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In fact, keno is very similar to lottery and bingo, i.e. it is a lottery-like gambling game. It is believed that its progenitor is a game originated in the second century B.C. in China (although many historians doubt the truth of this statement.) Anyway, the Chinese who had sailed to work as miners introduced this game to the United States in the nineteenth century. Currently, keno is played in almost all countries of the world. Users can find it at most online casinos.


A board numbered from one to eighty and ball machine with the same quantity of numbered balls are used in this game. There are many variations of keno. Users can take part in it sitting in front of a special slot machine in a brick and mortar casino, or at home in front of the TV, or at an online casino.

Aim of the Game

It is necessary to predict the numbers that will come up and mark them in special tickets. The minimum and maximum quantity of numbers that can be hit is established by the rules of the casino. The exact number within this range is determined by the player.


At the beginning of the round it is necessary to mark the numbers in the ticket and select the bet size. Then twenty winning numbers will come up (using the balls in the classic version or a random number generator at online casinos). The payout size is determined by the quantity of the selected numbers, hit numbers, and the bet size.

Online casinos usually provide a paytable that immediately shows the possible payout for the current bet win, the number of selected and hit numbers.

House Edge

Keno has a very high house edge, which may reach 30% in case of some kinds of rules. Therefore, keno can be recommended only to diversify your pastime while gambling.

Where to Play

At all casinos players can plunge into this wonderful game, but if you have doubts choosing an establishment, we can recommend that you should pay your attention to JoyCasino.

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