Best Blackjack Online 2020 (April)

  • Blackjack Vegas Strip
    rating: ? /10
    Blackjack Vegas Strip
    Create a vibe of a land-based casino on your screen playing Blackjack Vegas Strip. New game by Red Rake offers attractive terms and a chance to place side bets of 2 types. Find out more about the rules and features of this blackjack in the following review.
    Max bet: 50.00 EUR
    Min bet: 0.20 EUR
    Payout percent: 99.78 %
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    Vegas Single Deck Blackjack
    Are you looking for American Vegas-style Blackjack? Microgaming is happy to offer you Vegas Single Deck Blackjack with quite straightforward rules. The optimal strategy may help you reach the RTP of 99.69%. Other advantages of this game are a stylish design, convenient interface, wide settings and a wide betting range.
    Max bet: 100.00 USD
    Min bet: 1.00 USD
    Payout percent: 99.69 %
  • Dr Fortuno Blackjack
    rating: ? /10
    Dr Fortuno Blackjack
    Yggdrasil Gaming company keeps developing its line of 3D blackjacks with virtual dealers. Following the great success of Sonya Blackjack, the studio has released the Dr Fortuno Blackjack. A handsome circus ringmaster Dr. Fortuno plays the role of the dealer here. The model is also interested for a progressive jackpot, banding it with the Dr Fortuno Slot.
    Max bet: 500.00 EUR
    Min bet: 1.00 EUR
    Payout percent: 99.54 %
  • LuckyBlackjack
    rating: ? /10
    Have you ever played the Sonya Blackjack by Yggdrasil Gaming? Did you like it? If you did, you should also love the Lucky Blackjack model, released by the same producer. It is an American multiuser blackjack with two types of side bets. Key features of the rules, interface and other nuances are described in the following review. Read, test and rate.
    Max bet: 500.00 EUR
    Min bet: 5.00 EUR
    Payout percent: 99.54 %
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    Sonya Blackjack Side Bets
    Here comes a new version of the famous blackjack with Sonya, the dealer. Yggdrasil Gaming company made the popular card game even more spectacular and realistic and provided it with advanced features. For example, now you can play by basic bet but use two different options too: Perfect Pairs and 21+3. These and other features of the model are carefully described in the following review of the Sonya Blackjack Side Bets.
    Max bet: 500.00 USD
    Min bet: 1.00 USD
    Payout percent: 99.54 %
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    Deal or no Deal Blackjack
    Are you the one who loves unusual models of blackjack? In this case, we recommend testing the Deal or no Deal Blackjack game by Red Tiger Gaming. This is American version, which provides an opportunity to play on one, two or three hands. Convenient interface, realistic animation, tips by the strategy, diverse settings and detailed Help section are at your disposal. However, the outstanding feature of this game is so-called deals, providing an opportunity for instant win.
    Max bet: 5000.00 USD
    Min bet: 1.00 USD
    Payout percent: 99.33 %
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    Monte Carlo Blackjack Pro Multihand
    Would you like to test your blackjack skills and challenge the fortune playing by rules of best casinos in Monte Carlo? So hurry up to play the Monte Carlo Blackjack Pro Multihand by NextGen Gaming, which offers a pretty wide range of bets and multiple hands. Beneficial terms, lovely design, convenient interface, relaxing music and diverse settings are waiting for you here.
    Max bet: 300.00 USD
    Min bet: 1.00 USD
    Payout percent: 98.55 %
  • Zombie Blackjack
    rating: ? /10
    Zombie Blackjack
    Have you ever played blackjack at same table with walking dead? Such an opportunity is provided by Genesis Gaming Studio, which has released Zombie Blackjack model. This game has an unusual rule, which lets the player hope on wins even if he busts. On the other hand, dealer calls on soft 17 and breaks even on 22. Please read more about this blackjack in the following review.
  • Sonya Blackjack
    rating: ? /10
    Sonya Blackjack
    Yggdrasil Gaming Studio has presented a revolutionary version of classic blackjack for online casinos. The model named «Sonya Blackjack» is powered by integrated random number generator. The table is operated by red-haired grilled Sonya. The outstanding feature of this game is that up to three customers can play at one table in the same time, that creates a feeling like you are playing in an offline casino.
  • Black jack
    rating: ? /10
    Black jack
    Classic American blackjack with four decks is presented by Relax Gaming company. Bets are accepted for one-three boxes here. The game offers standard rules. Splits, doubles and insurance are available. Beginners can use tips by basic strategy. It is also possible to set up speed of the deal, sound parameters, graphic’s resolution and other options.
  • Neon Blackjack
    rating: ? /10
    Neon Blackjack
    «Neon Blackjack» by Fugaso is going to surprise not only by its ultra modern design. It is American version with one deck and bets per one box. Except the ordinary symbols, it offers three progressive jackpots and a gambling feature, where you would have to guess color of a face-down card to double up the win. Please read more about all opportunities open to gamblers in «Neon Blackjack» in the following review by Casinoz.club.
    Max bet: 20.00
    Payout percent: 99.59 %
  • Trump It Blackjack
    rating: ? /10
    Trump It Blackjack
    We invite those who love unusual blackjacks to test a «political» model named «Trump It Blackjack», developed by Fugaso company. It is American blackjack with additional features, such as progressive jackpots and a gambling feature. In some gaming situations you will meet Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, Barak Obama and other world-famous politicians.
    Max bet: 100.00
    Payout percent: 99.65 %
  • Lux Blackjack
    rating: ? /10
    Lux Blackjack
    The fans of American blackjack at online casinos are welcome to read about «Lux Blackjack» model, produced by AbZorba Games Studio (Novomatic Group). You would definitely like its realistic visuals, pleasant sound and maximally comfortable interface with some useful features. The rules are traditional, so you can sort it out in a couple of minutes. All features of «Lux Blackjack» are discussed in the following article by Casinoz.club.
  • Blackjack 3 Hand
    rating: ? /10
    Blackjack 3 Hand
    A new online gambling game Blackjack (3 Hand) developed by Habanero company is a traditional model of European blackjack with bets for one-three boxes. This model has classic rules with splits, doubles and insurance. All options of the gameplay, as well as features of the interface and available settings are carefully described in the following review, prepared by the experts of Casinoz.
    Payout percent: 99.6 %
  • Blackjack
    rating: ? /10
    This review is devoted to a model of online blackjack produced by Playson company. It is a traditional model with basic european rules. It is provided with numerous features, including split, double, surrender, insurance of blackjack on dealer’s hand, tie game and etc. Advantages of this game are low advantage of the casino, a convenient interface, realistic animation, a wide betting range and access to all necessary settings. Please read more about Blackjack in the following review by Casinoz.
  • Grand Blackjack
    rating: ? /10
    Grand Blackjack
    Here we offer the readers of Casinoz to test a good version of American blackjack which is available in online casinos powered by Odobo software and named «Grand Blackjack». It makes difference to the rest by quite attractive rules which let you reduce casino advantage to the minimal value. This game is also provided with a truly convenient interface, few settings and other advantages.
  • Swap 21 Blackjack
    rating: ? /10
    Swap 21 Blackjack
    «Swap 21» online blackjack is an original version of this game which allows swap top card on two boxes, offers bonus bets and other unusual features. It should be interesting for those who like uncommon versions, because it is provided with numerous advantages, which are carefully described in the following review. Please remember that unusual features of this model require special skills in strategy and tactics.
  • Surrender Blackjack
    rating: ? /10
    Surrender Blackjack
    The main feature of «Surrender Blackjack» described in the following article is an opportunity to deny further participation in the draw by half of bet. As you know, this feature was named surrender and it attracts experienced blackjack players. In this model it is possible on any cards. Please read more about all points of the rules, features of the design, the interface and functionality of this development by GameScale company in the following article by the reviewers of Casinoz.
  • Blackjack Switch
    rating: ? /10
    Blackjack Switch
    The outstanding feature of «Blackjack Switch» is an opportunity to change cards between two boxes. However, the customer has to pay such an attractive advantage back by tightening of other rules. Another important point is an extra bet, which is paid when some special cards are dealt. In the following article by Casinoz we are going to discuss all features and nuances of the gameplay of this model produced by GameScale company.
  • Red Queen Blackjack
    rating: ? /10
    Red Queen Blackjack
    If you are not indifferent to all variants of blackjack and enjoy testing non-trivial versions of this game, you definitely need to test a model called Red Queen Blackjack. It has quite favorable rules but its zest is a disproportionally high payout for blackjack collected with the participation of a queen of hearts or diamonds. Other advantages of this model offered by 1x2 Gaming include a spectacular design with a cool animation, convenient and user-friendly control panel, and a very wide range of bets.

Casino blackjack

Blackjack is one of the most popular games at offline and online casinos around the world. Its fans are not deterred by the relative complexity of the rules and the need to learn a basic strategy to achieve better results.

how to choose blackjack

The reason for the incredible Black Jack popularity is because it allows you to minimize the mathematical superiority of the institution over the client or to gain an advantage over the gambling house. That's why most professionals prefer this game.

Basic blackjack rules

The full rules description consists of significant multiple nuances, but for the initial acquaintance, it is enough to study the main provisions.

The goal is to defeat the dealer by collecting more points than him, but not exceeding twenty-one.

Points are calculated according to the following principles:

  • From two to ten - at face value;
  • All "with images" - ten points;
  • ACE - one or eleven points (as more profitable to the player).

Any card worth ten points and an ACE form a Blackjack. It is considered to be the strongest combination.

During the game, the dealer deals two cards to all participants of the draw and opens one in front of him. Further, customers can take additional cards, trying to get as close as possible to twenty-one.

There are also additional features. The most common are the following:

  • Split - split the same cards into two hands.
  • Double - double the initial bet.
  • Insurance - the desire to ensure against the dealer Blackjack
  • Surrender – the refusal to continue the game for half of the bet.

The final set of these options is determined by the rules of each version of Blackjack.

The dealer draws his cards last, strictly adhering to a specific algorithm of actions. Usually, the dealer must stop at seventeen.

how to beat casino blackjack

A detailed description of all the nuances of the rules of the game should be studied in the description of each model presented at Casinoz.

Varieties of blackjack

There are two main types of games:

  • In the American version, the dealer immediately puts two cards in front of him and opens only one of them. If there is a possibility of Blackjack, he secretly checks the final card, as in such cases the player will not draw cards.
  • In the European variety, the dealer initially deals himself one card, laying it face down. Then he deals after all the participants.

Both categories include numerous variations, differing in the number of decks and all sorts of the rules nuances.

Other versions are less common:

  • Spanish 21
  • Pontoon.
  • Switch
  • "Perfect couples»
  • "Exchange 21»

Often the software developers for online casinos are inventing their own model with original particularities of the gameplay. The above list of BlackJack varieties includes a unique design of popular brands.

Live blackjack at online casinos

Currently, no one will be surprised by the "live" Blackjack with real dealers on the Internet. Most of the establishments cooperate with providers of live games, which employ real dealers.

One of the most popular models of this type of gambling remains live Blackjack. Leading companies offer several types of games with professional dealers. Read about them in the reviews.

Mobile blackjack online

The best online casinos give you the opportunity to play blackjack at smartphones and tablets. All software developers, releasing new models, adapt them for this gambling format.

Usually blackjack mobile has a simplified interface with an individual buttons and windows arrangement, allowing you to feel more comfortable during the game on the touch screen.

In blackjack reviews at Casinoz the mobile version is described in a separate section, which discusses the features of this option.

How to choose the best blackjack online casino?

To win Blackjack as often as possible, you need to find the most profitable varieties of the game. Also, they should fit you on all related parameters.

When choosing, pay attention to the following indicators:

  • Theoretical return level - Look for blackjack with the maximum rate of RTP. In such models, the casino has the smallest mathematical superiority over the client. Ideally, you should try to find blackjack with a return of more than 100%. This is rare, but similar games are found at online casinos and offline establishments.
  • Availability of the optimal strategy - the basic strategy of blackjack allows you to achieve good results. But if you're going to play a specific variety, you need to choose the optimal strategy, taking into account all the nuances of the rules. Make sure you can find it or make adjustments on your own.
  • Betting range - Very narrow betting spread will tie your hands during the game. This is especially true if you count cards in blackjack, playing in a real casino. At very high rates of real accounts, you will need to increase the amount at stake significantly, and the low maximum limit does not allow you to make the desired bet.
  • Interface – Choose a model with a user-friendly panel management, all the necessary settings, high-quality graphics, and realistic animation. You should not be annoyed by the voice of the virtual dealer, after all, you have to listen to it for a long time. The cards should be well read, so that the eyes do not get tired. We recommend that you first test blackjack for free. So you will understand, whether all parameters suit you.
  • Legality - Play for money a licensed blackjack only. Do not deal with questionable casinos that offer fake software. Their models do not have relations with real developers. If you are deceived, it will be almost impossible to achieve justice.

The reviews of blackjack at Casinoz are usually accompanied by brief hints and links to more detailed tactics and strategy recommendations.

Mistakes of newcomers in blackjack

To beat the casino in blackjack, you need to once and forever get rid of stupid mistakes, which often concede inexperienced clients.

Here are some practical tips on how to turn from amateurs into professionals.

  1. Forget about intuition – you can not rely on the inner voice, signs, the opinions of neighbors on the table, and other questionable factors. The only objective criterion in decision–making is the rules of the optimal blackjack strategy chosen for the model you are currently playing on.
  2. Do not try to count cards in online blackjack with RNG  - in games with a random number generator, all decks are fully involved in each distribution. It makes no sense to track them, because after any round cards are returned in the virtual box.
  3. Adjust the basic strategy – you should consider features of the rules of the game, which you are playing. If you count cards in blackjack with real dealers, in some situations you also we'll have to deviate from the standard recommendations.
  4. Do not get carried away by the original models - Unique varieties of blackjack are rarely profitable for the client. Usually, they have a relatively high level of advantages of the institution.
  5. Be careful with side bets - online casinos have many types of blackjack with so-called side bets. As a rule, accumulative jackpots or bonuses are raffled on them. Most of these bets have a very low theoretical return. If you do not have data on the superiority of the casino in such options, it is better to abandon them.
  6. Do not forget to follow the news - the competition forces developers of software and gambling operators to produce models that are profitable for players. Do not be lazy to monitor the market. Learn new types of Blackjack rules.
  7. Participate in blackjack tournaments – they are held not very often and not by all casinos, however, many such competitions are held on tempting terms. Also, they provide an opportunity to practice.
  8. Don't try to wager casino bonuses in blackjack - Usually, any Blackjack is excluded from the list of models on which you can follow wager's terms. Even if they are allowed, only a small part of your bets will be taken into account.
  9. Don't stop there – you have to continually learn and improve your skills. The world of gambling does not stand still. There are new games, technology, software, techniques and all sorts of additional tricks. They allow you to win more often at the casino.
  10. Do not rush to claim yourself as a professional - If you have mastered basic strategy and card counting, you can't consider yourself an expert. Believe us; you still have a lot to learn before you can make a living by playing blackjack.

More useful blackjack tips can be found at thematic articles at Casinoz.

How to win blackjack online

To achieve maximum results in a blackjack card game at a casino, a beginner should stick to such a plan:

  • Thoroughly study all the subtleties of the rules.
  • To learn and apply the basic strategy in practice.
  • Find the most profitable varieties of Blackjack with a suitable betting range.
  • Choose the optimal strategy that best suits the features of the rules of the selected model.
  • First, practice in the training mode "for fun".
  • Learn how to manage a bankroll.

Professional players also count cards, keep track of the aces in the decks and use other tricks by which they get a mathematical advantage over the institution. But most of these sophisticated techniques can not be used at online casinos in slot machines, even if we are talking about a live casino with real croupiers.

How to play online blackjack for money and for free

If you have decided to master Blackjack, you have found yourself in the most suitable place. At Casinoz you will find detailed reviews of a vast number of the best Blackjack models from leading vendors. Most of them can be tested in demo versions.

The recommendations of professionals in a separate section will teach you how to play blackjack right. You will be able to learn the basic strategy and get invaluable expert advice.

Right now choose a game from the list, read the rules and start free testing. And when you feel confident in your abilities, you can begin playing blackjack for money.