Gin Rummy (Table and Card Games)

Perhaps you have not heard of such a card game. However it does not mean that you can not play it. In some countries possible variations of rummy games are often referred to as bridge, although they have very little in common with the real bridge. In general, a group of rummy games is one of the most popular card games in the world, inferior just to poker and blackjack.

General Rules

Any variation of rummy is based on the task of the players to get rid of all the dealt cards. This happens by placing certain combinations on the table. At the beginning of each turn the player draws a new card from the deck and takes the card discarded by the previous player, and at the end he or she discards one of his or her cards, even if it is necessary to form a meld. When the deck runs out, the cards from the discard tray are shuffled and used again in the game.
Each round of the game finishes when one of the players places all his cards on the table in the form of a meld. The score of the placed cards is a positive balance, and the points of deadwood form a negative balance. A common table is usually formed. It shows the outcomes of each round, and the player with the necessary score becomes the winner.
If you play for money, the calculation is made after each round according to the fixed bet or number of points.

Melds in Rummy
Melds in rummy are sets of three or more consecutive cards of the same suit, or three or four cards of the same rank. In addition, if the player has one or more cards that can improve an opponent's meld placed on the table, he can do it by placing during his turn (in some versions of this game, it is only possible to do it at the end of the round) the appropriate cards in front of him and indicating to which meld they should be added.

Rules for Gin Rummy
This version is the most popular of all rummy games. Gin rummy was created in the nineteenth century by a New Yorker, who enjoyed gin and named the invented game in honor of it. The rules are very similar to the common rules for this group of games, but they differ in a few nuances aimed at speeding up the gameplay.
A standard 52-card deck is used to play this game. All players, whose number can reach two-four, receive ten cards. The upper card in the deck is placed face up and serves as the first discarded card. An ace is worth one point. Face cards are scored at 10. The other cards are equal to their numerical values.
The player becomes a winner if he or she goes gin or knocks. After this, winning and losing points are calculated.
The player goes gin if he or she has placed all the cards in the form of melds on the table. In this case, he or she receives a bonus of 25 points.
The player may knock if his number of points of deadwood does not exceed ten. After that the opponents can lay off the cards, depending on the melds of the other player. This situation is called undercut. This allows them to reduce deadwood. Moreover, if one of the contestants has a lower number of points, the knocker will get 25 penalty points and not become a winner.
The game is usually played until one player reaches a predetermined score. At the same time, additional bonuses and penalty points for various game situations may be established.

Where to Play
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Date: 2010-08-02

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