Win Win Blackjack Review

IGT Company has released an extremely colorful online blackjack for the online casinos, which makes difference to other numerous online versions of this game by Rescue Bet side bet. It is an unusual kind of additional bet, which adds poker elements into blackjack. If you are interested in blackjack, you like playing it and always following new models, looking for the most beneficial, you should definitely pay your attention on Win Win Blackjack. 

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Win Win Blackjack

Where to Play Win Win Blackjack?

Play Free Demo Win Win Blackjack without registration

Playing Win Win Blackjack online blackjack is possible in NetBet Casino, where it is allowed to make the real bets or test gambling games without registration in a training mode. Moreover, testing Win Win Blackjack is possible right at Casinoz as well.

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Online casino with Win Win Blackjack

How to Play Win Win Blackjack (IGT)

Win Win Blackjack is a free online blackjack of Win Win series, presented by IGT Company. It is a kind of model, which is played by American rules with six decks without jokers. All the cards are necessarily mixed before each deal.

The aim of the game in Win Win Blackjack is the same as in any blackjack. You need to win the dealer, collecting more point than he has. Here with, it is prohibited to bust twenty one. The payoff can be also received in case of dealer’s bust.

Win Win Blackjack is provided with the bonus bet, which we would talk about below.

Playing Win Win Blackjack is possible only by one hand. The bet can be in range from one to one thousand credits.

The general rules of blackjack are carefully described in the special article at Casinoz. Meanwhile, here we would like to describe the particularities of the rules of Win Win Blackjack, developed by IGT.

-       The dealer takes two cards and opens one of them.

-       In case the open dealer’s card is ace or ten, he checks if he has a blackjack.

-       In case of blackjack in dealer’s hand, the game is finished.

-       The croupier has to stand at any seventeen points and take another card to sixteen.

-       Split is possible only once during the round.

-       It is possible to split different cards on value of ten points.

-       Only one card is dealt to the split aces.

-       Ace and ten at the box, formed after the split, are not considered to be a blackjack.

-       Double is possible at any two start cards.

-       There is a double after split.

-       Surrender is not provided by the rules of Win Win Blackjack.

-       Insurance from blackjack is available (not over a half of the bet per box).

The payment indexes of Win Win Blackjack are classic: 1:1 by the standard winning box; 3:2 by blackjack and 2:1 by insurance.

Playing Win Win Blackjack online blackjack by the optimized strategy, it is possible to get the theoretical payback index of 99,6%.

Win Win Blackjack Bonus games

It is possible to make an additional bet named Rescue Bet in Win Win Blackjack online blackjack. It is placed at the special field and can’t exceed the main over two times. The maximal size of this side bet is one hundred credits.

The starts playing in case of bust of croupier. The card, which led to the bust is moved to the additional box and four more cards are dealt to it. In case the poker combination is made of five cards, it is paid out by the stated indexes:

-       A pair of deuces – tens of the same suit – 1:1;

-       A pair of jacks – aces – 3:2;

-       Two pairs – 2:1;

-       Three of a Kind – 3:1;

-       Street – 4:1;

-       Flush – 5:1;

-       Full-house – 8:1;

-       Four of a kind – 10:1;

-       Poker (five of a kind) – 30:1;

-       Street Flush – 40:1;

-       Royal Flush – 250:1.

If there bust is not made at the box, the bet is returned to the player. If the customer made a split and bust was in both hands, the card is taken from the first one. This bet loses only in case if the dealer has a blackjack. Size of the bet stays the same in case of split or double.

Unfortunately, we can’t say how additional bet influences on the casino advantage of Win Win Blackjack.


A progressive jackpot is not raffled in Win Win Blackjack online blackjack.

Win Win Blackjack Interface

When we were writing the review of Win Win Blackjack, it interface was available only in English language. The following tips would help you to study out the functions of the main elements:

-      Deal – deal the cards.

-      Rebet – repeat the bet.

-      Rebet & Deal – repeat the bet and deal the cards.

-      Double Bet – double the bet.

-      Clear All – remove chips from the gaming field.

-      Stand – stop taking cards at box.

-      Hit – take another card.

-      Double down – make double.

-      Split – make a slit.

-      Insurance – stake insurance from blackjack.

-      Balance – a quantity of credits at the account.

-      Bet – an amount of the bet per box.

-      Win – an amount of the winning per round.

-      Paytable – open the payment table and short rules.

-      Rules – look through the short rules.

An amount of the bet is selected by click at the coin of proper value and placing at the gaming field. Win Win Blackjack is provided with a turbo game mode (a button with a flashlight in the right bottom corner). The user’s settings are almost missing here.

Should You Play Win Win Blackjack for Real Money?

Win Win Blackjack is a beautiful, convenient and beneficial online blackjack. If you play it by the right strategy, the casino has almost no advantage. We can’t leave the developers of this game without praise for the great interface, which is very comfortable in use.

Please read the general recommendations by strategy of blackjack in the following department of our website.

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