Online Casino Regulators

Gambling regulators

Trust is one of the critical aspects of online gambling. If the client does not trust the operator, he will not take a risk and deposit personal funds to the account and will not want to play at the casino for money. Any user wants to be sure that reputable organizations control the casino.

Gambling business regulators play this role in different countries of the world. They issue licenses that allow casinos to provide their services. These government organizations also monitor the integrity of operators, handle customer complaints, and perform other functions.

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What do casino regulators do?

Let's see what the organizations that regulate the gambling business do.

  • Licensing for the provision of services in gambling – these are documents of different types, depending on the nuances of the industry in each jurisdiction. Some regulators offer single licenses; others divide them by type of business: casino, poker, betting, software production, and so on.
  • Control of operators' work – such organizations are not limited to issuing licenses. They also monitor the operation of licensed companies. If they violate laws or regulations, their license may be revoked.
  • Customer complaints – the regulator can complain about the operation of the casino if you think that you have been mistreated. The contact details of the relevant authority are always available on its official website. Gambling sites can also post e-mail addresses.
  • Other responsibilities – organizations also carry out information work, are engaged in the development of the industry and so on.

The full list of functions performed by each gambling regulator is available on its website.

The most credible gambling regulators

The gambling industry involves dozens of authorities that issue licenses and monitor the work of operators. Let's highlight some of the most famous:

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How to check the casino license?

First of all, you need to understand the main thing:

Do not play for money in an online casino that does not have a license of a reliable gambling regulator.

When choosing a website, check its permits right away. Honest and reliable casinos post links to official websites of authorities, where you can see an electronic copy of the document or detailed information about it.

But be careful. Some casinos create fake websites of gambling regulators.

Reviews of online gambling regulators at Casinoz

We discuss the following issues:

  • General information – what does the regulator do, which services it provides and so on;
  • Types of licenses – types of documents issued to operators;
  • Dispute resolution – whether the regular acts as an intermediary;
  • Licensed casinos – famous casinos holding the license of the regulator;
  • Conclusion – advantages and disadvantages.

Our reviews come with key details on the regulator: address, e-mail, website, etc.

Readers are welcome to write about their experience, ask questions and share experience of communication with regulators.


Do not be lazy and check licenses of online casinos, poker rooms, bookmakers, and gambling sites.

If any of the documents makes you doubt, ask the representatives of the regulator for clarification. This is the only way you can protect yourself from fraud. Do not be afraid to seek justice via these authorities. If you are deceived in the casino, complain to the company that issued him a license.

We recommend the beginners to begin with learning about these organizations at Casinoz. We talk about the operation of the authorities, highlight their strengths and weaknesses, post official information, and give them an assessment. Be careful.