Stravaganza game rules

It seems that Stravaganza is very similar to the classic blackjack. Still, it has several significant differences, which do not allow considering it as a kind of this famous and popular game.

Description of Stravaganza

Five standard 52-card decks without jokers are used in this game. Cards are dealt from the identical shoe as in blackjack.

The table for Stravaganza also slightly resembles the table for blackjack, but it has a particular layout that allows making bets intended for Stravaganza.

The aim is to score more than the dealer.

Unlike blackjack, it is impossible to bust in this game, so the higher the player's score, the higher his chances of winning.

Cards from deuces to tens are worth their numeral values. Face cards are scored at ten. An ace is worth 1 point. 

Stravaganza Gameplay

At the beginning of each round, the player receives two face-up cards. The croupier deals himself three face-down cards.

playtech stravaganza

Depending on the score, the player can make one of the following decisions.

  • The player can get his full bet back. It is allowed if the total does not exceed five.
  • The player can get half of his bet back. It is permitted to do this if the player's total varies between 6 and 9.
  • It is allowed to keep playing with two cards and the initial bet. Then the player will compare his total with the score of the dealer. This option is available when the player's score exceeds ten.
  • It is possible to make a second bet of the same size to receive one more card and compare the score with the dealer's number of points. This is the only option that can be selected by the player in any situation with two cards.

As soon as the player has chosen the option, the dealer reveals his cards.

Payouts in Stravaganza

  • If the dealer's total is higher, the player loses his wager (or wagers).
  • If the dealer's total is lower, the player receives the payout (1:1) for both wagers.
  • If the first dealer's card is a red ace (diamonds and hearts), the player loses his first bet but gets his second bet back (to be sure if it was made.) In this situation, the score is not taken into account.
  • If the second or third card dealt to the croupier is a red ace (diamonds and hearts), the player loses both bets. In this situation, the score is not essential. This rule dominates the previous rule. In other words, if a red ace is not only the second or third card but also the first one, the player loses both bets.

Even the highest possible score on the player's cards can not ensure that he wins.

Bonus Payouts in Stravaganza

Bonus payouts are also available in Stravaganza. They are paid out only for the first bet. However, bonus payouts are available only for the three-card hands, so they can only be obtained when the player makes a side bet. Therefore, this rule can be treated as a way to encourage players to draw a third card and make a side bet.

  • Three cards of one rank are paid 3:1.
  • Three face cards of one rank are paid 3:2.

Progressive Jackpot

The progressive jackpot in Stravaganza can hardly be found at all casinos that offer this game. If it is available, there are the following conditions that should be carried out to win it:

The player makes a side bet (for example, $1). The part of this amount is used to increase the sum of the progressive jackpot. If a particular hand (usually three kings of hearts) is dealt to the player, he receives the full amount of the jackpot, and its accumulation starts from scratch or a specific minimum limit established by the casino.

Where to Play Stravaganza

Stravaganza is available at some casinos running on software released by Playtech. Casinoz recommends our readers play it at Europa Casino.

Frequently asked Questions

🔥 What is Stravaganza?

Stravaganza is a unique gambling game. It somewhat resembles blackjack, but the rules have many differences.

👍 Is Stravaganza available at online casinos?

Some software suppliers offer this game for online gambling. Thus, you will see Stravaganza on websites powered by Playtech.

❓ Can I play free Stravaganza?

Most online casinos allow customers to play free games. 

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