Gold is available at Spin Palace Casino and other online casinos running on software released by Microgaming. All of them allow you to test this game in free mode.

Online casino with Vegas 3 Card Rummy Gold

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How to Play Vegas 3 Card Rummy Gold (Microgaming)

Vegas 3 Card Rummy Gold is an online gambling card game from Microgaming created on the basis of gin rummy. A standard 52-card deck is used in it. The cards are shuffled before each new /> The aim of Vegas 3 Card Rummy Gold is to beat the dealer by collecting fewer number of points and get the rewarded provided by he paytable. In addition, payouts are made for certain hands for an extra bonus bet.
The score is counted according to the following scheme:
  • Ace - 1 point
  • Jack, queen, king - 10 points
  • Other cards - according to the values

Any pair or three of a kind, as well as two or three consequent cards of the same suit give zero points. The best result in the game is 0 points and the worst one is 30 points.
Before the cards are dealt, the player makes an ante (from one to two hundred dollars at Spin Palace Casino). In addition, it is possible to make a bonus bet, which will be discussed below.
Then three player's face up cards and three dealer's face down cards are dealt. If the user decides to continue playing, he or she makes a bet on Play that is equal to the ante. After that, the dealer reveals his cards, counts points and makes payouts, if the client wins or takes the client's bet in case of loss.
The minimum dealer's hand is twenty or fewer points. If he does not play, the user receives a payout in the amount of one ante.
If the player believes that he or she has a little chance to win, he or she can fold and lose only the ante.
If the dealer has twenty or fewer points, but he has lost, the client's ante is paid 1:1, and the payouts for Play are made according to the established multipliers:

  • 0 points - 4:1
  • 1 - 5 points - 2:1
  • 6 - 19 points - 1:1
Bets are not paid in case of a draw (equal numbers of points).

Vegas 3 Card Rummy Gold Bonus games

Bonus bets in Vegas 3 Card Rummy Gold are optional. They act independently of the ante and Play and are drawn before the user will decide what to do with the cards. Side bets are paid according to the following multipliers if the score of cards is twelve or fewer or there are A, 2, 3 of the same suit:
  • A, 2, 3 of the same suit - 100:1
  • 0 points - 25:1
  • 11 - 12 points - 4:1
  • 1 - 6 points - 2:1
  • 7 - 10 points - 1:1
The range of bonus bets varies from one to fifty dollars at Spin Palace Casino.


Progressive jackpots in Vegas 3 Card Rummy Gold are not offered.

Vegas 3 Card Rummy Gold Interface

If the rules of Vegas 3 Card Rummy Gold may initially seem to be complicated, its interface is very simple. It resembles a card table with the special layout that looks like a cloth for blackjack. Chips for the selection of the bet size and control buttons are located on the edges of the table.
The signs with the general rules of the game and explanations of bonus bets are located to the right and to the left of the flop (a box with chips) are. They are revealed when you hover the mouse cursor over them.
The parameters of Vegas 3 Card Rummy Gold allow adjusting sound effect, selecting the game speed and automizing some aspects of the game.

Should You Play Vegas 3 Card Rummy Gold for Real Money?

In fact, Vegas 3 Card Rummy Gold is a very simple game in which the user needs to make minimum efforts. However it is impossible to play it without thinking, because there is an element of strategy.
It has been known that Vegas 3 Card Rummy Gold has a small house edge, but at the moment we can not provide you with precise information about it. Later we will provide more detailed information with advices on this game in the separate publication on the website Casinoz.
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